Han So Hee Shares Drunk Photos

Wonder if celebrities let themselves go in the revelry of festive celebrations like the rest of us too? Sharing how she spent the lunar new year on her socials, Korean star Han So Hee poked fun at how she got happily drunk as a skunk!

“I’m Not Going to Drink Anymore”

A precious time for reconnecting and recharging, the 28 year-old  had a fun get-together with her friends and got more than a little tipsy—with a back view photo of her lying intoxicated with a furry rug draped over her back, which was used as a tabletop for wooden puzzle tiles vertically stacked.

In another short video, a visibly drunk Han So Hee laid on the ground in a drunken pose, with messy long hair and her limbs flailed out, declaring, “I’m not going to drink anymore.” A lady then proceeds to drape her over with a sweater.

The hilariously candid post drew a viral response from amused netizens and fans, who commented how they could relate to the “World of the Married” star as they had also “spent new year the same way too”.

Touted as the “Queen of Advertisement”, the hardworking actress had reportedly sustained injuries, and fainted on several occasions during filming.

Source: KoreaStarDaily

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