Mark Cheng’s Wife Disappears with His Assets After His 16-Month Absence From Home

Attending the celebration banquet for prison-themed film <壹獄II 劫數難逃>, actor Mark Cheng (鄭浩南) revealed that his twenty-year marriage is on the rocks!

Declares He’s “Lost Everything”

At the event, the 58-year-old said that when he returned to Malaysia, he realized that his wife Elyn Pow (鮑愛玲) and children had all ‘disappeared’, with ownership of his real estate and cars in Malaysia transferred to her. He also hinted that his wife had cheated on him.

On his birthday TikTok video uploaded on October 7, the 90’s film icon held back tears and wished himself a happy birthday and thanked his bunch of friends for their companionship. He revealed that he has had five continuous days of dining out with friends, and that October 6 was his 58th birthday.

Encountering a family crisis, he shared, “I feel that there isn’t much to celebrate, because last year (2021) I already knew that I have lost everything, including my daughter and son, but it’s okay, I will be more appreciative, because I’ve great friends by my side, plus my parents…are in good health, my elder and younger brother, and their family are all healthy, all of them are in Vancouver, so I will not give up, I wish myself happy birthday, and wish everyone good health, and a happy life.”

Wife is 13 Years His Junior

The actor’s first marriage to Japanese actress Yukari Oshima lasted 4 years.

Married to Elyn who is thirteen years his junior in the year 2002, the couple welcomed two kids, daughter Jade and son Jacob. The veteran actor then moved to Malaysia and retreated from the limelight, starting his own F&B businesses. He made his return to Hong Kong recently with ViuTV’s Realtor <地產仔>.

According to reports, Mark shared that the last time he saw his children was in December last year, and that he has not returned home in as long as 16 months due to hectic filming in mainland China and the pandemic restrictions.


Still Has Wedding Band On Finger
The actor added that October 18 would have been his twentieth wedding anniversary, but now his wife and children have now all disappeared, with his wife telling him to “contact her lawyers” for any communications. Asked if there was a third party, he emphasized that he was not the one who strayed. Seeing that he was still wearing his wedding ring and trying hard to control his tears in his birthday video, netizens left supportive comments to encourage him.



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