Viewers are Angered by “My Name’s” Gratutious Bed Scene

After Netflix released new Korean revenge drama My Name, some viewers praised it for being even better than Squid Game. My Name stars 26-year-old Han So Hee, who gained popularity after her role as a mistress in The World of the Married.

In My Name, Han So Hee’s portrays a fighter who seeks revenge for her father’s murder and even joins the mafia. She had gained 22 pounds for the role to build more muscle for her action scenes. Other than numerous exciting fight scenes, she also has a topless scene with Ahn Bo Hyun in the final episode.

The racy scene resulted in heated discussions that the scene had absolutely no added value to the storyline, and its gratuitous nature was likely added due to the director’s personal interest.

In an interview, Han So Hee disclosed that she only learned of the bed scene halfway through filming. She questioned it at first, but she wanted to maintain professionalism and tried to think of it from another point of view. “I tried to think of it as a love scene and one that showed a more human side to my character, so I don’t feel that it is in conflict with my character’s plan for revenge.”

The director later revealed to the media that the screenwriters had pointed out that the bed scene would be controversial, but he felt that this scene must be filmed because it is the turning point that allows Han So Hee’s character to temporarily stop or change her plans for revenge.

Netizens did not seem to buy his reasoning and commented, “The director is complete garbage,” “So this means that the actors and the screenwriters did not want this scene, but the director forcefully filmed it,” “Only telling her of the bed scene after filming halfway is a scam,” “I feel that he does not respect the actors,” “‘What era are we in? Do we still need to have bed scenes?” “I am a bit disappointed in the director and does this mean we can carelessly use bodies if they don’t belong to us?”

Source: World Journal

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