Park Seo Joon: I Was Never One to Chase Popularity

Set against the backdrop of Seoul under Japanese imperial rule in 1945, human experimentation in Gyeongseong Creature delves into the stories of monstrous creatures born from human greed and subsequent violence unleashed. In addition to the history-action thriller’s sensitive theme, lead actor Park Seo Joon’s character as Jang Tae Sang, a South Korean who opposes Japanese brutality, evoking netizen sentiment that taking part in the drama was a “very brave decision” on the leading cast’s part!

Popularity Is the Last Thing On His Mind

The success of hit Korean drama Itaewon Class in 2020 had boosted Park Seo Joon’s popularity in countries, including Japan. Given that the drama’s storyline touched on raw nerves and evoke negative sentiments among Japanese viewers, many felt that Park Seo Woon and Han So Hee had surely considered how their careers might potentially be affected. In his characteristic style, the 35-year-old said that he himself did not share the same concerns, as he explained that as he was “never one to envision gaining popularity” from his projects.

The actor shared that he felt the weight and pressure of portraying someone from the 1940s, an era he naturally has not experienced. While he braces himself for any criticism that might come his way, he hopes to balance it out by taking in any positive feedback and compliments in equal measure. Teasing the second season of the anticipated series, Park hinted at the inclusion of various “unexpected” elements, and added the plot will unfold at a faster pace than season one.

As Korean dramas move towards the pre-produced format instead of live-shoot, Park Seo Joon expressed regrets at having to keep his projects under wraps even after production, prior to official release. As an actor trying to improve his craft, audience feedback continues to remain his main motivation, and he is thankful that he has many projects to show for in 2023 besides Gyeongseong Creature, such as Dream, Concrete Utopia and The Marvels, promising to bring audience more new attempts in 2024!

Source: KoreaStarDaily

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  1. The Japanese were depicted very negatively in the show with only two minor roles that had a soul. I can see how some Japanese find it offensive. Well,at least they didn’t get banned by the government and shunned the the society show Japan is not so closed minded when their country is portrayed negatively.

    1. the Japanese military were no less like Nazis in the least during their invasions of Korea, China, Singapore, HongKong, and Philippines. Try doing some research on Unit 731, Rape on Nanking, the Bataan Death March and the brutality toward captives at the River Kwai. Right-wing extremist Japanese whitewash or deny these historical facts and have attacked or assassinated some Japanese who spoke the truth.

  2. I find it kinda funny how some celebrities said they didn’t envision to gain fame, fame is not what they’re after, fame doesn’t really matter to them, etc.however you want to phrase it, especially from those who already found success and got fame. Try to have less or no fame and it will be a different story because you’ll find yourself struggle to get projects and be successful in the industry.

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