Myolie Wu Takes Time Off to Conceive

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Myolie Wu Takes Time Off to Conceive

Myolie Wu (胡定欣) and Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) were invited to attend the grand opening event of an Italian clothing brand. Myolie shared that this was her first event of the night—she’d be heading to the hundred-day banquet for Sharon Chan’s (陳敏之) son soon after.

After talking about Sharon’s son, Myolie, who married Philip Lee (李乘德) in December 2015, was asked if she had any good news announce. The former TVB actress smiled and said, “I’m working on it. Filming has finally ended for my [Mainland Chinese] drama. I have some events to do, but I don’t have any longer jobs to do in the meantime.” (Working hard to conceive?) “You guys ask me this every time you see me! Nothing yet, I’m afraid. Hopefully I’ll have good news for everyone soon.” (How many kids do you want?) “Maybe a few? I would like a big family. I’ll try my best. I’m not getting any younger after all, but I don’t know how well my body would be able to take it all.”

The 37-year-old actress plans to go on vacation with Philip around Easter. They haven’t decided on the location yet, but they may consider a tropical getaway. Asking if she would be taking any bikini pics, she said, “I’m not fit enough yet. I’ve gained a few pounds.” (Does Philip prefer skinnier or fatter?) “We’ve both gotten fatter! We’re no longer single. I don’t think it really matters.”

Benjamin Yuen Doesn’t Want to Rely on His Body

Benjamin Yuen expressed his love for this brand’s swimwear and talked about some his preferred styles. He admitted that he doesn’t like swimming trunks that are too smile, saying, “The one I had on in the Mr. Hong Kong contest was the smallest one I’ve worn. I don’t mind wearing it again. I can wear it if I want a tan.” (Tried nude tanning before?) “Not in public.” The actor added that he rather women be attracted to his personality rather than his figure.

Sources: Oriental Daily, Mingpao

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  1. rainrain says:

    I think its much harder to conceive after age 35. Good luck with conceiving a few kids. I wish her the best, but realistically it would be hard to even conceive the first kid, she may have to use IVF. Younger couples only needs 1-2 months to get pregnant, anyone over 35 needs 6 months – 1 year. At least thats what I read.

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  2. janet72 says:

    women’s fertility drops from the age of 35. sometimes the men may also play a part if they take a lot of alchol. couples in their 20s to early 30s may get pregnant faster if they are healthy.

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  3. happybi says:

    Wishing her luck. After 30 getting pregnant will get harder but with today technology, anything is possible!

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  4. hannah says:

    wishing her all the best!

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