Nancy Wu Admits Dating New Boyfriend, Patt Shum

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Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) love life certainly has not quieted down since her split from TVB’s diamond bachelor, Kenneth Ma (馬國明). After Nancy’s unsuccessful attempts in pursuing Kenneth to reignite their relationship, she has now landed in the arms of a new boyfriend from the creative industry, Patt Shum (沈栢淳).

In his thirties, Patt Shum reportedly comes from a wealthy background. Having studied abroad, he returned to Hong Kong to start his own creative agency and is fairly well-known in the advertising industry. Most importantly for Nancy, however, is the fact that Patt is head over heels about her and always finding ways to make her happy by surprising her with flowers and gifts, such as brand name handbags. For Nancy’s 31st birthday, Patt planned a surprise yacht party and invited her closest friends to celebrate with Nancy, including Myolie Wu (胡杏兒)and Mandy Wong (黃智雯). The thoughtful and romantic gesture brought the couple even closer together.

In fact, Nancy is so comfortable in her new relationship that she was spotted buying take-out and spending the night at Patt’s apartment. That evening, Nancy was wearing a loose top that revealed her svelte figure. After ordering take-out, Nancy and Patt were seen flirting with one another while waiting for the valet to retrieve their vehicle. During the wait, Nancy started getting anxious and at one point, lightly lifted up her shirt to pat her belly, revealing a bit of her flat and smooth abs while Patt looked on. When they finally got in the car, they hurried back home to enjoy the meal and the rest of the evening.

When reporters questioned Nancy about Patt over the phone, she revealed, “Yes, we’ve been dating for a few months now. He’s in the advertising industry so he understands the nature of my work. I was very happy when he threw me a surprise yacht party last month, even Myolie is happy for me!”

Addressing the fact that his former flame is now blissfully in a new relationship, Kenneth Ma said, “When we bump into each other on set, we can chat about everything, but Nancy has not told me about her new boyfriend yet. Maybe she wants to wait until they are more settled, but I wish her and her new boyfriend much happiness!”

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  1. starry says:

    i swear the reporters wrote that myolie threw nancy the yacht party and that myolie paid for it back when it happened

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    • SY replied:

      Yes that was the version I read in the earlier story too. I thought my memory was failing. Thanks for confirming.

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  2. Roxy says:

    Why is everyone having that same hairstyle as Tavia Yeung in THC? It’s awful.

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  3. Erica says:

    um, what does this Patt Shum man even look like?

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    • purpletinted replied:

      A photo in Popular Asians gave me the impression of a cross between Yuchoon and Stephen Chan, well I maybe wrong since the image couldn’t be enlarged…

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  4. NP says:

    I’m glad Nancy found a guy that adores her.

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  5. Hannahh says:

    Happy for Nancy and hope he love and care for her forever.

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  6. Mr.chow says:

    Thank god she isn’t dating a gweilo

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