Sharon Chan and Nat Chan Offer to Pay for Oscar Leung’s Lawsuit

Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) has found deep friendships in the entertainment industry, friends who are willing to help him through his roughest moments. When restaurateur Kenny Wee (黃浩) filed a lawsuit against Oscar for defamation, Oscar was faced with the potential problem of being unable to pay for the legal fees. Fortunately, soccer teammate and good friend, Nat Chan (陳百祥) stepped up and offered to pay for Oscar’s lawsuit fees.

When Eric Tsang (曾志偉) was accused of physically assaulting Kenny Wee, Oscar Leung defended Eric and said that Kenny was only yearning for attention and had “persecutory delusions.” Oscar’s statement angered Kenny, who filed a defamation lawsuit against the rising TVB star on December 28.

Oscar defended his statement on grounds of freedom of speech and refused to publicly apologize to Kenny. Oscar’s position is supported by director Wong Jing (王晶) and good friends, Jamie Chik (戚美珍), Nat Chan and his wife, Cecilia Wong (黃杏秀). Many of Oscar’s good friends, including Nat Chan and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) offered to pay for his future wedding banquet, also offered to help him out with the lawyer fees.

“When I heard their offers, I wanted to cry,” Oscar was extremely moved by his friends’ willingness to help him.

Although Oscar was not the only one who publicly blasted Kenny Wee for his outrageous insinuations, Nat felt it was unfair for Kenny to target Oscar, who had a struggling acting career for many years. Nat said, “Do not mess with the juniors! If you want, mess with me! He [Kenny Wee] is targeting Oscar because Oscar’s popularity is on the rise. Righteousness exists in each person’s heart. I will definitely support Oscar and Eric!”

Oscar was grateful for Nat’s generous offer. Oscar said, “I hope it will not go to that extent. I am very grateful towards Nat; he is a very righteous person.” Nat was a veteran star that Oscar has known and respected for many years.

Sharon Chan has been good friends with Oscar for many years. “If there is a need, I can lend him some money! But the amount cannot be too much,” Sharon joked.

Since the lawsuit has entered the judicial process, Oscar declined to provide further details of the case.

Source:, The SunThe Sun

Jayne: Oscar’s friends’ previous offers to pay for his wedding banquet and their current willingness to pay for his lawsuit speaks volumes about their friendship and Oscar as a person. Hopefully this lawsuit concludes quickly and the fees do not drain Oscar’s pockets, which were only beginning to see some cash improvement this year.

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  1. It’s amazing how low the image of Winner band members have fallen since they swindled spinster Anita Miu and sided with their bandmate Kenny B who was already blatantly cheating on his unpopular spendthrift wife, Teresa who was dumb enough to think that what was good for the goose was good for the gander and went ahead and dated a married third party.

    Both Kenny Wee and Teresa are socially vulnerable and not actually guilty of wrongdoing compared to their detractors. It doesn’t matter how beleagured Oscar Leung may be – he chose to be an actor instead of a laborer and it’s not such a terrible thing to coast on your looks even if the compensation isn’t on par with Nicholas Tse yet. Oscar Leung was targeted because he wasn’t as clever as Alan Tam and the rest of the elderly in how they maligned Kenny Wee. If anyone especially Eric Tsang had been dumb enough to say the same words as Oscar Leung did then they would be the ones getting sued. It’s amazing how EAGER the old cronies are to use any excuse to malign Kenny Wee and are now claiming to be defending a badmouther against a “bully” who is actually the bullied.

    Why are they all jumping on the bandwagon if they have nothing personally invested in the outcome. Eric Tsang’s verbal abuse especially towards starlets is worse than obnoxious and frankly, everyone looks unwholesome these days including the band members of the long defunct “Winner.” Certainly, Kenny B has lost the packaging of his ex-wife that made him seem clean cut.

    Look, Hong Kong lawyers bill mercilessly including photocopies and candies consumed in the waiting area. I don’t think Ah Lek has so much money that he can afford to do much to help Oscar Leung in what looks like a slam dunk defamation suit. Ah Lek is only appearing to seem to intimidate and emotionally torture Kenny Wee. That’s ODD that he needs to bully someone he does not know and I remind everyone that Josie Ho is involved and that is never good even if Stanley Ho is committed to his wheelchair.

    Everyone who has come out shooting at Kenny Wee is himself a shameless toxic personality. Eric Tsang, Charles Heung and now Ah Lek. All meanies – why are they so invested in characterizing Kenny Wee who was never even the person who handed over the videotape – all he did was comment on it and the onslaught began.

    Something is very wrong here.

    1. “all he did was comment on it and the onslaught began.”

      Pot calling the kettle black? So isn’t that a “slam dunk” defamation suit too? With suspect evidence, he publicly accused those involved of taking drugs. Why the double standard?

      1. go back over the old articles – he didn’t do any of what you are claiming – Kenny Wee arrived after it had all transpired – the bad blood between staffers and patrons, the threatening phone call, the tape handed over to the police – he only said what his restaurant chain headquarters made a point of putting in a press release – we have tapes, we have always had tapes.

        He got singled out by Eason’s wife on the internet and Edison put it into wider circulation and then they didn’t even stop when they were exposed BY EDISON – they just ratcheted up their attacks on Kenny Wee who was normal in decrying the injustice of being attacked and being maligned. Don’t let the anti-Kenny Wee camp confuse you because it is obvious that that has been their intention all along to try to ameliorate the bad impression they are making – they never factored in the fact that their third party operatives like Eric Tsang and Ah Lek are very unlikable and have been for years despite being given so much time in the limelight.

      2. Lol. So a press statement is not a public statement when he is the restaurants owner? He says via his company’s press release or whatever that he has the tapes, thereby implying that they took drugs. That’s not a libel case?

        The onus is not on the accused to prove their innocence but on the prosecutors to prove their guilt of taking drugs so they won’t be required to do the drug test. The main shred of evidence if it even exists are the tapes. If those tapes were so credible and convincing, the police would have taken some action already, no?

        You say that Kenny is maligned and attacked but we as outsiders don’t know many details of what transpired; what we know is through media reports and such. All your points are based on the assumption that the celebs definitely took drugs. Imagine just for a moment that they didn’t, who are the ones maligned now?

      3. I haven’t assumed that anyone took drugs – that’s a police matter. I only believe that the celebs have been making remarks against Kenny Wee which have forced this matter to be an ongoing public spectacle. He’s a shareholder who has been singled out but the statement about cameras came from the Taiwan headquarters.

  2. wow, ocsar the big mouth needs charity? as for me i would gladly give donations to the orphanage rather than to that kelefe fool

  3. also, it’s not clever or sneaky to voluntarily come forward as so many celebrities have done – what/who is goading them?

      1. but now it is reported that Ah Lek is offering to LEND him money for his legal fees – that’s quite vicious to offer him hope like that – Ah Lek’s real motive seems to be feeding the illusion that there are many people against Kenny Wee but Ah lek is not so “outraged” as to be out of pocket – all of this now pulls Ah Lek and Eric Tsang’s greater influence in the new power structure at TVB.

  4. the only person who has reacted normally is Sandra Ng and Anthony Wong in that they don’t understand the situation but just want it to go away – everyone else who has been so blatantly against Kenny Wee – is behaving out of character for clever public figures – it’s all very strange – just exactly what and who are being decloaked?

    1. my respect for natalis chan has gone down the drain, didn’t he think it was wrong of oscar bimbo to talk like that towards kenny wee? him taking sides when its non of his bis whatsoever?

  5. It’s weird that if no one had said anything even if there was a tape given to the police, all of this would have gone away. there are so many hints of bad behavior that go nowhere because a wall of silence is all that is there but because Eason’s wife went bananas and Edison that frenemy reposted it for the whole wide web, events escalated to the point that Josie HO! appeared in a press conference about the matter and now these weirdos are further fueling the flames – it’s VERY VERY ODD.

  6. it’s like we are all surprised every week when this thing gets more fuel – this story is STILL alive after how many months and all based on ether as far as we know

    if Kenny Wee offended you, why would you muddy the waters with SO MUCH public behavior??

    1. Well, it’s still going on because it involves many different celebrities and the public is probably still interested in finding out more.

      I mean, you already made 5 different comments on it so it shows that at least you’re still interested…

  7. There is a simpler solution. Just apologise, in such a way by feigning ignorance. After all how Oscar knows what one say is true and the other is lying? It doesn’t hurt to apologise. After all he did slander that jerk.

    1. It’s not fair for you to call him a jerk. If you’re a business owner and that happened to you I wonder how you would handle the situation. The media is obviously trying to milk the story and playing good cop bad cop to keep the public interested. If you look at all the celebs involved…none of them are exactly saints.

      1. Completely agree with you. Im definitely on kenny’s side. He may have made things seem serious, but i dont support eric tsang, who is the one being a total jerk and slapped kenny thinking he’s the boss. Kenny made the right thing by pressing charges on them. Citizens like us are nt to be bullied by celebrities.

  8. I was neutral about oscar at first, now i just completely dislike him. He’s nt using his brain to think before he acts. And he’d rather go through financial problems than apologize. He’s rather selfish when he put his family and gf in such position when all he needed to do is say sorry.

    1. Nah, he made a calculated move i.e kiss up to Eric and will surely be compensated for his loyalty.

      He has now reach the inner circle hence he got so much support from Eric’s friends.

      Hope Kenny won’t give up, however he prolly has to unless some unknown righteous magnate offers assistance.

  9. I find that much as HK is a modern society but in many ways its still very behind compare to other modernize countries. Specially, when it comes to people’s mentality & the way they act in the work place…they take as$kissing to the next level, their work culture is still back in 1850s. I’m not surprised that more celebs will come forward to support Eric’s immature classless behavior. I don’t know Eric personally but I never liked the way he talks to women or others who are below him.

    1. “they take as$kissing to the next level, their work culture is still back in 1850s”

      i dont agree with you,bootlickers are everywhere not only in hongkong.
      overall the work mentality is ok. honkong citizens are very hard working people!

      1. Bootlickers are everywhere, but HK takes the cake. They are so “pa si” so afraid of offending their boss & will do they’re told even when it’s their boss is being unreasonable.

      2. thats not true what you said,bootlickers and people who is “pa si” have total different principle in doing things.of course as an employe you have to listen to your doesnt mean that they are ‘pa si’ but more afraid to loose their job and you dont wanna know what that means if you are loosing your job in hongkong.and if the boss is really going to far then you can always organise a demonstration,like what the employes of cathay pacific did recently.did you see the mass demonstration of hk citizens against everything they didnt like in the society of the last few years? i think its more than what the people in europe or the usa did.

  10. “I don’t know Eric personally but I never liked the way he talks to women or others who are below him”

    thats also the reason why i dislike him he may be a good entertainer but no respect to women(miss hk pageant)
    he is pretty the same as nat chan but nat is less insulting than E.T. nat knows when to stop but E.T. makes a fool out of you.

  11. Oscar should not apologize, Kenny what is his face has his two cents so Oscar should too. Everyone should get to say their piece and not just let the rich have their fun. I guess lots of anti-new comers here. LOL

    1. That’s not true, I like Oscar as an actor even when he was doing minor roles. But the fact that he got involved in this mess to protect Eric is what I don’t agree with, it was none of his business so he should of kept his comment to himself.

      1. I disagree. Everyone has a right to comment about anything. This is Hong Kong, not communist China. People should be allowed to say what they want without fear of suppression.

      2. @ ric oscar kelefe and eric midget have very low morale, ppl like them should not be allowed to talk, they better keep their mouth shut, imagine them working as teachers or even politicians, will bring the whole country down to a lower level, tvb should in fact fire them for giving tvb a bad image

    2. “Everyone should get to say their piece ”
      of course everyone have the right to do that, but he say that with the intention to brush up eric’s shoes and THAT is disgusting.

      1. “Intention”? Nobody knows the true intentions of nobody unless you are he/she. We all don’t really know Kenny’s intentions, nor anybody else involved. So I think it’s quite unfair to assume what one thinks IS the intention, as the fact. If anybody, I’m sure the media is making bucks from this!

      2. you say it right, “its quite unfair to ASSUME” isnt it the same as what oscar did? he wasnt there when E.T. slap K.W.
        or the celbs taking drugs,then why he is playing the judge?

    3. natalis chan is NOT righteous, it was only between the ‘stupid 5’ and kenny wee in the first place, others should just shut up and not support anybody especially that busybody eric tsang and good for nothing oscar leung, am thinking oscar is NOT talented after all cos he needs to bootlick his seniors to get more jobs hehe, guess oscar leung would do anything to be ahead in life, if eric tsang is gay..

    4. actually it is commendable of Hong Kong Law to have such precise laws against defamation because it speaks to a cultural disapproval of bullying and forces people to take responsibility for their words not just their actions – in that context, it SHOULD be a legal matter that must be pursued if you hit someone (as Eric Tsang reportedly did to Kenny Wee) not only to cause injury but to INTIMIDATE (long term) the victim so that they act in YOUR best interest instead of their own & if you defame someone so that it makes them harder not only to do business but to LIVE their daily life – that has to be illegal otherwise we have triad mayhem in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is already too unforgivably immoral with the presence of arrogant triad – don’t forget that Carina Lau will never see justice for what happend to her and god knows why Yammie Lam wanders the street the way she does.

  12. Isn’t Nat Chan broke? Thought he lost all his money when the stock market crashed years ago 0_0

    1. I thought he has a music production company? WIth “Superstars” such as JJ Jia, Hiromi Weta, etc?

    2. No Nat Chan is mega rich he’s owns alot of race horses and one of them is a famous horse pedigree (grandparents,parents are winners) he also has a company called Star East

    3. wonder why nat chan support oscar kelefe? his wife, wong hang sau also a drug user? that’s why she don’t age well?

      1. maybe their long term supplier is putting the screws to him and forcing him to use his “goodwill” to try to further divide public opinion – this whole thing is sinister because Stanley Ho’s daughter is involved. I am really angry on behalf of Kenny Wee’s family – they are totally alone in this. At least Hong Kong press is not totally shilling for the triads.

  13. Wow drama for your mama. There’s no case. Case dismiss. No need to apologize. Where is the dam tape? Please put Kenny in jail.

  14. This is going never ending & I am surprised Sharon Chan is actually buddy of Oscar Leung.

  15. I’m just wondering, wheres the tape? If the police have been handed such a tape, wouldnt those involved already be called up To assist in investigations? If eric can be called in by police so fast after allegedly slapping kenny, why is it taking even longer for this video case to surface?

    1. Sand, because there is no such video.
      This liar Kenny said the video belongs to one of his employee.
      Then, he changed his statement by saying he didn’t know/sure whether the video exist.
      What he had is only CCTV footage from his restaurant which he ALREADY handed to the polices as he claimed.

    2. Well, apparently according to his first statement to the public, someone was blackmailing him with a tape of the celebrities doing drugs.
      And then he changed the statement to an employee told him that they were taking white substance but he wasn’t at work that day.
      He claims that there were CCTV in the VIP room and handed those tapes over to the police. And he removed the CCTV from the VIP room on advice from lawyer.

      1. I’m sure that before Eason’s wife and Josie Ho made that press conference, they had already been advised by Josie’s attorneys that there was NO WAY that the HKPD had a case because the drug takers could just claim that they were performing a “farce” and ingesting corn starch as a joke because they knew the cameras were there. They know why HK police haven’t arrested them yet and if it is true that Eason’s wife refuses to appear at the local precinct for an interview, she must still have traces of drug taking in her hair, skin, saliva and is worried that they will somehow get a hands of a sample if she is physically in the police precinct.

  16. And ALL of us speak as if we know about what has happened….SIGH!

    1. Good point. Support you. Only the Hong Kong Police would know the true story.

  17. Yeah!! Nat made a great point here!!
    The coward liar only targeted Oscar instead of others because he thinks Oscar can be easily be bullied!!
    I love what Nat said!!
    Wanna mess, don’t mess with the juniors!!
    Why that stupid Kenny did not sue Hillary?!
    She was the one that posted his pics online with awful remarks.
    He is just a big bully!!!

    1. Hillary is totally unpredictable, a person like that is highly dangerous. If he even tries to sue her, she’ll probably do something even worse!…lol….

      Poor Oscar, he’s so sweet , so got bullied now!!!

      1. haha, oscar kelefe is not a sweet person, have you forgotten how he emulated eric midget’s story? ‘locust’ the fool tried bullying kenny wee, didn’t he?

      2. haha, oscar kelefe is not a sweet person, have you forgotten how hw emulatederic midget’s story? the ‘locust’ fool tried bullying kenny wee, didn’t he?

    2. I’m guessing he doesn’t want to muddy the waters because she is an active party in the original POLICE matter and Oscar Leung should NOT have named Kenny Wee as Oscar was an uninvolved third party which clearly indicates that Oscar has a bullying nature. Third Parties usually don’t have anything to do with this sort of thing but Kenny Wee must be genuinely harmless and incapable of retaliation for someone of Oscar Leung’s caliber to feel comfortable in attacking him simply for pleasure and to curry favor with Eric Tsang.

  18. well…really nothing to say about this.
    i still support kenny lolol

  19. Shortie Eric can have a consolation in knowing that Joker Oscar will accompany him in prison.

    1. I’m going to make the assumption that HK laws are similar to UK’s about libel and slander. If that’s the case, if Oscar does lose the case, in the end, he’ll just end up paying money to Kenny Wee.
      Not really something that will cause him to be going to jail.
      With Eric’s assault case, well if he actually did slapped Kenny Wee, it will be battery case/common assault. Still going by UK law, but if convicted, imprisonment less than 6 months or a fine. Usually the prosecution will with fine and community service to free up court for more serious offense.

      1. it’s not the shruggable penalties that these two incur – it’s all about being able to (wrongfully) claim right of way – they lost their MINDS when EDISON (EDISON EDISON EDISON) put the entire situation on blast – before it was just a small sliver of smoke that people noticed but only that – just a small little wisp – Edison used Hilary’s own vitriol to make this into an open flame.

      2. it’s all about the Hong Kong 1% craving public self-censorship. Western media coverage is why Cecil Chao didn’t really slam down on Gigi – he sent her to boarding school when she was SIX because she was disrespectful to him and her mother LET him do it because he’s rich and Yiu Wai isn’t.

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