Michael Tse Gets Drunk at 45th Birthday Party

Michael Tse (謝天華) celebrated his 45th birthday surrounded by his good friends from the entertainment industry yesterday.  Before the big celebration, Michael claimed that he would not get drunk.  However in less than three hours, two people had to escort him out of the restaurant!  At least Michael remembered to flash the reporters with his chok look before he went home! 

Michael’s wife booked a room at a Japanese Restaurant in the Wan Chai district to host Michael’s big birthday bash.  At approximately 8 PM, his friends started trickling into the party. The abundance of guests included Raymond Lam (林峯) and his cousin, Lin Xiawei (林夏薇), Wilson Chin (錢國偉), Alex Fong (方力申), Niki Chow (周麗淇), and dance choreographer Sunny Wong (黃國榮).  In addition to his single friends, several celebrity couples such as Gigi Fu (傅明憲) and boyfriend Zhuangjia Bin (莊家彬), as well as Timmy Hung (洪天明) and Janet Chow (周家蔚), Michael Miu ( (苗僑偉) and 戚美珍 (戚美珍), Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and his wife. 

Wishing for Health and Smooth Career 

When speaking to reporters outside the celebration, birthday man Michael said, “My birthday wishes are to be healthy and be more successful career-wise.  As I had just finished filming, I’m able to celebrate my birthday on the actual date!  As a present, my wife bought me an underwater camera.  Next month, I hope to go scuba diving with my wife.” 

Reporters continued to ask if he will get intoxicated today, Michael replied certainly, “I already booked a car and driver for my drunken friends.  I will not get drunk myself!” 

Michael Confirms Janet Chow’s Pregnancy 

When asked if Janet Chow (周家蔚) had any alcohol during the party? Michael revealed, “I only saw her drink water.  She also ate enough for two people!  Is it because they are still in the first trimester that they can’t disclose?”

Afterwards, reporters advised Timmy and Janet that cars have been booked by Michael for his drunken friends, but Michael did not require one himself.  Timmy hysterically laughed, “He’s not getting drunk?  Who had to be carried out at our wedding?”  Janet explained that she did not drink any alcohol because she was the designated driver. 

Drunken “Chok” 

With such a great gathering of friends, Michael Tse cannot help but have a good time.  Within three hours,  Michael became inebriated.  Accompanied by Sunny and Wilson, he staggered out of the restaurant with his eyes half closed at about 11 PM.  He required the assistance of railings to enter the car.  However, this did not prevent him from conjuring up a chok look for the reporters, exuding Laughing Gor’s character!  He did not stop chok-ing until his wife patted him on the shoulders advising him that it’s time to leave. 

Shortly after Michael’s departure, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) arrived at the party.  After  she found out that the birthday man has already left, she felt helpless.

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. i see u guys posting about 620 .. what does 620 actually mean ?

      1. 620 just directly translate to “Lok Yi Ling” in Cantonese, usually to refer to Ms.Lok if I’m not mistaken?

      2. Elle, you right on the money.
        VIRGINa Look Yee Ling

        6= Look
        2= Yee
        0= Ling

    1. Elin,
      Do you know if Michael Tse tends to drink too much or he has low alcohol tolerance? At the last few social gatherings, Michael apparently needed to be carried out by his friends after parties were over.

      Michael looks good for being a 45 year old. I forgot how old he was…he can pass for a 40 year old.

      1. I think he tends to let his guard down and really let go and enjoy himself when surrounded by his group of trusted close friends. Probably everyone took turns toasting him and he isn’t one to refuse his friends — this easygoing-ness is probably one reason why he seems very popular among them.

      2. he seems to be always drunk isnt he… hes born in 1967 whch makes hm 45.. he cn pass for a late 30s guy as well.. i think he has low alchol tolerance..

      3. definitely agree wth u hmm. hes seems to be really popular.. hes invited to everythng. and most of his costars always has somethng good say abt hm.

  1. Looking forward to Michael’s chemistry with Tavia in “Justice Attack.” Michael has an easygoing flirtatious charm with his costars, which is why he is a good costar to work with. At least the romance is believable. 🙂

    1. Haha, I have to agree on the “easygoing flirtatious charm.”

    2. He had terrible chemistry with Fala though, but that might be more on her. I don’t really think she has much romantic chemistry with most of her male co-stars.

      1. Michael and Fala had more chemistry in the movie than series. Fala lacks chemistry with her make costars, which is a disadvantage. She looked compatible with Bosco in “Grace Under Fire” though.

      2. Yeah Fala can’t get into character with her male costars. Kinda ruins things a bit. Nevertheless, I still love her though!

      3. Fala has pretty good chemistry with Roger in ‘Queens of Diamonds and Hearts’.

      4. It’s strange though that many people really love their pairing, so perhaps it’s just some of us who don’t see the chemistry…

    3. I’m looking forward to it too, even though I hated them together in Cupid Stupid and they were okay in The Rippling Blossom. The storyline in this one seems to suit them better.

      1. Cupid Stupid was bad, maybe because i want Tavia to end up with Steven and not him.

  2. I’ve never understood the need to drink until one is drunk, and I hope to never understand it.

    1. drinking is like smoking. relax & have a good time

  3. relax and have a good time smoking thats a joke smoking gives u cancer

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