Park Seo Joon Doesn’t Know Why Fans Like Him

Actor Park Seo Joon has a new role as ambassador of Chanel Beauty, thanks to his healthy physique and refreshing image from many onscreen roles such as What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? and Itaewon Class. Though Park Seo Joon is one of the most bankable stars in South Korea, he does not focus on his own charms and claims he does not know what fans like the most about him.

In an interview with Elle magazine, the 31-year-old actor shares his philosophy of living in the present, “I think the present moment is key. I have my own dreams, and many other matters to experience, so I’m still living in a youthful state.”

A sports lover, Park Seo Joon keeps himself in good shape physically and mentally through regular exercise. “After sweating it out through sports, you’ll feel instantly relaxed. It’s convenient and helps me focus better. That’s likely the best way for me.”

As for the charm he works on his legion of fans, Park Seo Joon seems clueless, and attributes it to his “zen” vibes. “I don’t know why everyone likes me either! I can’t even ask this question during fan meetups. I hope my performance and daily life can be less dramatic. Maybe everyone likes this sense of peacefulness in my performance.”

The actor, who works with many old friends and staff members who have known him a long time, also shared his principle of treating people respectfully, “The closer you are to the person, the more you should take care not to use language that’ll hurt them, and the more you ought to obey decorum. Always be respectful no matter how well you know each other.”

Source: Korea Star Daily

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