Natalis Chan’s Wife Brings Him Financial Prosperity

Natalis attributes his good fortune to his wife’s unbelievable luck and support.

Natalis Chan (陳百祥) and his wife Cecilia Wong (黃杏秀) have been lovingly married for 41 years. Despite having faced bankruptcy twice due to business failures, Natalis managed to turn his fortunes around and even boasts a net worth of 100 million Hong Kong dollars today – successes he attributes to his wife, whom he calls an “angel descended from above.”

Strong Interpersonal Ties in Entertainment Industry

Born in a Filipino Chinese family, Cecilia entered showbiz even before graduating from school and quickly became hugely popular. She met Natalis at a mutual friend’s birthday party, where he was struck by her beauty and started courting her aggressively. While Cecilia was a popular television actress in the 1980s, Natalis was relatively unknown, though she saw past these issues and still married him.

Cecilia’s strong interpersonal relations – she had been middle school classmates with many entertainment moguls including former TVB Chairman Charles Chan (陳國強), his wife as well as director Wong Jing (王晶), with whom she had been in the same drama club – had been invaluable in propelling Natalis’ career to greater heights. Even famed geomancer Au Chung Tak (區仲德) proclaimed that Cecilia’s facial features and eight characters are both extremely beneficial to her husband.

Would Be “Penniless” If He Did Not Marry His Wife

Grateful that she became his wife, Natalis loved describing Cecilia as an “angel from above” and in an interview, praised her for bringing good fortune. He truly believes that Cecilia turned his life around.

“If another man married Cecilia, I would be penniless by now! Whether it is horse racing or stocks, she would win. She also has a good hand in property investment, and even won a cash prize when she went to the jockey club for a ticket during her free time. There’s really someone so lucky in this world–she isn’t a human but a celestial. The horses ‘take care’ of her as she was born in the year of the horse,” Natalis said. The couple would often bet on horses and have regular wins, such as last June when Cecilia won a windfall of HK$6 million from a HK$1600 bet.

On the other hand, Natalis had experienced many highs and lows – the clothing factory business which he started in his twenties failed and he became bankrupt. In the tech boom of the 2000s, he invested over HK$10 million along with Jackie Chan (成龍), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Alan Tam (譚詠麟) and Anita Mui (梅艷芳) and started a company called StarEast to introduce newcomers in the music industry. Though the company got listed at one point, the ownership changed hands multiple times and Natalis amassed a huge debt, forcing him to apply for bankruptcy a second time.

Thanks to Cecilia bringing him good fortune, Natalis managed to turn his luck around with various investments, and is now worth over HK$100 million.

Loving Marriage for 41 Years

A supportive spouse, Cecilia is constantly by Natalis’ side. She would double up as his assistant and take care of his hair, makeup , and wardrobe for work while accompanying him on horse racing and golf outings.

Recently, Cecilia updated her social media with photos of the couple celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary in Guangzhou, where Natalis had a filming job. Mutual friends had helped the couple set up a party by the poolside, and Cecilia was seen holding a gigantic 99-stalk champagne rose bouquet as they posed for a sweet photo. After completing their 14-day quarantine and work commitment in Guangzhou, the couple took the chance to go golfing and explore the area as part of their celebration.

Source: East Week

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  1. I find it interesting each time he talks about her – it’s like she’s some lucky Talisman. (This was in another news article I read too, many years ago). So really – he’s staying rooted bec she brings him luck and she has the Midas touch in investments?

    What about – other attributes to love and cherish?!?

    His close friends that he hangs out with – think nothing about having a mistress (Alam Tam) and chasing skirts (Eric Tsang). I have seen this Trio twice, here in Vancouver – once on the ski slopes. Once out somewhere eating.

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