Michael Wong’s Daughter Celebrates 24th Birthday in a Birthday Suit

Michael Wong’s (王敏德) daughter Irisa Wong (王麗嘉) proudly showed off her beach bod and it’s creating quite a controversy.

In celebration of her 24th birthday on May 4th, the second daughter of Michael Wong and Janet Ma (馬詩慧) shared a daring picture of herself completely naked in the shower—but with all the important parts censored, of course. The 24-year-old part-time model has been working and training hard for her summer bod, and she had been excited to show her followers the results.

Known for her bold personality, Irisa commonly shares bikini photos of herself on Instagram. Two years ago, while studying in the United States, Irisa shared a bottom corner selfie while wearing an undersized bikini top, showing the cleavage of her chest. It was a very daring picture—even her father had to leave a comment: “What’s up with your top?”

Irisa’s siblings were supportive. Her older sister Kayla Wong (王曼喜) said “very good” while her younger brother Kadin Wong (王躍穎) joked “reporting.”

As for Irisa’s recent shower photo, Michael tagged his wife Janet in the comment section with the thinking face emoji. Irisa later locked the comments section, but did not delete the photo.

Source: HKet.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Tasteless, especially the shower and black top picture. Go wear something that fits for gods sakes!

    1. @megamiaow goodness…she is ridiculous. what’s wrong with her and undersized top? that’s the worry parents have when they send kids overseas to study.

  2. I don’t understand why she is even newsworthy since shes not a celebrity. But she’s every dad’s nightmare. Maybe she feels shes bold to do these sort of things or she may have some exhibitionist issues. Makes her quite no class…

  3. Another entitled 星二代 riding on parents’ fame and leading a wild carefree lifestyle, the more shocking the better.

  4. A Kardashian wanna be!! Imagine if she’s a celebrity she will probably post nude pics daily. She’s only a celeb’s kid and not even that popular parents and she wants the world to see her naked? Damn!!

  5. Omg, I can understand why you want to show off your bod but those shower and top photos. Why not just post for playboy instead?

  6. Lol. I bet those boobs are fake! Maybe she can join Wong Jing movie or something.

  7. She does have a nice body, but there are classier ways of showing it off. Now it just looks like she’s trying too hard to seek attention.

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