Is Han So Hee Dating Younger Model?

After her breakout role in The World of the Married, Han So Hee skyrocketed to fame and was nicknamed the “Most Beautiful Mistress.” She has since gone on to take leading roles in many dramas, while her personal life also became a focal point.

Although previously rumored to be dating Song Kang and Moon Sang Min, the latter clarified they actually shared a meal with the entire My Name cast.

Recently, Han So Hee is rumored to be dating YG model Chae Jong Suk, who is two years her junior. It is suspected they travelled together, as they left South Korea on the same day. Although netizens also discovered they shared matching clothes and items, the actress’ agency quickly denied the rumors clarifying the pair are just good friends.

As for future filming projects, Han So Hee is rumored to be starring in new drama Can This Love Be Interpreted with actor Kim Seon Ho. Both agencies confirmed they are still considering whether they will be accepting the roles.

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  1. Goodness, just 2yrs younger…no big deal. My hubby is younger then me by more then 2yrs. There is no age gap in our relationship. She is beautiful…

    1. @Hohliu
      Goodness, people take this thing too far!!!, lol. They make it look like he is fifteen or twenty years older.
      Asians have some strange habits and beliefs. The man must be taller, should be no more than year older, must be handsome if she is good looking. The woman should not be making more money than the man, but both should come from the same educational and social background.
      I could go on and on, but will stop. Good on you @Hohliu for marrying the man you are in love with and not giving into the societal norm that he is younger. I know there was a reason I respect you. I too broke all the rules with my marriage. My spouse is older, she is not from the same social background as I am, my wife is not from the same ethnic culture as I am, but I too married who I am in love with. Good on you , Hohliu, good on you.

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