Simon Yam will Control Francis Ng’s Fire

Simon Yam (任達華), Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Patrick Tam (譚耀文), Mark Cheng (鄭浩南), and Leo Ku (古巨基) attended the blessing ceremony for EEG’s upcoming dark comedy action film Armored Vehicle <衝鋒車>, a movie about a band of brotherly thieves.

Known for his temper, Francis praised the film’s rookie director for having creative and fresh ideas. “As an actor I will not meddle in. The only thing I did ask for is to do a re-shoot on the first day because my voice was raspy.” As a director himself, Francis was asked if he plans on giving any directing advice to the rookie. Francis laughed, “No, but I did threaten him in a way. Told him that he has one movie but may not make it to have a second movie… just tips like that.”

Wearing a bright orange boilersuit with a curly wig, Simon Yam portrays Francis’ brother in the film. Simon joked that he sacrificed a lot for the film, saying that his wife and daughter made fun of his looks and refused to kiss him because of his fake facial hair.

On portraying brothers with Francis, Simon said, “There will be a lot of sparks between us. Francis and I are always arguing. He does have real fire, but it’s okay, because I will control it. There will be a lot of fire-blowing on set, and it’s a good thing. It will keep the atmosphere interesting. There will be some vulgar words thrown around. It’s an interesting film; a pure local Hong Kong film about brotherly love.”

Simon added that he will not be having any romantic interests in the film, saying, “I have given all the women to Francis. He’s always getting picked on anyways, so it won’t hurt him to get some more [rumors].” Referring to harsh reports about Francis’ explosive and unforgiving personality, Simon said, “Sometimes these reports are really unfair to him. He really isn’t that kind of a person.”

As for Simon pushing all the love interests for Francis to handle, Francis said, “Maybe his wife told him to do it!” As for Simon’s comment that there would be a lot of profanity exchanged on set, Francis said, “This is a IIB film. We will only say what it is needed.”


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  1. Sometimes I just forgot how old Simon Yam is. This is a terrible picture. Patrick Tam looks like he plumped up his looks. Another terrible picture.

    1. Funn,
      Simon Yam and Patrick Tam are both aging. The style of the male leads looks to be from the 70s.

    2. Yes, both Simon Yam and Francis Ng does not aged well. The others are still ok since they are or a bit younger. I always like the dude next to Leo Ku? He looks older too but compares to the other two, he’s still a bit better looking I guess.

      Francis laughed, “No, but I did threaten him in a way. Told him that he has one movie but may not make it to have a second movie… just tips like that.”

      Am I the only one who thinks this dude has ‘GARLIC BREATH’? He sounds like a bully alot of the time. Sometimes he thinks he sound sarcastic but he’s really not, sometimes it’s just rude and thinks he can lecture b/c he’s got KING status? Haha LOL…

      1. The guy next to Leo Ku is Mark Cheng. Remember one of his movie with Sally Yeh titled Cupid One, if I’m not mistaken. A nice movie I wouldn’t mind watching again.

      2. I love movie Cupid One too!

        Not sure why Mark doesn’t make it as he’s quite good looking and ended up doing third category movies.

      3. That photo above is a really bad photo because I have seen other photos where Simon and Francis do not look so old. Everyone gets old so I do not see what the big deal is.

    3. funn, you should know by now jayne likes picking the most unflattering pics of celebs

    4. Francis still look good and human. Patrick Tam looks like he had some facelifts.

  2. I love Francis’s acting and his personality; he has a little bit temper but he is straightforward.

  3. Patrick Tam looks like he put too much makeup on top of his botoxed face.

  4. Leo Ku looks mighty young with the cute short hair cut. It is interesting to see him act again in a movie.

  5. Looks like a quirky movie! It has the feel of a Tony Leung KF comedy combined with Austin Powers. Simon Yam already looks funny. Leo Ku is cute 🙂 Francis Ng would look better without hair. Hmmm….where are the girls??

  6. Francis Ng is good to admire from far, but If someone like this shows up in my life… I’ll probably want to slap him. LOL.

  7. They all look fine. All dressed up for their role. I thought Francis resemble Kevin Costner’s role in the movie 3000 Miles to Graceland.

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