Michael Wong’s Eldest Daughter Kayla Wong Gets Engaged

Michael Wong (王敏德) and Janet Ma‘s (馬詩慧) eldest daughter, Kayla Wong (王曼喜), has become an influential LGBTQ activist since coming out of the closet as a lesbian in 2014. Aside from using her social media platform to speak out on LGBTQ causes, she also uses it to document her love life with photographer Elaine Chen, whom she began dating last year. Despite Kayla’s colorful dating history, she previously expressed her desire to settle down soon, and it looks like it’s coming true. On September 3, Kayla and Elaine announced their engagement on Instagram with blessings from the entire Wong family.

The surprise announcement came when Kayla posted two photos of her hugging and kissing Elaine while flashing a shiny red ruby ring. She wrote, “You and me, until the end of time.” Elaine also shared the happy news on her own Instagram with the caption, “Forever yours. Officially.”

Kayla’s younger sister, Irisa Wong (王麗嘉), was happy the lovebirds finally let the cat out of the bag and expressed that she kept the good news a secret for a long time. Kayla’s mother, Janet, who also shared in their happiness, commented, “Happily ever after.” When interviewed about the engagement, Janet said her daughter would register for marriage overseas.

Kayla’s Coming Out Story

In 2014, Kayla revealed her sexuality to the public after the media sneaked up on Kayla hugging and kissing her then-Caucasian girlfriend on the streets with their flashing cameras. During that time, Michael and Janet both expressed that they are very supportive of their daughter’s decision.

Kayla later disclosed in an interview that when she was 22 years old, her mother caught her video chatting with her then-girlfriend, and that was when Janet first discovered her daughter’s sexual orientation. Though Janet had many friends who are gay, it was difficult for her to process the sudden news, and as a result, the two did not speak to each other for an entire summer.

In the end, Janet accepted her daughter’s sexual orientation and sent Kayla a message when she returned to America for school. She wrote, “I just want you to be happy.” Now, their mother-daughter relationship has never been stronger.

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  1. they look like a happy couple. would have thought they were just good friends if not for this news

  2. Congrats to her! I can’t imagine the trauma of having your most private identity exposed by the media that way. Someone’s s*xuality is no one’s business. They need to stop treating relationships as some sort of scandal. It must have been so heartbreaking when her mother initially didn’t accept her. A child not receiving unconditional love for being who they were born into is terrible. I am glad she has strong family support now.

  3. Very happy for her as love is love regardless of gender. So happy that her family is so supportive of their relationship and engagement. Hope they have a lifetime of happiness.

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