Han So Hee Hurt on Filming Set

Stealing the spotlight with her role as a mistress in record-breaking The World of the Married, Korean actress Han So Hee was reportedly injured while filming high-action scenes on the set of Kweongseong Creature.

The 27-year-old sustained a facial injury on the set of the Netflix original series and was rushed to the hospital’s emergency ward. While Korean media initially reported that her injury was near the eye and possibly necessitated surgery, the actress’s agency later clarified in an update that the actress does not need surgery, and that she would be able to resume work after a period of recovery.

Rose to fame with “The World of the Married”
Voted one of the prettiest Korean celebrities in a poll by millennials and generation Z, Han So Hee
captured viewers’ attention in her role as a plucky mistress in the record-breaking 16-episode drama The World of the Married. She went on to prove her versatility as an actress playing a vengeful, feisty female character in Netflix action-genre drama My Name.

Kweongseong Creature (previously “K Project”), her first onscreen collaboration with actor Park Seo-Joon is a thriller set in summer 1945, where two youths fending for survival have to confront a monster born of greed. Involving several dangerous stunts, filming has been temporarily halted while the crew awaits her recovery.

Source: WorldJournal

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