Huge Poster In Front of TVB Studios, Nat Chan and Cecilia Wong Upset Debt Collectors

Veteran TVB artistes Nat Chan (陳百祥) and wife Cecilia Wong Hang Sau (黃杏秀) appear to be in debt. On the early morning of August 28, a large poster with the portraits of Nat Chan and Cecilia Wong hung on the rails in front of the TVB studios entrance.

The poster said, in large red characters, “Nat Chan (and) Cecilia Wong are con artists. Return my $25 million.” The poster also included photos of various documents signed by Nat and Cecilia.

Reporters immediately contacted Nat for details. The TVB variety actor and host said he is a victim in this incident. He revealed that this specific case was already settled in Mainland Chinese courts four years ago, and the involved persons were already sentenced. He does not understand why an incident that happened over eight years ago is being brought up again.

“Maybe it’s because I am a celebrity. I make an easier target,” he said.

Nat said he has already consulted the police. “They told me that it’s useless to report it, because this person is not exactly threatening me. He’s just making a nuisance.”

Asking if Nat will destroy the poster, he said, “He can write whatever he wants. I am not afraid. A clean hand wants no washing.”

Source: IHKTV

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  1. What do the documents on the poster say? Do they have a date stamp? How embrassing for both of them. Regardless if this is true or not, their names are stained in a sense.

  2. Jiwong, A clean hands need no washing.

    How can their names being stained if it’s not true???? Grow up!

    1. @benjy As i stated, they’re already associated with this news. There will be people believe they are at fault and this claim is still true. Not everyone shares the same optimism and trust as you. Don’t get your panties in a wad. Why a lot of people on here so quick to calling names and pointing fingers just because a poster post their opinion? My previous is pretty neutral. I never said they are at fault or this news is truw. Shesh.

      1. @jjwong Your statement “how embarassing for both of them” clearly implicate that you believe they’re guilty. Trying to go back on your words?

      2. @benjy No I did not mean embrassing for them as in they’re guilty. It’s embrassing for them to have such poster regardless if the content is true or not. Their faces are plastered for every co-workers to see. Wouldn’t you be embrassed? Hell, I would. Even if my face is on a banner that says “marry me.” I would be mortified as hell. you jist assume and interprete my words to say I accuse them of being guilty. Can’t help you there.

        /END convo

    2. @benjy
      I get what jjwong means. He is just basically saying that regardless if it is true or not, there are some that will have doubts in their mind about whether they are guilty or not. Once anyone is accused of anything, it is hard to not have any shadow of a doubt if you know what I mean. This is especially true for public figures and for anyone we do not know personally since we do not know any of the details or how true or false any if it is.

  3. What is the case about? But I do agree with Nat Chan saying he was a easy target cos he is a celebrity.

  4. I just want say,why did they suddenly do this out of the blue if it is an old case that was settled years ago as Nat says? That is what I feel is suspicious about this whole case.

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