Netizens Rally to Make Kenneth Ma TV King and Suppress Raymond Lam

The one vote per person system to select TVB Best Actor and Best Actress has captured everyone’s excitement. Hong Kong online forums have been brimming with discussion, hoping to unite their votes to boost Kenneth Ma (馬國明) to TV King status and suppress Raymond Lam (林峯) from winning.

TV King Race is Between Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma

The 45th TVB Anniversary Awards will take place on Monday, December 17. Hong Kong publication, Apple Daily, ran their own one vote per person poll to determine who are the favorite artists to win the awards. Current Apple Daily poll results show Raymond Lam to be the biggest fan favorite, winning 23 percent of total votes placed to-date. Bowie Lam (林保怡) received 18 percent of votes for his performance in When Heaven Burns <天與地>, while Kenneth Ma closely followed with 16 percent of votes for The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>.

Although Kenneth is trailing behind Raymond in votes, Hong Kong Golden Forum members wish to boost Kenneth to the TV King position. They rallied their votes to support Kenneth, instead of earlier favorite, Damian Lau (劉松仁), who was deemed unable to win the masses’ support.

When Kenneth heard of the rally to support him, he said, “I have to thank them. I’m happy that people are voting for me. I do hope to get more votes to close the gap in the final results. It’s not that I do not have confidence, but I am just facing the race with a regular outlook.”

Voted as TV King by Malaysian fans in the 2012 Astro on Demand Awards, will Kenneth be able to capture the Hong Kong majority to win TVB’s top award? Since Bowie Lam is not nominated in the TVB Top 10 Best Actor list, Kenneth may serve as Raymond Lam’s strongest opponent.

Charmaine Sheh Not Forgotten

Although Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼)  is no longer a TVB-managed artist and spent the majority of this year in mainland China, she remains highly popular in Hong Kong. For Apple Daily’s Best Actress poll, Charmaine led with 37 percent of votes for her performance in When Heaven Burns. Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) came in second place with 16 percent of votes for her performance in Witness Insecurity <護花危情> and Kate Tsui (徐子珊) snagged 13 percent of votes for Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>.

Charmaine is grateful for audiences support. “I’m very happy and moved. Audiences still have not forgotten When Heaven Burns and my character Yip Chi Yan.” Charmaine thanked all the people that have voted for her to show support.

Will the voting patterns of Apple Daily’s TV awards poll be any indication of the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards results?

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      1. I am sorry to interrupt.. but he only won once… he didn’t win for moonlight resonance because that year astro stopped the award ceremony…

  1. TVB awards are becoming more and more ridiculous… not about acting quality, but a quantitive count of fans……. i really hope they wont do this again next year…. craziness….

    1. It’s pretty much TVB’s fault for the changing of its voting system. It’s become more and more bias, and increasingly meaningless.

    2. yeh, quantitive count doesnt say anything about acting quality,you should rename this award to the most popular actor or actress award.

    3. ever thought of what he did to get large fanbase?? looks? maybe i think ron should be more popular cus raymond isnt a good looking type IMO. like some ppl say, using money to buy fans? oh why i never received any money before?

    4. I agree. I hate this new system.. it says nothing about their acting abilities. This whole new voting system just showcases which artist has the most number of fans.

    5. But if TVB did what they’ve been doing for the past years, then people will still say it’s biased! What else can TVB do? Any suggestions on a new voting system?

      If fan voting is biased, then the Astro award and this poll here from Apple is not credible too then.

      1. Astro’s award was acceptable because they titled it as AOD MY FAVORITE Award, which what Kenneth and Tavia won were My Favorite Male Lead and Female Lead, not the BEST Actor and Actress like in TVB’s. They were just well loved by Malaysians.
        I just think that TVB should stick to the old system, which I think was fair. TV Kings from previous years like Ha Yu, Gallen Lo, Wayne Lai are all excellent actors

    6. I agree, it’s not about how well you’ve done, it’s about how popular you are. I honestly don’t think Raymond really has that many fans. I bet you most of them are hired extras. I really don’t know anyone who likes him. And I don’t think he really did do that well. I really think Kenneth did well. Not that I don’t think Wayne Lai did great, but it’s not something he hasn’t done before. It’s expected, so I really think Kenneth should get the award. His acting in ON CALL 36 was a bit of a challenge for him than Wayne’s was or Raymond’s.
      But even if TVB didn’t let the citizens vote, it would of been raked anyway. They would of let Raymond win b/c that’s who they favored. Maybe Wayne doesn’t have as much fans as Raymond, I doubt that, but that’s what they say; but I think Raymond had a people hating him, so everyone probably voted for Wayne to out beat Raymond.

  2. Yay keep it up netizens!!! I really hope Kenneth could win the BA award!:)

    1. Even in bad way that not because of his acting but just because of LF’s antifans? Pretty desperate I blv.

  3. Now this ganging up is ridiculous. It’s not about performance anymore but more about ganging up against some artiste you don’t like. Me and other friends who like Raymond are aware that one HK forum are liking Kenneth because he admitted once he watched AV just like the rest of the netizens in the forum(mostly guys) and they identify themselves like him. It’s called Golden Hk forum. My brother used to frequent this forum to discuss about Japanese chicks. These are the same netizens that voted Christine Kuo as a top goddess in HK.

    Ray’s fans, let’s not get discouraged by this ganging up!

    1. Ray is also not well liked by another forum besides this one. Some Ray fans that surfed the forum saw everyday there will be at least one new topic created to bash Ray. I guess the more popular you are, the more haters come.

      Why can’t people just support who they want instead of ganging up and plan a tactical assault on someone you don’t like?

      1. Instead of voting with their heart, the ganging up tactic against Ray is obvious when they change the initial favourite Damian to Kenneth when they found Damian won’t likely gain support from TVB or media or fans.

      2. Kenneth, are you seriously proud and happy with this type of ‘support’?

      3. “Ray’s fans, let’s not get discouraged by this ganging up!…
        Why can’t people just support who they want instead of ganging up and plan a tactical assault on someone you don’t like?”

        Dont tell me me you have never criticised/verbally attacked on other nominees that were not of your liking besides your diehard-liking of Raymond.

        Who said they were ganging up? The article only states that the fans online are rallied up their votes for Kenneth. And even if they were, like you said yourself, the more popular one gets the more haters. That is why you see people attack other artists’ becomes they seem to be a threat to their own supporting artist.

        Im sure you vote with your heart being a Ray fan, so do others voting for their own idol. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not a hater too at the same time.

    2. Well, Christine Kuo is a beautiful woman. So, not wrong in voting her to be goddess. They are voting for goddess not best actress.

      As for Kenneth Ma, I’ve frequented Golden Forum for quite some time. They already preferred Kenneth over Raymond before his AV admission.

      Anyway, Raymond Lam is also gaining fans again in that forum after HAL. I see more positive comments about him after HAL. In the past, it’s mostly bashing.

    3. “It’s not about performance anymore…”

      Whilst I see LF fans voting for him because:
      – it’s about time now
      – he’s put in a lot of hard work to sing, dance and act
      And if I remember someone’s words correctly, he’s put in a “decent” performance this year. Evidently not the “best” then.

      Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or a hater; you’ll *probably* be subjective either ways.

      1. While I see LF fans vote for him not due to these two reasons but because they like him.

        Happy sir isnt the best role this year but good enough to win this year.

      2. Fans –> like him –> will vote for him (most, not all) regardless of his performances this year. I’ve seen countless users giving a variation of the two reasons listed above. But if you genuinely believe he’s delivered a performance superior to all his fellow nominees, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

        Personally, I think if you ask anyone who’s neutral about LF, they’d probably say he’s been rather average this year… Well to be honest, no one else has been particularly outstanding either… I only see Kenneth (and maybe Bosco) for My Favourite Characters instead. I can’t remember who else is nominated.

      3. There are many ppl turned to like and accept him after Happy sir, do you think of them as who?

        Honesty, I don’t think MM as a good actor, and before I was neutral about him. He is so-so. And is he that outstanding? No to me.

      4. If you like him, you like him. I simply haven’t come across a lot of people who changed their opinions of LF based on that role alone… (I personally liked him better earlier on in his career.) I’ve mostly seen fans raving about his performance like it’s the best thing on earth OR saying it was okay, but giving the excuse that he must be tired since he has so many other activities to juggle. Which brings me onto another point; fans keep bringing up the idea that he can sing, dance and act – something that makes him stand out from the rest. But when others criticise him for being bland/boring, fans will counter that by claiming he’s tired. I know he’s not a robot, but surely he’s not finding the right balance if one career ends up affecting another.

        As for KM? Nah, I don’t find him that outstanding either, that’s why I stuck him in “favourite character”. Out of the siu sangs, Bosco’s acting is the only one that stands out to me.

    4. Yes…please all Raymond’s fans work hard to vote…thank you to all his fans that has HK ID….I have HK ID, but not HK phone number…it required both…but i voted anyway…let TVB decide if they took my vote…but i voted for Raymond….support Raymond…he has been waiting for yearsssss for this award…Kenneth has already won at Astro!!! whatelse his fans want…can they understand the what is “sharing”!!!!

      1. How did you manage to vote? I have HK ID but no HK phone too. I wish to vote. I suppose tvb will send some code to your phone which you need in order to vote.

  4. This ganging up is what made it more ridiculous. Now it’s not even a popularity contest anymore but more like rallying people to push other person up so that the target attack won’t win. Ridiculous!

  5. I hope Kenneth will win! He did really well in The Hippocrattic Crush

  6. The TVB awards turns out to be like a HUGE election running in HK! It seems like who ever’s fan base stronger, winning chances will turn higher, and Lam Fung’s fans must be hardworking in the vote!

    The awards should change the name into My Favourite Best Actor awards and not Best Actor Award! So do the actress and best drama awards! bring no more meaning! although it get closer to public.

    Even Charmaine’s “When Heaven Burns” drama rating is so low she can be the Best Actress if she have large fan base!

    1. While I agree with you in that this public voting for “Best” awards is ridiculous….I completely disagree with your last statement.

      If winning based on public voting for best actor/actress is ridiculous…why would an award be based on ratings? Charmaine’s performance in WHB def one of the top performances this year…I don’t care if ratings for that series was low. You lost credibility yourself with that statment – “rating is so low she can be the Best Actress if she have large fan base.” The award shouldnt be based on fan base NOR should it based on ratings.

      1. My taught wasnt HK drama ratings shows how many people watching? SO the meaning of mine was doesnt that bring meaning rating lows does means not much people viewing her performance? How can she win Best Actress with no much people knowing how she perform?

      2. weren’t there a great number of people watching Sheh’s WHB online?

      1. Seriously, do you still find CM Punk interesting? I feel like he’s not setiud to be a BABYFACE.. He’s more entertaining when he was still the ANTI HERO.. When he would diss everybody.. Now, his storyline with Del Rio is more of a FACE vs. HEEL.. It was so much better when he hunted the title from Cena, every week was all about trash talk.. And do you seriously believe that a NEW Attitude Era is gonna start? It ain’t even close

  7. Raymond paid a lot of pain, sweat, time, and effort into his role in Highs and Lows. He even suffered nerve pains for his role. I think he at least deserves some kind of award this year at TVB.

    1. Each and every actor deserves the award, not just Raymond. Everyone of them sacrificed for their role. I’ve watched TVB dramas for a long time, I can definitely see both Raymond and Kenneth’s improvement over this period, since I’m neutral to both of them, not being a fan of either, I will say Kenneth is a better actor. His role in On Call is surprisingly good, I cried during the last few episodes, it was the first time in ages that tears fell down when watching a TVB drama.
      However, I think Raymond will be the TV King, considering how much TVB loves him and the changing of voting system (Ray’s fan base is huge) I disagree with how it works now, best actor and actress should be determined by professionals/staffs, while fans can vote for my favorite actor and actress.

      1. I agree, that each and every actor, if based on how much they gave to their role, would deserve the award. It’s not just Raymond who gave it his all in portraying his role, giving his sweat, blood going through pain and what not. EVERY artist goes through some sort of difficulty, whether it be big or small, it is hardship at the end of the day…

      2. Well said ^^v love KM sooooooo I hope he win, though he probably won’t xD LF is ok, only like in the mystery of love? Was touchy when he tried to win atY back, other series, he’s ok, nothing amazing

      3. i hope so…TVB really love Raymond???? I am not sure…I hope they really give TV King to Raymond to prove that they really love Raymond la….

      4. I blv MM has more love now from Txb. Who is in anni series years? Whose position jumps so fast from second line to center closer? Who has most promotion? MM. Hence saying LF wins because of the love of Txb then must say MM wins AOD thank to wat? The love of ATV or CTI? LMAO.

        If LF is really loved by Txb, why they had to wait 13 years or more to give him TV King or forever dun give him? Lolz, quoted Sai Chau: how many 10 years in a lifetime?

        MM has sweat, LF has sweat, why always can deny LF’s sweat? I havent heard that MM worked for 2-3 days without sleeping or being cut by a sword or fall from a running horse. Good for him but apl happened to LF. Its blood, injuries, sweat and payment for a rich heir in showbiz. Not for playing.

      5. Fox:
        I can’t really understand your points. What I meant was everyone of them paid a lot of efforts for their roles, I didn’t deny Raymond’s efforts and sweats.
        Kenneth winning AOD thanks to all the M’sians that voted for him, just bear in mind, AOD’s award was just ‘My Favorite Male Lead, not the BEST Actor’. Raymond won before in AOD too.
        Well, even if I’m not a fan, I’ve read on newspaper that Kenneth worked for 4 days straight without sleeping for 3 Kingdoms, but tht doesn’t mean anything! We can’t judge an actor’s ability to act by looking at how long he works or how much blood he paid LOL.
        I have nothing against Raymond, I find him cute (Especially in Astro’s award when he was invited by Tavia to the stage, his expression was cute and priceless!) I’m just hating on TVB’s new system

      6. I feel a bit bad for him when he gets pulled left, right and centre like that though. People say he’s got connections (myself included), but I feel as if it’s other people trying to put the spotlight on him (or suck up to him) as opposed to him asking for it though.

      7. I followed the articles of 3K but I don’t see the one you mention, Guest. I don’t really quote you but also others.

        If letting out the sweat and blood, in my opinion, MM is a so-so actor, ok? I wanted to say that not only MM is a hardworking one or to say, others can be as hardworking or even more hardworking than him. But agree, it dun affect the acting. But it can help the experience.

        Before the awards are decided by the staffs – the professional ppl, criticized. Now the fans involve, criticized. Only if your fave win, you won’t criticize? Lolz.

  8. hope kenneth ma won’t turn into another proud raymond lam, ppl don’t like that

  9. Clementine, I coulnd’t agree with you more about the new voting system this year. It will be just about a fight for more votes, quite forgetting what acting qualities to look for. Really, I thoroughly disapprove of TVB’s new move. It’s getting to be more and more chaotic.

    1. Thanks for agreeing. I think TVB, instead of making it ‘better’, it has caused everyone into a whole frenzy. Fans and viewers are now just putting their idol into a popularity contest/race, and even further than that. It’s not a ‘healthy’ or ‘friendly’ competition as most artist claim it to be in their interviews, it’s getting to the point whereby some ppl really put out unnecessary and uncall-for criticism that are clearly unreasonable due to the belief that xyz artist is a threat to abc artist. To simply put it, sabotaging lol.

      Ppl are just ignoring whether or not their performances are good anymore, what only matters to them is that they get their idol on top with the title because they have so called ‘given the ability’ to do so with TVB’s change in vote system. I don’t blame it all on the fans or viewers for this vicious race though, I blame it on tvb.

      All my own opinion.

    2. Hhmm… TVB was bashed as they ever bias and Awards rewarded to artists per their liking or biological son
      Well now they are trying to involve public to get fairer result but seem like no one is pleased & TVB again…. Being criticised for making things messier/confusing
      Whatever the result is there will still be group of unhappy people- can’t please everyone, definitely the end result will still cause unhappiness 🙂 🙂

  10. there has to be an independent body to recognize & award the actors/actresses. well, audience can vote for “Favorite” but definitely not for “Best”!!!

  11. Since TVB Award is definitely given to TVB Artistes only, my support to Kenneth.. As there are diff categories to vote in AD, Bowie, Charmaine, WHB & Ken are the top in my list..Personally think WHB portrayed something out of ordinary compare to others in the nomination list. Full of curiosity in Bowie, Charmaine portrayed the coolness & calmness of self-righteous (Rock & roll, dudes), Ken may not be the next Xing Chai, but the comedian look of his, i autoly regd bad/good character he portrayed ^.^ Above all – as per William So: “WHB – eat human, u know..of cos i must watch” 😀 May the most deserved wins!

  12. Don’t think that TVB will let non-biological son/daughter win, so I am sure this year Best actress will be either Kate, Tavia or Michelle. Not Charmaine even though she won the Audience votes already.

    1. Bosco is sort of out of the game. His performance in Witness Insecurity was okay, but not good enough to compete for TV King. He only had one drama this year, is it? But well, who knows the result by the end of the day? Bosco may be the dark horse since it’s voted by fans.

      1. How about Linda Chung? She did very good on “Witness Insecurity”. Good Luck Linda Chung.

      2. There acting in “Witness Insecurity” are perfect but they need to do more better than Tavia and Kate. Someday they will receive there awards. Keep it up Linda Chung and Bosco Wong they working so hard on there career.

  13. what about wayne lai!! vote for wayne!! well i guess he already won twice
    yaeah should give kenneth a chance!1 he improved a lot!!

  14. *popcorn.gif*

    Heh. Saw the potential for this sort of targeted strategical fan campaign when TVB announced they were changing the voting system this year.

    I wonder if this is the sort of fan frenzy TVB wanted?

    1. Actually, I think as long as it’s a biological son/daughter, TVB doesn’t care too much who wins BA this year. They’re just going to sit back and enjoy the drama they created.

      However this year they didn’t relinquish control over the BSA and Most Improved Awards to the viewers, which I feel indicates that perhaps they didn’t want to leave these categories open to the vagaries of audience voting because they see these categories as key promotional tools.

  15. Support Kenneth… TVB did the right thing by starting one vote per person. Kenneth is more well liked and popular than Raymond
    He gained a lot of fans in this year.
    If TVB continues the usual management vote, definitely Raymond will win. He’s TVB favourite and biological son
    Now with one person per vote and increasing Kenneth’s fans and his good acting skills.. He will WIN BA!!!!

    1. You got that reverse, Kenneth is biological son because he a have a long term contract with them, whereas, Raymond only one serie per year contract, not biological at all, he is their money cow. If he’s favorite, if TVB really want Raymond to win, it would have happened 2008 with MR, but anyhow, make yourself happy with the false rumor, since most Kenneth fan is crying about the one man per vote system and Raymond having so much fans, TVB being bias, blah,blah,blah…., but if Kenneth win than what are you going to say..?LoL

    2. Have you ever think if this year didn’t one person one vote and then Raymond Lam won,you would say what?biological son,not fair,it’s not worth…blah blah…
      Ok,I don’t agree with Txb about this way of vote but what we can do’s not effective

    3. Kenneth is a biological son too. Why do you only pick on Ray and keep forgetting that Kenneth is the true biological son who has 3-4 series per year with TVB including grand anniversary?

    4. Ironically, your MM said if its old system aka executives vote, he has more confident aka more chances than the new system.

      Fans change mind and wordings so fast har? If MM loses, because this voting system is favourism, if MM wins, because he is good acting. Yup, MM is close to male god.

      1. @fox- U r a fan of Raymond lam too. U r a fan so
        u also change mind and wordings fast? -.-

      2. Nope, from the beginning, my opinion is that the voting system is Tvb’s game to gain rating, old wine in new pot. It isn’t about the acting, it’s about the chance, time, value and also favourism.

    5. Raymond is never the biological son of TVB. Kenneth, Wayne & Moses are. They are in all the anniversaries series of TVB. Raymond is only the cash cow and uses him for promotion only. If Raymond win this year, it is because of his big fan base. If Kenneth win it is fair and square………….

  16. I understand that every actor work hard…everyone who deserve it already won once or twice (Kenneth just won in Astro)…Raymond has been waited for years….please let Raymond win once…he will only act one drama in TVB next year and so on…Raymond… i pray for you!

    1. Ray was great in HAL. In my eyes he’s better than Kenneth and his puppy eyes in THC although THC is a better series than HAL. It’s not just about hardwork or about time.

      If you have HK ID but doesn’t have HK phone number just give the ID to a HK fan who can help.

      1. After reading the rules and conditions of voting at, if I understand correctly, the HK phone no. has to be unique too. Meaning if my HK friend has used that phone no. to vote, I can’t use it to vote again, even with different HK ID no. Even if I did, tvb will only count the last vote. Am I right?

      2. i think HK people has more than one phone anyway! I have HK ID, but not HK phone number..But I voted anyway…not sure if TVB will count that vote…but just do it anyway…it is such a mess anyway…but i just want to try my best for Raymond…he waited so long…work so hard…he said it many time he want this award…yes…i don’t think Kenneth act very well either…how hard is it to act as a good and charm doctor?! how i don’t want to make his fans mad…okay…he is a good actor too…so i happy for him that he got the TV King in Astro…now it is Raymond’s turn to win in TVB!!!

  17. Such an answer of MM. Very well said and keep this proud attitude when stepping on others, Mr. male god, until they treat you the same way. Which build in sand wont stay long. Today they rally for you, tomorrow they rally to let you down. Proud of them is like proud of being a bullier.

    1. How is he stepping on others? It seems like Raymond fans keep saying that Kennethis stepping on him, but i dont see it that way. Kenneth is a very humble person, as seen in his acceptance speech at astro. I mean In Raymond’s fans point of view, Raymond is always the “vicitm” that gets bullied by other artists.
      “Today they rally for you, tomorrow they rally to let you down. Proud of them is like proud of being a bullier.”
      I agree wtih the first part, but this applies to Raymond as well. Also, are you implying that hes a bully? Whats wrong with being proud of his fans for voting for him? Is he suppose to say that hes not happy that people are voting for him?

      1. You might have interpreted his words a bit too far. Ive seen his interviews lately and there was not a single word that he said that is hurtful to Raymond Lam. Iv’e seen other artists that have joked about Raymond thats pretty offensive( like Sammy, some Djs from 903, and Mosses back a while ago when he was competing with Raymond for TV King).

      2. Read the article. He proud that the ppl rally to vote for him just in order to let LF lose. Are they his fans? No they are not. They only vote for MM because they dun want LF to win. Before they vote for Damien. So MM is proud of ppl voting for him based on the bully to other, aka LF in this case. If he really feels proud, he is a bullier in mind and step on others to get higher.

        I fin find his acceptance in AOD anything special or genuine. Its pretty typical like other acceptance speech. So I cant refer to it.

        My statement can apply to anyone. The benefit comes to MM but also can come to LF. I dun think LF is bullied by all others artists but its a fact that he has never commented badly or hinted negatively about anyone in interviews, even dun say things like “A uses social well, I dun know social”.

      3. If its the fitst time maybe. But no for me. Hurtful is not but the vinegar smell is there.

        However its funny that Bowie has more votes than MM in this poll haha. Not enough ppl rally for him, I guess?

      4. Perhaps Kenneth is directing those “snide” remarks at management, showing his resentment at the system and the way showbiz works. It *might* not be an attack on LF specifically. And we probably hear more of it now since he’s gotten popular and people have shown a greater interest in what he says.

      5. Some might not be his fans, but I’m sure some are. The overall point is that he should be grateful that people are voting for him. Weather its just supressing raymond from winning, he still needs to face it with a positive attitude. I mean you cant expect kenneth to say that those people should not vote for him.The more he speaks, the worse it gets. Some reporter might twist his words. Acceptance speeches arent suppose to be special or geniue except for the winner themselves. All the words were spoken from his true heart. The point is he dosent act like a stuck up and be arrgoant when winning that award. He even mentions the other tv kings and how they are his role models. I persoally dont feel that the stuff he does/say has anything against Raymond.

      6. I remember Michael was such a showoff last year becasue he was a hot favourite for TV king. The vidieo where he crticize Steven ma was disgusting. I will call that bullying on others. The statement that you wrote implies to him the most. THis year, no one mentions him. Kenneth is not anywhere near that level of self confidence.

      7. @unkown: I remember Michael was such a showoff last year becasue he was a hot favourite for TV king.

        Recall this old news report (29/12/2011). MT paid greatly his arrogance because in the end he was just a pawn in tvb politics. The reporter presented a very interesting postulation on MT case. So one is never sure of bagging the BA award until it is actually in one’s hand.

        「白果」的自省 by 徐蓉蓉
        謝天華在今年頒獎禮中「吃白果」,任何大小獎項都沒有他的份兒。當事人的落寞與不快,任是誰人都可以理解。他是一個徹頭徹尾的被犧牲者. 說「被」,只因為,他只是一隻被公開擺上枱的、作為辦公室政治的棋子,有人為了捧他,先約定新聞界拍他見甚麼高層的照片,又提早送名單給報館,指他是今年視帝。如何令謝天華與捧他的人完全沒面子?最好的方法,就是讓他以為自己一定可以贏,一定有大獎可取。所以,敵對者完全不動聲色,就是細獎也不給他一個,這樣才可以令謝天華以為視帝獎在握,那一副喜形於色的模樣才會完全顯露人前,……公布結果了,視帝不是謝天華,這一下才可以打擊他至盡,也可以令捧他者顏面無存。




      8. 馬明昨晚說:「乜咁犀利?要多謝佢哋,有人投票就開心,都想多啲票拉近賽果,信心唔係冇,只係想平常心睇。」

        Lolz, MM’s word in AppleDaily showed that he knew these ppl are not his fans.

        Just 1 person among these ppl is not MM’s fan, it’s still ridiculous for MM to support this person and proud of her/him. And I’m pretty sure there are not only 1 person.

        If MM only says: “I want to thank anyone support me” it would be better. But wat AppleDaily quoted him, correct or not, is ridiculous. And it isn’t the first time. You think he is genuine in the acceptance speech, I don’t think so. It’s the different between us. To me, he is an actor, a smart one but a bit too jealousy.

        As for Micheal Tse’s case, it’s different to MM. MM to me isn’t the straightforward type like Micheal Tse, simply so.

      9. I haven’t read the whole article, but I don’t see anything wrong based on that quote alone. I think you’re reading too much into it. You seem to think that Kenneth is some sort of spiteful person and keep twisting his words in your brain to fit that preconceived idea of yours.

      10. did not find anything wrong with Kennth MA ‘s words.

        please do not make up something

    2. kenneth ma never said bad word about other actors or acrtress .

      he does not care if he win or not

      1. Well he did say that LF got to the top through “social” while he says he doesn’t sooooo meaning he’s subtly implied that LF sweet talks to executives etc?!

      2. everyone know that LF is Ms lo-yi-lin
        ‘s favorite , if Kennth M said so, he just said a fact, it is not rumor. it is a fact. you can go ahead to check many hong kong forum, people know LF has good relation with Ms Lo.

    3. what do you know about MM? You can interpet his personality all you want, but the turth is you dont know him at all. I can say that Raymond lam is not a very straight forward person either. Let put it this way, if the person thats competing with raymond this year is not Kenneth, that person will get put on the spot for criticism. Raymond fans just wont leave others alone. Why does it matter if some people dont support LF?

  18. deep down inside, we know that raymond will get the big award. Theres no way that he will loose. Even if the votes dont turn out that way, they will change it.

    1. if he dun win then I’d like to see how you say. Dun runaway, ok?

      Im different. If its a real poll I blv 100% he will win, but if they edit the poll I dun know. They refers to Txb.

      1. I dont run away becasue I know for a fact that he will win. Im not afraid to say that I am 100% sure that he will win.

      2. Anyway, really don’t get why you guys are fighting for these idols.. obviously KM and LF are not enemy in person and I re-read KM’s message, he really didnt attack LF or have any sign of bullying in his mind.. and LF has friendly connection that make him everyon favorite, just look at how he got on stage with kate and Tavia. But why the fans are fighting among each other? lol..

      3. Fox don’t find KM friendly as he is the biggest competitor against Raymond.

  19. Seeing how this one vote per person system seems more like a favorite contest, (most people are going by who they like the most as an actor rather than acting skills alone), I don’t get why they didn’t make My Favorite Actress and My Favorite Actor the one where you can vote.
    TV King and TV Queen (aka Best Actress and Best Actor) should be the actress and actor that perform the best rather than, when it comes down to this system, who has the bigger fan base in HK (since you have to be a HK citizen to be able to vote).

  20. @AJ:I don’t get why they didn’t make My Favorite Actress and My Favorite Actor the one where you can vote.

    Cos’ unlike the BA grand prize, MFA awards do not generate much controversy or noise or excitement, thus providing TVB with free promotion and publicity – so staged to heighten the advertisers’ attention and hopefully their endorsements.

    Anyway, if not for the hope of winning the BA Grand Prize, would Tvb artist be motivated to rally for votes?

  21. who win is not matter for TVB…they all help TVB to make money…we (fans) are so exciting, nervous for our favor actor/actress…we become TVB’s tools now…sigh

  22. Linda fans vote for her. She will win Best Actress Awards this year. She did very well in “Witness Insecurity”.

  23. Linda Chung have a chance to win Best Actress Award this year or next year 2013 because she have two dramas Leading Actress coming up are “Missing You” and next year ” Big Wheel”. Good Luck Linda Chung best of luck.

  24. hope that there is no scandal or electronic malfunction in the efection/voting process…then there will be a lot angry fans.

  25. Lol if anyone is deserving for BA it’s charmaine in WHB or Michelle in TC

  26. i still dont agree on this whole voting system. when did awards become so dull and its the fight between fan groups?
    a tv award is suppose to be very prestigious…not something that can be voted upon by “citizens”, “fans”
    no wonder TVB is just continuing to go downhill..
    is all about the quantity of fans..not the quality of acting. too bad im not from hk…or i’d vote!

  27. Sigh, when the voting is only 30% audience vote, people complain that it’s unfair, not authentic, no value. They want the winners to reflect the popular masses’ choice. Now, TVB let you choose, 100% people’s choice, and people still complain. 🙁

  28. Actually I like Kenneth Ma, but if he wins the award just because those people gang up to help him (especially to compete with raymond)I will not feel proud for Kenneth and may be will start to dislike him.

    1. well..isnt it the same thing for anyone that wins it? like you can’t honestly think that raylam’s fans arent ganging up to vote for him?
      this is a popularity contest. you expect these kind of voting to happen…doesn’t matter if its kenneth ma, or damien or wayne lai.

      1. Is ok for fans to gang up to vote for their idols but that forum vote KM is not because they are fans of him, just that they realised that Damian won’t make it so they change to support KM. This is quite obvious that they are doing this to suppress somebody from winning.

  29. “Netizens Rally to Make Kenneth Ma TV King and Suppress Raymond Lam”

    Maybe this diversified the votes so much that gave Wayne the advantage.

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