Michael Wong’s Eldest Daughter Changes Partners Often

Not too long ago, Michael Wong (王敏德) was invited to appear on the TVB program, Cantopop at 50 <流行經典50年>. He chose to sing a motivational English song on the show to cheer everyone on, as Hong Kong people are under great pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic. He frankly shared that the virus impacted his work, but he’s been keeping busy.

Michael frequently goes into the office for meetings, as there will be new plans in the future, and his brand will collaborate with several brands. Moreover, he spontaneously cleaned up garbage along a mountain trail. Although his family did not join him, they are all doing pandemic prevention work in their respective positions.

On the topic of his eldest daughter, Kayla Wong (王曼喜), frequently publicly displaying affection with her girlfriend on social media, Michael laughed and said, “I saw her pretend to be sweet too.”

He added, “She’s known that girl for a long time, and we’ve eaten together.”

When the reporter mentioned Kayla switches partners often, Michael expressed, “I talked to her about that. She said she’s very tired too. She hopes this one is the last one. I found my true love Janet Ma (馬詩慧), so I hope that my children will find theirs too.”

Source: MSN

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Also in breaking news: the sky is often blue.

    This is ridiculous. Of course a young woman or man would change partners often before they find a permanent or semi-permanent partner (if ever). Do people go to car dealerships and purchase the first vehicle they lay eyes on? No. They will test drive several models before deciding on style, colour, features, etc..

    Is this some form of attempted ****-shaming?

  2. Oh wait I’m a little confused so the elder daughter is a lesbian or bisexual? The wife reminds me of either Joe Ma wife or Vanessa Yeung Bosco Wong ex girlfriend?

  3. People should change partners as frequently as they want to. Life is too short. As long as one isn’t cheating, you should explore to find happiness.

    And I agree with everyone above about the double standard. They don’t talk about males this way. This article may also be homophobic.

    Glad she has a supportive father. Sounds like he is just laughing this off.

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