Nancy Wu Breaks Up With Boyfriend

After more than two years of dating, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and her boyfriend, marketing entrepreneur Patt Shum (沈栢淳), have called it quits. Facing the media today, Nancy admitted to their breakup.

Rumors were rampant that the Patt’s involvement with a third party caused the couple to break up. Nancy said, “I don’t want [people to think] he treated me poorly. He actually treated me very well and didn’t cheat on me!”

Nancy Wu Too High Maintenance?

Throughout the course of their relationship, there were many reports claiming that the couple had plans for marriage. Nancy said, “Plans for marriage were fabricated by the media. There were never marriage plans. However, I once regarded him as an ideal marriage partner.”

In her failed relationships with Deep Ng (吴浩康) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Nancy allegedly was too high maintenance, which drove her boyfriends away. When asked about whether her high standards caused her recent breakup, Nancy said the issues in a relationship are difficult for outsiders to understand and cannot be described in mere words.

Separating on neutral terms, Nancy and Patt will continue to remain as friends. When asked whether there is a chance for reconciliation, Nancy did not outright deny the possibility and instead responded that she will leave things up to fate.

Source: Ming Pao 

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  1. It’s Patt’s loss! Nancy is getting prettier lately and her career is blossoming!

  2. WHAT THE????!!! I thought Nancy can finally found her happiness and now this happens!!!
    She is blooming in success and so pretty!!

    1. Yep this is uncalled for. Nancy and Patt looked like they were ready to tie the knot and looked so happy everytime.

  3. Ohh so the marriage was fabricated.
    Awwww I was hoping Nancy would finally meet her soulmate.. 🙁
    加油 Nancy!! <3

  4. Nancy looks very pretty in the pic, kind of reminds me of Ruby Lin.

  5. At least she knows now. He’s ugly anyways. She can do way better. Maybe she and Kenneth will get back.

  6. What the??? I thought that Nancy would have a very good relationship with her Boyfriend!!!! And now….very sad for them both!!!

    1. I did too and another good example of how the media can exaggerate things and make things that are untrue sound like they are true.

  7. I’m surprised bc it sounded like Nancy was ready to tie the knots as reported by many articles. I guess all of them were fabricated? Irregardless, wish her the best. Perhaps her career will blossom.

  8. I always feel she has great potential and can hold her acting very well. Hope she’ll meet her other half soon.

  9. Lol I actually believed the rumors of a possible marriage coming up. Last thing I expected was a breakup from them since Nancy always seemed so happy to talk about him.

    She does look younger and so cute in the above photo. With that said, there have always been rumors of her being high maintenance in relationships, but it’s really hard to tell that from her onscreen personality or even her offscreen personality. She seems pretty chill from what I see. This time, it really makes me wonder if there are some truth to those rumors since it’s the third time.

    1. None of us know her personally so how can we be sure? Even with people we know personally,we are not sure how they truly are. I think in general many female artists often are higher maintanence than the average girl,but of course it depends on the person too. Therefore, even if it was true that Nancy is high maintenance, none of us should be that shocked.

  10. I am a bit surprised but then again,not really since whether you end up with anyone or no is often separated by a thin line. I guess they had yuen but no fen. Nothing is a guarantee in life except for death. Anyways,wish Nancy the best and hope that she will find her happiness one day.

    1. i think you probably make a mistake that they have fen but no yuen.btw there is no death if there is no birth why bother?

  11. nancy wu is pretty and confident. her acting skills are not bad. she deserves better.

  12. some fadans look older and older but nancy actually looks younger and prettier than before.

  13. Woah woah ! I’m so shocked! I really thought she was on the path to having marriage plans soon with her boyfriend D; but not to be too down Nancy! Everything happens for a reason, if this time wasn’t right, it means there is someone better in the future.

  14. You can’t have everything in life. And everything happens for a reason. She might as well concentrate in her career in the midst of her break up. There will be gain the the loss. 🙂

  15. Feel bad for her. She is a very good actress. Tvb should make her a lead actress already

    1. Thumbs up for your comment. TVB should change their “upper levels” because they are so blind

    2. Agreed! Nancy Wu is a very good actress and I don’t understand why she’s always cast in a supporting role. Acting comes naturally for Nancy,I really enjoy watching her on screen. I hope to see more of Nancy next year.

      Don’t really know why Sharon Chan, Aimme, Kate Tsui are somehow TVB’s fandan/leading ladies…they always manage to make the audience cringe whether it’s their 5″ heels, really long eye lashes or simply their forced facial expressions.

  16. I actually like her. She is among the best in TVB but has always been given supporting roles. I also think she handled the media really well by praising her ex-bpyfriend.

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