“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” Reveals OST

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“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” Reveals OST

Put Your Head on My Shoulder <致我們暖暖的小時光>, the sister drama of the sweet high school romance A Love So Beautiful <致我們單純的小美好> is set to premiere soon. With high expectations that it’ll live up to the success of its predecessor, fans have already been preparing themselves in excitement. To further fuel the anticipation, the soundtrack of Put Your Head on My Shoulder was revealed recently and named as “Little Times” <小時光>.

Promoted as a cute school romance, Put Your Head on My Shoulder stars newcomer Lin Yi (林一) as the male lead and Master Devil, Do Not Kiss Me <惡魔少爺別吻我> actress Fair Xing (邢菲) as the female lead.

Lin Yi’s character is an odd genius Gu Weiyi, who is well-disciplined and adheres to a scheduled lifestyle, while Fair Xing plays Situ Mo, a lively girl who loves luosifen, Doraemon and horror movies. With completely opposite personalities, it is inevitable that there would be clashes. In the trailer, it is shown that they cross paths after accidentally becoming housemates. They bicker incessantly at first, but when the chemistry eventually kicks in, disapproval turn into sighs of love.

The drama’s OST is also receiving attention. The lyrics of “Little Times”<小時光> involves the sweet sayings of the couple’s romance, such as ‘Little time, full of sweet and electrifying memories, down-to-earth, looking back in happiness, hope you are doing well, worth to treasure for life, forever unforgettable’. Supported with fluffy scenes of the couple doing bear hugs, back hugs, and flying accidental kisses, the teaser scenes are making fans squealing in excitement even more.

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