Natalie Tong’s Quiet and Hardworking Nature Brings Success

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) has been stable in her status at TVB since she won the Most Improved Female Artist Award in 2010 for her role in A Fistful of Stances <鐵馬尋橋>. Throughout her years within the entertainment industry, she is considered a quiet artist who rarely makes it on the covers of gossip magazines. Compared to others, some may call Natalie unsociable, but this only means she took double the effort to have herself noticed and reach where she is today.

In Bullet Brain <神探高倫布>, Natalie portrayed Mui Mui, who had scenes in her teenage years as well as her middle-age years. In addition, Natalie’s character was also diagnosed with mental illness. Her acting skills were put on the test and she gained approval from more viewers. Even Louis Koo (古天樂), praised Natalie’s great performance, and invited her to act as his girlfriend in the upcoming film, Inferno 3D <逃出生天>. With the support from many fans and the opportunity to work with her idol, Natalie is certain her efforts had not gone to waste.

Speaking of the new film, Natalie exclaimed, “I’m very happy and excited to be able to collaborate with Louis. The cast and crew are very nice, and they understand that I’m new to the film industry. They didn’t place pressure on me and communicated with me very well.” Natalie’s most memorable scene would have to be the ending, where she meets her boyfriend Louis once again in the midst of the rain. “I hope everyone will keep an eye out for it,” she said.

Currently, Natalie is busy filming for new drama, Property Protector <守業者>. “The drama is about silk reeling, and it focuses on the tales of women within a silk factory. We portray characters that dare to love and hate, and it can be considered tragic. It’s actually a little similar to my own personality. The hardest part about the role is how I have to imitate actions of reeling silk. There were many skills I had to learn and grasp beforehand.”

Many of Natalie’s fans were curious about her relationship status. Asked what is most important to her right now, Natalie expressed that her career comes first. “Thanks to everyone and to fans who care about me and my romantic life. Honestly, love is very important for me, but right now my career is at the top of the list. I really enjoy what I’m doing.”

Although many girls believe being skinny is beautiful, Natalie thinks otherwise. “I actually think beautiful women are those with a healthy and even body shape. They need to have correct thoughts and self-confidence, understanding how to enjoy life and be happy.” Natalie shared how she uses Nature’s Cell-Plus High Definition Slimming Body Gel to help detoxify and tone the body. Since the product contains fully natural ingredients, she feels comfortable using it twice a day.

Living a nocturnal life like most other artists, Natalie would turn to yoga to calm and relax herself whenever she has the chance. When off work, she would not wear any makeup and give her skin a break. Furthermore, Natalie tries to avoid seafood or spicy foods and would drink plenty of water. She loves to eat fruits and vegetables, and would make soup when there is time.

Besides acting, Natalie would be happy if she has the opportunity to record a drama’s theme song one day. But for the time being, she would continue to work hard and achieve the best out of her filming roles.


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  1. I still remember Natalie Tong from Hearts of Fencing, she was the most outstanding and certainly the most achieved out of all the cast from that series. So happy for her, she’s done so well in recent years! Can’t wait to see Inferno 3D.

  2. I have loved her from the very start when she first started. So glad she has achieve so much in her career.

    1. Nat was great in Bullet Brain. Much more better than Sire Ma, who was very poor in BB. I rather like Mui Mui (Nat) & Dai Hei (Wayne) as a couple at the end. The part when Mui Mui was about to get hanged, Dai hei came to see her one last time, their conservation was so touching. (That was the only best part & normal plot out of the whole drama). Congrats to Nat!!

    2. I only watched the first two and last episodes of BB. I didn’t think her acting was great in the Inception inspired dream sequence nonsense in the last episode. But she acted well in the villain roles in Tiger Cubs and Forensic Heroes (the last installment). Not many actresses can handle such roles. But she nailed them!

      1. Agree! The last episode was so waste of time, and the ending was so horrible (bad pairing).
        Well then, you should see the episode or just the scene of Dai Hei(wayne) visiting Mui Mui (Nat) once more in prison before she gets hanged. It was touching.

      2. Ok. I’ll give that scene a watch. For Natalie, I don’t mind watching since her acting is generally decent.

  3. She has always been cutely pretty. Acting wise, I don’t know since I haven’t watched alot of her projects.

  4. The makeup artist should’ve used a darker eyebrow pencil to draw Natalie’s brows in the above picture.

    On a more serious note, I’ve loved her since watching her in A Fistful of Stances. A really well-deserved win. Cant wait to see her succeed in the tv/film industry.

  5. She will rise even further if TVB gives her the starring roles that she deserves

  6. I hated her performance in AFOS. Incredibly annoying and OTT – which is a pretty amazing accomplishment considering her character was a rape victim. I liked her better in later roles though. Still don’t know if she’s leading material, but at least I’m not constantly annoyed with her scenes/acting.

    As for the Louis Koo thing. When I first read about it, I was surprised but happy for her. But then I found out it was a tiny role/not the lead so meh.

    And I wish people would stop advocating for “natural” beauty products. They are more than often not actually natural and even if they are, not all natural stuff is good for you!

    1. she’s one of the few female artist i’m not annoyed of. i also did not like her OTT acting in AFOS. It’s likely because I’m not a fan of her crying voice.

      I prefer her in that lawyer movie paired up with Kenneth Ma more. She’s actually pretty good in ancient series as well.

      Overall – I find her very well rounded with high potentials of being a lead!

    2. Although she is not a lead in the movie, it’s quite an accomplishment that louis koo recommended her.

  7. Natalie Tong has improved quite a bit in her acting in the last 3 years. She used to speak with her high-pitched voice and lazy intonations, but she is so much better now. She knows how to manipulate the tone of her voice, and she has almost got rid of her lazy intonations. Also she acts better and is prettier now.

    1. Not high pitched or lazy but rather dragging her words and speaking in breathy dramatic tones. She is the opposite of Selena who is too fluffy.

  8. I like her personality although I don’t like her style of acting which makes everything so dramatic. But the following line has me scratching my head in confusion;

    ” “I actually think beautiful women are those with a healthy and even body shape. They need to have correct thoughts and self-confidence, understanding how to enjoy life and be happy.” ”

    This.. coming from someone who has lollipop shape? Big head, tiny body? She is so very very very skinny. So I am baffled by that statement except perhaps she has some endorsement deal where she is obligated to say that. And since she named a product, I suppose it is true.

    Oh I hated her in AFOS.

    1. Maybe she doesn’t mean she is a beautiful woman with a healthy and even body shape but thinks this type of woman is beautiful according to her standard and is trying to become like that.

  9. I love Natalie! My favourite tvb artist of all time.

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