Han So Hee To Portray Vampire In “Delusion”

Actress Han So Hee is confirmed to be starring in an upcoming mystery thriller tentatively named Deception (현혹), in a collaboration with famed director Han Jae-rim who was behind The Face Reader and Emergency Declaration!

Webtoon-Adapted Mystery Thriller

Painter Iho Yun is forbidden from leaving the hotel before he completes the portrait.

Adapted from a Naver webtoon which was serialized from 2019 to 2020 and scored 9.97 at its highest, fan excitement is brewing over the actress’s possible teaming with actor Ryu Jun Yeol (Reply 1989), whose studio has confirmed that he is “positively considering” the role.

Set in 1935 Gyeongseong and 1800s Shanghai, the story centers on struggling artist Iho Yun (Ryu Jun Yeol), who is commissioned to paint the portrait of an attractive woman named Madam Jeonghwa Song, a millionaire recluse who has never revealed her appearance in 30 years. He soon learns that the subject of his portrait is a vampire woman, and that no artist has ever left her abode alive or of sound mind!


With the female lead set to have unbelievable beauty and youth, Han So Hee’s alluring magnetism and mysterious aura might just be the perfect fit for the role.

While director Han Jae-rim has previously collaborated with Ryu Jun Yeol on The 8 Show and The King, it will be a first-time collaboration for Han So-Hee and Han Jae-rim, though it has yet to be confirmed if Delusion will take the format of a drama series or film.

Incidentally, the actress, last seen in historical drama Gyeongseong Creature, attracted concern from netizens with her ghastly appearance at Paris Fashion Week, which some commented make her look like “a vampire”.




Source: KoreaStarDaily, Webtoons

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