Tony Leung Reunites With Simon Yam in New Hong Kong Film

After wrapping up Marvel’s Shang-Chi: Legend of The Ten RingsTony Leung (梁朝偉) has returned to Hong Kong for his next project. Although few details have been released, the new film will also star Simon Yam (任達華) and is an adaption of a shocking real-life event from the 1970s.

Many are excited to see the reunion of two of Hong Kong’s biggest film stars. Reminiscing Tony and Simon’s past works, the duo appeared in 1990 film Bullet in the Head <喋血街頭> but they did not have many scenes together. Instead, they shared the most screen time together in 1985 TVB drama Police Cadet ’85 <新紮師兄续集>, in which Tony played a fast-rising officer and Simon played a corrupted inspector. Their explosive scenes captivated viewers and catapulted their careers to further heights. As it has been nearly 36 years since Tony and Simon’s last major collaboration, viewers are eager to see them share the screen again.

Simon recently returned to Hong Kong from China for Lunar New Year. Although he has a tight schedule, Simon took a few days off to spend time with his wife and daughter before returning to work.

Before filming for the new movie ramps up, Tony was seen running errands around the city. Entering a mall, the actor did not spend a lot of time shopping. He was seen wearing a mask and sported a long shaggy hairdo that matches his character in the new film.


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