Han So Hee’s Short-Lived Romance

Going public recently about her romance with actor Ryu Jun Yeol, 29-year-old Han So Hee faced public scrutiny and third party allegations from netizens, who speculated that she came between Ryu Jun Yeol and ex-girlfriend Lee Hye Ri’s 8-year-long relationship.

Says that “Looks Aren’t Everything”

Unhappy about swirling talk of her new relationship, Han So Hee shot back with a now-deleted lengthy Instagram post– in which she slammed transit relationship rumors, criticized Hye Ri, and called Ryu Jun Yeol out for staying silent.

Seemingly defending the latter who was attacked by netizens for his appearance, the actress said that looks were “no longer everything” to her when choosing a partner, unlike when she was younger. She added that she felt “physically and emotionally healthier” in the relationship.

The two celebrities’ short-lived romance lasted just two weeks as Korean media dropped news on March 30 that both parties have ended the relationship. Both Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol’s agencies have also confirmed the split. Han So Hee’s agency 9ATO Entertainment released a statement saying, “They realised that their roles as actors are greater. They have promised not to waste any emotions on personal matters any longer,” The statement further added that “Han So-hee gave herself and the public a difficult time due to her personal emotions. Her method of communication was incorrect. She will accept any criticism.”

Insider sources revealed the reason for their breakup could have been disagreements and arguments between both parties throughout this period which led to the two actors making the “best possible decision” under the circumstances, which was to put an end to the relationship.

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    1. My thoughts exactly. Some of her sponsors have dropped her and netizens’ opinions were not favourable.
      Maybe she really believed that the man was single and available before they started the relationship but her reactions and postings reacting to his ex’s “how interesting” posting and after had netizens disagreeing with her. Her fans attacking his ex did not help either.

      1. Meanwhile RJY keeping quiet throughout while seeing the two females he should love/ have loved being attacked online speak volumes of his character.

      2. The problem is her reaction and how she handled the situation from beginning… Very unfortunate. She did no wrong in dating the Ryu

  1. she should be grateful she dodged a bullet. But she also fired a gun at herself by defending this (now obviously so) fudgly, not that talented, unworthy and untrustworthy man. I think he is someone who actually makes use of his fudgeliness so that those who date him can say they weren’t doing it for his looks. But Hyeri should not have wasted 8 years on him. She is still popular and I would bet he gets a free ride on the popularity of Hyeri (and Han’s)

  2. They were together in Hawaii and he kept quiet the whole time. She made a huge mistake by responding to that post of his ex. The man did not come out to clear the timeline, so now she’s being label a homewrecker and he’s a cheater. But it affects her more because she didn’t stay quiet.

  3. What perplexes me was that the whole situation was going to blow over already. People were starting to talk about other things, then HSH had to go and reignite the fire. There are always going to be judgy jobless people who have nothing better to do than make false accusations about you when you’re a celebrity, but don’t give them more material to work with. I hope she’s doing okay, and all of them can move on with their lives.

  4. The whole debacle seems childish and yes, HSH didn’t handle it well.
    BUT I agreed with her actions when she said something rather than keeping silent the entire time. Why? Because as the accused “third-party” she has more to lose than all parties combined. Regardless of what Hye Ri meant with her cryptic post, people were pointing fingers at HSH already. Since her ex didn’t speak up for her, she can only depend on herself to clear her name and reputation. The way she went about it, however, was not the best PR. She should’ve only addressed that she’s not the 3rd party and only state facts of her relationship, to stay objective.