Han So Hee Breaks Up with Ryu Jun Yeol

As the breakout star of 2020’s The World of the Married, Korean actress Han So Hee gained notoriety for her role as a gorgeous temptress, and is known for her gorgeous visuals. The 30-year-old’s popularity soared after starring in Gyeongseong Creature last year.

Romance rumors broke after netizens spotted the actress vacationing with Reply 1988’s star, 37-year-old actor Ryu Jun Yeol in Hawaii, both celebrities acknowledged their new romance. However, less than two weeks after going public with their relationship, Han So Hee’s agency has dropped a statement confirming the two’s breakup on March 30, with Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency also confirming the news.

The actress’s label stated, “Han So Hee and actor Ryu Joon Yeol have broken up. They realized their roles as actors are more important.“

Embers of Controversy

After the two went public, Ryu Jun Yeol’s ex-girlfriend, Lee Hye-ri had uploaded an IG story which had the phrase “How interesting” in it, raising allegations of a “love triangle” and the notion that Han So Hee might have come between the two’s eight-year romance.

Shortly after, Lee Hye-ri deleted her post and apologized. Just as the news appeared to have died down, superseded by other developments such as actress Kim Sae-ron posting a close-up shot of herself with Queen of Tears co-star Kim Soo-Hyun, a text-only monochrome post by Han So Hee fanned the flames of gossip yet again!

In her lengthy post on Friday morning, March 29, which she later deleted, she took aim at Lee Hye-ri, and responded to allegations of her being a third wheel and addressed Lee Hye-ri’s “transitional relationship” rumors.

Denies Being Third Party

Addressing Hye-ri’s remarks, she shot back, “What’s so interesting about an ex having a new relationship?” Refuting allegations of a “transit relationship”, she clarified details such as four months after Hye-Ri and Ryu’s breakup before he initiated a relationship with her, and that a white polar bear on her bag – thought to be her showing off her romance with him – was in fact a gift she got herself using KakaoTalk back in 2021.

Responding to allegations, she wrote “…but senior’s (referring to Hye-ri) apology letter had mentioned their meeting in November, I wasn’t involved so I cant’ comment, but that was not a reconciliation,” Han So Hee then added that she had tried various means to get in touch with Lee Hye-Ri, but to no avail. In the same post, the actress also expressed disappointment that “someone directly involved in this matter remains silent”, referring to Ryu Jun Yeol’s silence amid netizen backlash.

Evoking mixed responses including skepticism and disapproval, netizens defended Lee Hye-ri, questioning why the latter had to respond to Han So Hee’s attempts to get in touch with her, others wondered what Ryu Jun Yeol had to say as the lead of the storm, while those who supported Han So Hee played things down and commented, “It’s just dating, must everyone treat her like a sinner?”
Source: Upmedia

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