Michael Wong on His Daughters Stripping for the Camera

By on May 9, 2019 in NEWS

Michael Wong on His Daughters Stripping for the Camera

Yesterday, artists Natalis Chan (陳百祥) and Michael Wong (王敏德) appeared at the Fanling Hong Kong Golf Club to attend the EFG Hong Kong Ladies Open Pro-Am. Since the daughters of Michael and Janet Ma (馬詩慧), Kayla Wong (王曼喜) and Irisa Wong (王麗嘉), both uploaded nude images of themselves respectively earlier this month, reporters jumped at the chance to ask Michael for his thoughts on the sisters’ daring photos.

The father of three immediately shook his head and said, “I think it’s getting worse and worse.”

However, Natalis, who was standing beside him, chimed in and said, “It’s good for men.”

“It’s good for you, but bad for me,” Michael exclaimed. “Being a dad is difficult. Some friends asked me if those photos are of my daughters, and I was so embarrassed!”

Still, Michael is supportive of their decisions. “I can accept it. Irisa signed with a lingerie brand, so she needs to wear sexy clothing. I’m proud of my daughter because she’s very happy and hardworking. She’s following her mom’s footsteps of being a model, and she’s doing a good job.”

When Natalis asked whether Janet or Irisa is prettier, Michael smiled and said, “Both generations are very pretty. They both have good genes.”

Speaking of Janet, Michael shared they just celebrated their 27thwedding anniversary. Laughing, he said he’s been a “good man” for 27 years. “Our two daughters took us to Happy Valley to eat teppanyaki. I treated my wife to soda,” he joked.

Michael continued, “When my wife earns money, she will deposit it into my account, so I just gave it back to her [as her gift]!”

Hearing this, Natalis said, “I only get whatever my wife gives me!”

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Michael Wong on His Daughters Stripping for the Camera

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  • 15 comments to Michael Wong on His Daughters Stripping for the Camera

    1. cutie777 says:

      Boy! She can be the next Hong Kong Cat movie star if she like to show off so much or she can go join the Kardashian’s show all she has to do take nude picture all she wants.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        I don’t think it’s fair to mention category III every time a girl poses for sexy photos. There are a lot of more classy jobs than narrow mindedly claiming category III…

        Login or Register before you can reply to jimmyszeto
        • megamiaow replied:

          @jimmyszeto Thats a very fair comment.

          Login or Register before you can reply to megamiaow
        • janmarch127337 replied:

          @megamiaow saturated avprn. I’m sure Stephen shiu Chan nanagent or Wong jing will use Jacqueline Wong like coffee lam snow suen in a Chapman to film as a joke. I could see it happening , but will she have the guts to film it . She can try years to start over from bottom as good girl like Matt or try the route of being hated. Logan Paul careeer is Better than ever. YouTube offended whole world gets to find success as new Howard stern and villain.
          It’s stereotypical see comment of go do cat 3 or what does your family or friends think and are they proud of you? Entertainment industry in hk need go through all moral q knowing people just want see you suffer and get the juice reaction because at least there’s someone worst than me.

          Login or Register before you can reply to janmarch127337
      • janmarch127337 replied:

        @cutie777 karma . He filmed a ton as well. Guilty pleasure and blunt paparazzi made a living getting negative reactions. Hk need to act so pretentious and preach so much until they’re exposed as hypocrites. Can’t blame them when the culture is like that. It’s freedom of speech going too much mixing in lower class, proc stress and jealousy, real estate bubble, etc
        Come on sexy sells. Ariana grande and Kim Kardashian’s capitalize off it and continues use nude. Look at annual net gala. I doubt hk film ever film cat 3 nude considering how on next apple daily harasses people like Jacqueline pseudo model like angel baby dada before fame. These girls obviously wanted to be next Christie chai shuqi Vivian hsu vivianbam. The last sleazy Stephen shiu film wongjing management ad and cap on Korea japan Tran actress poy and Taiwan mainland actress for nude or bikini scene. It’s stereotype that household geek or uncles will chase after them after how news portray them , so no hk girl will ever strop like 90s.

        Login or Register before you can reply to janmarch127337
    2. anon says:

      I don’t see what the big deal is.

      These types of photos are so common, and far more daring photos are posted on Instagram from IG models that her pics are a non-story. It’s only an issue because her dad is Michael Wong.

      As a matter of fact, these pics are already dumb down by IG standards.

      The level of nudity/sexiness may be offensive/foreign to an Asian audience that is renown for being conservative, but in the west, it is so common.

      Assuming that she grew up in the west then I can understand, though disagree with her choices. I don’t get all the hating here.

      Login or Register before you can reply to anon
      • msxie0714 replied:


        how about the sons showing more skin? nudity is too limited to females

        Login or Register before you can reply to msxie0714
      • megamiaow replied:

        @anon I grew up in the west. I have tonnes of western friends. We DO NOT take pictures like that and they ate not common.

        Login or Register before you can reply to megamiaow
        • wm2017 replied:

          @megamiaow Exactly!! It would be common if they want to be Kardishian wannabes? Lol…hhaha

          Login or Register before you can reply to wm2017
        • anon replied:


          Spoken like a prude.

          Login or Register before you can reply to anon
        • janmarch127337 replied:

          @megamiaow depends on which group you share your time with. There’s party hk Lankwaifong teens to old business men and foreign tourist . Good bad how interpret and what’s the context. Pervert uncle and old school shum sheem alike will question behavior . A little tease for fame and relevance in a saturated small market.

          Login or Register before you can reply to janmarch127337
        • janmarch127337 replied:

          @megamiaow ever heard of Instagram model and twitch thot. Respect from sheep and soldier overshadow hate. They’re laughing while banking. Young looking for fun. Tired of nagging and preaching. Hey you might regret if you don’t try it or might regret after trying it

          Login or Register before you can reply to janmarch127337
        • anon replied:

          @megamiaow Just because it’s not common among you and your circle of friends doesn’t mean it’s not common among western society.

          Go on IG, and take a good look at the swimsuit/lingerie/import, etc. “models” on there.

          Most of them are practically naked with their nipples and camel toes exposed. Instagram ALLOWS this. If that’s not social acceptance by mainstream media and western society. I don’t know what is.

          Login or Register before you can reply to anon
        • megamiaow replied:

          @anon Actually I didnt read the article properly, didnt see the bit about her being a lingerie model.

          My point was if she was a normal girl growing up in the west. If she’s a promoter then, yeah I guess its quite normal.

          I still dont think the pictures are in good taste though.

          Login or Register before you can reply to megamiaow
    3. coralie says:

      At first I was surprised why Irisa needed to shoot these photos and like everyone else, thought she just wanted exposure. Then I found out she’s a lingerie model…in that case, yeah, I can understand why she needs to promote herself in that way. After all, as a model, your job is to sell the image of your body. Plus, a lot of her daring pics are actually taken by her older sister, Kayla, who is a lesbian…who can probably appreciate the womanly figure more in a non-sexual way than men. From a Western perspective, this is no big deal and pretty tame for the most part. But from an Eastern perspective, this is so provocative lol.

      These types of clashing cultural outlooks really messes me up sometimes. It’s so hard when I’m raised with a conservative attitude, but have exposure & live in a liberal society.

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