Park Seo Joon is Dating YouTuber?

Park Seo Joon, 34, is rumored to be dating popular YouTuber, Xooos. They are said to have reached a stage where they have already met each other’s friends.

Xooos’ glamorous looks are equal to many actresses. With 1.54 million subscribers on YouTube, she previously worked as a singer and actress. She is apparently close friends with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, as Xooos posted a photo of them together last month. Jennie’s rumored boyfriend BTS’s V is also good friends with Park Seo Joon, so netizens have labeled them as “sister-in-laws.”

Park Seo Joon and Xooos never made a big effort in hiding their relationship. Netizens quickly found similarities in their daily lives and photos of them together with friends. An industry insider disclosed  the pair was introduced by mutual friends. Besides sharing mutual interests, they are like regular couples who will exercise  and enjoy simple dates together.

In response, Park Seo Joon’s agency stated, “It is hard for them to confirm the details of their artiste’s personal lives.” Many are taking that as an implied confirmation of the relationship.

However, many female fans cannot accept that Park Seo Joon is dating and lamented that they are heartbroken!

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  1. He is really handsome, an A-list celebrity and has the whole package. I bet every girls would wanna be in a relationship with him. If the rumor is true, the girl is indeed very lucky

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