Nicholas Tse Still Keeps in Touch With Cecilia Cheung

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After moving to Canada with two sons Lucas Tse (谢振轩) and Quintus Tse (谢振南), Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝) has kept in touch with ex-husband, Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋). Reportedly, Nicholas’ family was not aware of such matters and a misunderstanding put Cecilia’s fans in rage.

At an event last night, Nicholas’ younger sister, Jennifer Tse (谢婷婷), revealed to the press that Cecilia changed her phone number. When Nicholas’ father, Patrick Tse (谢贤), was questioned, he replied and said he does not have Cecilia’s contact number either. Their comments angered Cecilia’s fans, and they attacked the Tse family via Weibo. A netizen who is a loyal fan of Cecilia, stated, “Cecilia did not change her phone number. Shouldn’t asking her manager or her friends be more reasonable?” The comment garnered support of many other Cecilia fans.

With many netizens pointing their fingers at the Tse family for giving wrong information, reporters phoned Nicholas for a response. Through his manager, Mani Fok (霍汶希), he told the press to not pressure his family. “I have always been in contact with Cecilia. It’s just that other people don’t know about it. My family, including my younger sister, does not know anything. I hope everyone will not blame my family and sister.”


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4 comments to Nicholas Tse Still Keeps in Touch With Cecilia Cheung

  1. aptos says:

    Here is a case where the contact is between them two and does not concern others. Unfortunately, meddlers and busybodies are just stirring up manure for all parties concerned. The tabloids are then sensationalizing and creating a frenzy among the tabloid readers and causing them to over-react as usual. Idiots…

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  2. littlegalpal says:

    I don’t understand why Nicholas family always have to comment on his kids and Cecilia. It is that hard to reply “No comment” and move on…let these 2 raises their kids as they see fit. Legally Cecilia have no responsbility to answer to Nicholas family and if they miss the kids that much, take the weekend off fly to Vancouver and visit them…they have enough $ to do that.

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  3. Chakoria says:

    I feel that these reports are just made up from nothing.. Indeed Cecilia is taking care of the sons, so why wouldn’t Nicholas be in contact if he still wants to be a father in their lives? It’s nothing special if he wants to know about his boys and be constantly updated to their well-being. Nicholas’ family should understand that and they also would want to see their son’s kids. There’s no problem at all.

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  4. ebbie says:

    My God such a small issue, blown out of proportions !!!! so strange!

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