JJ Jia Ends 9-Year Contract With Nat Chan

After months of speculations about her career direction, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) has finally decided to end her nine-year relationship with Nat Chan’s (陳百祥) management company, Snazz Entertainment Group. In a Weibo message dated April 1, JJ thanked her boss Nat, her manager, and her colleagues for their support and added that she will continue to work hard as she moves forward with new opportunities.

At a boxing match press event on Tuesday, JJ revealed a drastic short haircut, marking a fresh start. JJ confirmed that her management contract had officially ended on March 31, and emphasized that she had left Snazz on good terms. When asked if Nat tried to persuade her to stay, JJ stated that Nat left the decision to her and that they were able to discuss the issue like friends.

JJ also denied rumors that Snazz’s recent heavy promotion of Carol Yeung (楊焉) influenced her decision. She stated that many agencies have contacted her to discuss opportunities, and she is interested in a new career direction. When questioned if she was unhappy about having to frequently portray homewrecker roles in television dramas, JJ said she would like to play more positive characters. “Sometimes I feel very frustrated when I read comments left by netizens [regarding my homewrecker roles]. I hope to choose more positive roles in the future. I’ve played homewreckers too often, I need a balance.”

Regarding her relationship with Louis Fan (樊少皇), JJ reassured that she currently has no plans to get married or to retire from the entertainment industry. She referred to Louis as her “backup pillar”; even though Louis is committed to supporting her financially, she would rather live off of her own money.

When approached for comments, Nat Chan stated he did not know all the details about JJ’s decision. He commented that she must have her own reasons for leaving, and that it is neither the right nor wrong. When asked if JJ’s departure was due to her dissatisfaction with her “homewrecker” roles, Nat responded, “Our company tried to filter roles for her. JJ was a bit displeased about her roles, but artistes also have moody moments [like the rest of us]. If she made the decision to leave, she must somehow feel unhappy. I wish her good luck!”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Smart girl!

    Nat Chan’s management has nothing but crap artists. Stay away from the losers!

    1. Agree! There’s only a small percentage of successful artists under him! Tat Dik being one. All the others like Percy, E02 etc. don’t know where they are.

    2. Oh, absolutely agree………Nat is nothing but an a-hole and a loser…..getting close or working for him only kills your career….guys like Nat and Eric Tsang belong in the S-hole.

      1. Hahaha LOL…well said and couldn’t agree w/you more. Both soooooo damn annoying and thinks they are all that in HK showbiz.

    3. Lol they tried to filter roles for her. Filter them to be only crap ones haha.

      Never liked Nat, I think he is an unfunny talent-less idiot.Seeing him in the stars list of a movie instantly lets me know it will suck. The movies I have seen him in have all fit that rule 100%
      Him and Eric make a perfect couple. Not surprised that his agency sucks.
      Also wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a large share of profits for sub par promotion of his “stars”.

  2. JJ could pass as a male in the above photo… I think the guy from the earlier Fahrenheit story was more feminine looking 😛

    The news for JJ hasn’t been all that great recently… seems to be a lot of confusion. Hopefully she knows what she is doing and will land on her feet.

    1. You are discriminatory against bobs. 😛

      I remember you saying similar things about myolie, but praised her a lot in long hair. I think you just like the long-haired feminine style. Lol, what if Christine gets a bob?
      xD but I think Christine won’t look as good as myolie or jj in short hair.

      Btw, excuse my nosiness, but does your wife have long flowing hair? Hehe

      1. I don’t think she has a bob, more of a pixie cut. I like it. I find the color flattering.

      2. I should say, bobs and anything shorter, haha, myolie’s wasnt a bob nor a pixie cut (the back of her hair was buzz cut)

      3. Well, my wife has shoulder length hair. It used to be longer when we dated. 🙂

        I agree that I do prefer long hair to short, but I don’t think it’s anything specifically against a bob. I think shorter hair is harder to carry off successfully on some. When I think of bobs that I’ve liked in the past I can think of Amanda Seyfried in the movie “In Time” (http://www.teen.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/movie-genre-quiz-main-amanda-seyfried-in-time.jpg) or Rihanna (www.aceshowbiz.com/images/events/CSH-023787.jpg).

        The only Asian off the top of my head that I could think of was Ella Koon.. and although I can’t find the picture I have in my head of the cut, I did find (http://d2948ivoqgnz9i.cloudfront.net/photos/124930.jpg). I’m sure there are more, but not that I recall immediately.

        As for Christine in a bob… I’ll have to see it first 😛 Can’t imagine it though.

  3. She looks gorgeous, i’m kinda jealous :P. I hope she finds a new management soon. I thought she said she wanted to get married soon….hmm maybe that’s why she left?

  4. This hairdo looks very nice on her. Really pretty.

  5. is nat chan the guy that mates with eric tsang or a different nat chan this is

  6. 620 will welcome her when you giver her a expensive bag

  7. JJ Jia is so pretty, cute & sexy… she has integrity not to live off her bf finances though she can,,,she is a powerful strong girl with lots of opportunity later…

  8. If JJ is jobless, lucky guy Mr Mok can support her. But with her look and pretty body, I am sure many companies will sign her. May be wong jing can cast her as sai sai lup in young and dangerous 2.

  9. her skin is flawless shining like those baby supple smooth skin,,,notice her nose glowing n bright n flawless…wonder how where all the actress go or do with the skin regime… charmaine skin looks great too…

  10. The haircut makes her look even younger than she did with long hair! Anyway, she should really go to Mainland, I think she would find success there.

  11. She look good with the new shorter hair. younger and more alert.

  12. I love how she wants to support herself instead if living if Louis money. Respect.

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