Matthew Ko Spotted with a “Pirated Grace Wong”

Hong Kong’s first Mr. Hong Kong winner, Matthew Ko (高鈞賢), is well known for his romantic rumors with his TVB colleagues, which ranges from Miss Hong Kongs like Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) to Miss Chinese Internationals like Fala Chen (陳法拉). But the actor calmed suspicions after announcing last year that he had been dating his model girlfriend of six years, Grace.

In February 2013, Matthew announced that he ended his relationship with Grace and expressed that he enjoys a single life. However, bachelorhood did not last very long for the actor. Yesterday, the TVB star was spotted holding hands with a woman who physically resembles his Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰> costar, Grace Wong (王君馨).

Hong Kong’s 3 Weekly caught Matthew holding hands and hugging a tall, long-haired girl while at a bar in Wan Chai. The girl is Victoria Tam (譚詠怡), an up-and-coming Hong Kong model, who plans to release her first photobook soon.

Matthew and Victoria left the bar at around 5 a.m. and tried to haul for a taxi. The couple hugged each other tightly to keep warm.

The magazine reported that Matthew was drawn to Victoria at first sight and pursued her after their second meeting. There were also rumors indicating that Matthew and Victoria were already sleeping with each other.

Confronted with these rumors, Victoria stuttered, “We are just friends! That night I was really drunk!”

Matthew, however, responded calmly about the matter, and said, “She was really drunk and she wanted me to give her a ride home, so I did.”

Source: 3 Weekly #710 viw

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  1. Whats up with all the boys wanting girls who look like dolls? srsly.. are they really that attractive no offense 🙂

      1. Haha thank god that I’m confident enough to say that I’m pretty both inside and out! 😉 Compared to rude people like you. 🙂 and It was just a thought, I never called them ugly just overrated! woopwoop!

      2. >and It was just a thought, I never called them ugly just overrated! woopwoop!

        You implied it.

        >srsly.. are they really that attractive no offense

        Which is typical of ugly girls calling beautiful girls ugly because they’re jealous.

        No offense of course.

      3. Even if any of us were ugly, at least we are natural and don’t look like the typical plastic doll. Also, what is there to be jealous of? IF you have the money and courage to go under the knife, then anyone can look like that so what is there to be jealous of?? One day, when it all sags that’s when you wonder who is jealous of who.

      4. Wow you guys actually think this she is pretty? But then again to each and their own. Beauty is in the eye of beholder. I wouldn’t even consider her to be close to good looking. Just plasticky fake looking chick inside of a 12 yr old girl. Ugh gross

      5. Here’s the harsh reality: no girl truly thinks that she’s pretty. She may spend an hour or so putting on make-up before going out, wiping it all off and doing it again because it didn’t work out the first time, but at the end of the day when all the make-up is off they think to themselves “damn I wish I was prettier”.

      6. ^I don’t really know what point I’m tryign to make here.

      7. Most men with a good head on their shoulders prefer women who are natural looking (no makeup is even better). Besides, looks don’t last forever so inner beauty is most important.

        Also, we’re our own worst critics. Even top models have days when they doubt their own looks. People with high self-esteem accept themselves as is. People with low self-esteem will lack self confidence and go under the knife.

    1. Like it or not, most boys prefer to look for girls who look like dolls cos it looks cool having a doll-like bimbo hanging on your arms and hanging on to whatever you say with those big eyes (natural or not doesn’t matter). Otherwise, there wouldn’t be that many girls willing to go under the knife.
      However, when they’re MATURE men looking for a wife, then maybe they will be attracted to another type of woman.

  2. She’s an up-and-coming model and she couldn’t take a picture without the distracting boxes and that piece of plastic lurking behind her?

    1. She’s an up-and-coming model, not photographer.

      1. Yea true that, thanks for highlighting that, I didn’t see it that way earlier. The boxes really distracted me. 🙂

  3. She is really pretty. I wonder what she would look like without make-up. She seem like she puts on a lot of make-up

  4. Looks like she’s wearing circle lenses…or maybe that her natural eye size. Lucky… 😛

    1. She puts eyeliner/gel around her eyes. And she probably underwent surgery for bigger eyes.

  5. men like matthew ko doesn’t care about natural beauty, they don’t mind plastic women, just looking for a hole

    1. Same here that’s what I thought.
      Or I was thinking oceane or Christine.

  6. She looks so what plastic to me, thought,Attlee would prefer girls that are natural beauty

    1. Yea, she looks like a typical plastic doll.

      1. Agree. She looks like a typical plastic doll. She is not pretty at all, very unnatural!

  7. ‘Pirated Grace Wong’… T_T is that title really necessary..

  8. Funny. Men get criticised for dating certain types of women, then which type of women are they suppose to be dating that are considered ok? Same situation goes to women, what type of men are they meant to or ‘allowed’ to date that is considered ok or acceptable??! Seriously, it’s none of anyone else’s buisness except for their own.

  9. I think it’s interesting to see how HK media can come up with these titles. :S

  10. I personally don’t believe this is true. If you look at the original title, I am disgusted at the HK media’s article.

  11. she’s got a lot of cosmetic work done already for her age, which is a real pity.
    i think before and after surgery photos or even before/after make-up photos would be interesting!!

    1. I am also curious to see how she truly looks naturally. I wonder if before and after photos will emerge soon?? But then again, she is not even that known so maybe not.

  12. What is going on with all these Asian girls doing the closeup with big eyes that make them look like an idiot? I don’t get this.

    1. I agree. The standard of beauty today is big eyes and small face… And big boobs. Lol if you are a girl and have none of these.features then you are pretty much ugly in azn main stream society. Its disgusting..

      1. “pretty much ugly in azn mainstream society”
        Dont limit it to just asians, or name a subgroup of humankind whose standard of beauty is small eyes, wide face and no boobs?
        Its pretty much standardized globally. Just emphasis placed on different aspects.

  13. Fala never was Miss Chinese International. She got 1st runner up. Leanne Li won the crown that year.

    Grace Wong is much prettier than this girl

  14. She doesn’t look like Grace Wong in the above photo.

  15. Publicity stunt?. Most of the above photos look like a pose to me.

    Back in 1987, there was a movie called Cherry 2000. Looks like it is happening now. Women with perfect and similar look, shall we call her Robot “Grace-2013”

  16. Her eyes look freaky and her face looks so plastic. That chin looks fake as well…

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