Raymond Lam Depressed From Being Framed With Angel Fong Rumors

Recently, Apple Daily and Face Magazine reported that while Raymond Lam (林峯) was dating Mavis Pan (潘霜霜), he was also involved with an old friend from Xiamen, Angel Fong (芳芳).  The publications included photos of Angel posing with Raymond’s acting and music awards, thus leading to speculation regarding the pair’s level of intimacy. Through his lawyer, Raymond issued a statement strongly condemning the false reports of Apple Daily and Face Magazine, which troubled his family and friends. At the same time, the incident made Raymond depressed and scarred. As a last resort, Raymond took immediate legal action to protect himself and the people around him!

Currently filming Valiant Legend <忠烈楊家將> in Beijing, Raymond accepted a long-distance telephone interview and said, “There has been a lot of false and negative reports all along, in which I have I laughed them off. However, I can no longer tolerate the current rumors! Since the Mavis Pan incident, I promised to work hard, while the current tabloids made it appear as if I were lying! This surpassed my bottom line! Although the work is very strenuous, I will not leave the entertainment industry. Making my family worried is what makes me want to give up! ”

Raged Against Media Ethics

Raymond stated that the [Angel Fong] photos published in Face Magazine were from several years ago. The photos were taken during a house-warming party in which he invited his friends from Xiamen. Aside from the dog and awards photos, the remaining photos were not taken at his house. Since the photos were from several years ago, Raymond said sadly, “Ms. Lok (Virginia Lok) already told reporters that it was not true. However, they persisted to write the article in a contrary manner, which violates  the ethics of the reporter!”

Since Raymond was in the entertainment industry, he has never taken the radical action of issuing a legal letter.   Since the current tabloid reports made his family sad, he cannot accept the situation. Raymond has not contacted Angela Fong for several years. She was married and Raymond  worried that the reports will affect Angel’s family.

Hesitated Taking Photos With Fans

Raymond sadly noted that the untrue reports also injured him on a physical and mental level. Long-term depression led to reservations when meeting other people. Raymond said bitterly, “When I go to old classmates and friends’ gatherings, they are afraid to take photos with me. Even if they took the photos, they will deliberately ask whether they can place the photos online.  When fans ask to take photos with me, I would also hesitate. It is very difficult to possess this type of psychological burden!”

Below was the public statement issued by Raymond Lam’s lawyer:

Apple Daily’s August 24th edition and Face Magazine issue number 222, dated August 24th, were false and distorted reports which not only hurt Mr. Raymond Lam, especially his family and friends. Mr. Raymond Lam hereby clarifies that the reports were fabricated. Mr. Raymond Lam has commissioned our law office to pursue legal action towards the newspaper and magazine.

Mr. Raymond Lam is very grateful to have the support and care of his company, colleagues, and fans. He again pledged to continue to work hard and focus on his  acting and music in order to thank everyone.

Fan Ji Luojiang Law Firm
August 25, 2011

Excerpt from Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: Although Raymond noted that Angel Fong’s photos were taken several years ago at a housewarming party, I thought the awards featured in the photo were his TVB awards from 2010? In addition, Angel wore 3 different outfits in those photos, indicating she was there more than one time just for the house warming party.

This article does not address why Angel Fong taunted Mavis Pan on August 2011 that if Mavis saw where Angel was, she would regret loving that type of man (indicating Raymond Lam).

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    1. By the way, Raymond is quite eweee looking, wouldn’t even consider him remotely cute. His fans so need stronger glasses.

      1. Beauty is the eye of the beholder. Someone that may be handsome to you may not be attractive to you at all or vice versa. Also, there is a more to an artist than just looks. If they only had looks, then why didn’t they just become models??Why become a singer and actor for??

      2. Oops, I meant to say that someone that may be handsome to you may not be attractive to others at all or vice versa. Gosh, we really need an edit button!

  1. I am a bit confused.

    ” Raymond has not contacted Angela Fong for several years.”

    When did those photos came about? Or the reporters just discovered them recently only eventhough posted long ago?

    “Fan Ji Luojiang Law Firm”

    Oh just imagine Fan JiN Luojiang Law Firm… that would take this to a different level!

    1. Re the other article;

      “August 12th” she posted the wall of trophies photo. If they have not seen each other for several years, why post them now? Or ray is in the habit of giving keys to his house to his friends?

      I don’t get it.

      1. Also, according to Fox, the photo of her with Raymond’s dog was posted Dec 2010. That’s only last year, not several years.

        “Or ray is in the habit of giving keys to his house to his friends?”

        Maybe Fong Fong is in the habit of posting old photos to her weibo. Several years ago, there’s no weibo yet. Now, she has weibo, she want to post all her old memorable photos up. 😛

      2. Maybe ray is not good at remembering time. So many girls, hard to keep track for a busy guy like him.

        But I did notice that the 2 tvb anniversary awards he held against his face had black details on it while the ones in angel’s pic did not. So maybe it was 2 yrs ago.

      3. why would anyone post pics with a ‘friend’s’ dog 3 years later…. that’s just WEIRD. Yes Dec 2010 that’s correct.

  2. Did he cry (again) this time?

    3 different outfits for one housewarning party? Bringing and changing clothes for that that party is nonsensical. Obvious lie >.> And SEVERAL years ago? You sure, Ray?

    1. @edmwer,

      Ok, that was funny. I almost choked drinking coke reading your post 😉

    2. lol I had the exact same thought about him crying when I saw the word depressed

    3. Maybe the house-warming party was a slumber party. Must have been fun.

      1. Josie, that is probably the best one liner so far!! Well done! Maybe! Maybe! Slumber party eh… maybe!

  3. I am confused with LF’s WORD! is it me or LF is not clear? First, photos taken by FF was dated years ago and reporters claimed they were taken recently???

    *Faints* lol

    1. Every medals have two faces.

      A said blah blah.

      B said blah blah.

      The truth is often in the middle.

      1. There can only be one truth. Either you’re pregnant or you’re not. You’re never half pregnant, so says Margaret Tatcher I believe. And I agree with her. So if A says blah blah, B says blah blah, if the truth is in the middle, it means A lied or B lied or A said half truth and B said half truth.

    2. When were celebs ever noted for telling the 100% truth??? They can say one thing at time and then change their story later… I guess in Ray’s case, ever since he lied about the Mavis incident, who will truly believe in him again?? It’s like the fans and public trusted him and he has betrayed them so now, they are less likely to believe him..

      1. Do you always say truth and only truth, HTS? Have you ever lied? You are making yourself like someone who always say truth and truth and truth.

      2. Well, to me,

        Raymond is not being 100% truthful and neither are the reporters. They need to sensationalise the news, its their job..

        But i believe the reports did over exxaggerate though. Why would anyone issue a lawyer letter claiming its a lie in a bid to save his image (is there any left after Mavis incident?)

  4. hahah lies more lies…sheesh get your stories straight already…recently awards does not equal to many years ago…last year maybe hahaha…sad…oh damn messing with a married woman…shame shame…i used to like ray so much but i hate how he handles his “stories”…im just going to keep repeating myself but the guy needs to man up…sheesh

    1. I have a mixed feeling towards LF though lol. I used to like him when he first starred in that series with Miriam, I rmb he was like her bf in that series and LF also gave me a memorable image of him when he starred as the handicapped guard in another series..

      But I can’t stand him when he deny about the scandals which involved him and other women..why can’t he just say “so what? I fxxked with a married woman!!” then I won’t look at him in a bias way..

      1. exactly how i feel!
        i think i started liking him in twins of brothers and that was like the only series, LOL. everything else then started going downward, cause ms Lok and TVB wanted to push him to even higher grounds which i can’t stand at all anymore…

        why can’t they just let him grow popular by himself without all the pushes – replacing andy lau as best asia singer or wot-so-ever??

      2. No no, can’y say that. He might get sued by the husband for adultery.

      3. Can’t sue if can’t prove they did the deed with pictures.

      4. Again, she is a married woman. Since there is nothing to prove that they have sex, it’s unfair to Fong Fong to say that she had sex with another man other than her husband. Until when there is a believable evidence to say that she slept with another man during her marriage, please be careful in choosing word.

        To think of her as a person like you. Wrongly dragged in a nonsense rumour.

      5. @ Josie

        “No no, can’y say that. He might get sued by the husband for adultery.”

        The woman will have it worse if Raymond said “so what? I fxxked with a married woman!!” since she’s the one married. Her marriage might go to ruin.

      6. @kidd:

        Yes, but to be honest, I only care about LF!
        Angel could sell her her story to the tabloids afterwards.

      7. I have quite mixed feelings towards what he says too..

        But obviously he can’t say he fxxked a married woman even if that happens. Even normal people don’t go around saying that much less a celebrity.

        One thing is Raymond has bad memory, his many years back could be 1 year back since the 2009 award is there.

        I don’t look at him in a bias way, its a 2 way thing here. He can fxxed a married woman only if the woman is willing to and it’s his life, who seriously bothers what he does?

    2. hey, i used to liked him too, with all his choices of women, makes me lol. his choices making me sick…..
      i don’t mind, if someone ordinary, but must from good background.

      1. PSS’s background is actually VERY good: daughter of a wealthy family.

    3. If you saw the pix of the awards, the one with his face is JSG round 3 of 2007 😀 and JSG round 1 of 2008.

      The TVB awards, he has 7 in total, from 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010. The two in the shelf can be either from 2004, 2006, 2007 or 2008.

      The Metro awards he also has several from 2007 to 2010.

      Curious mode: How you expect him to come and say? Like Veejay?

      1. The award on the bed is the 31st Top Ten Golden Songs Award given by RTHK. The award ceremony was held on Jan 2009.

    4. Too many lieeesss…That can only mean one thing. He is hiding something … Take it to court. Apple Daily and Face Magazine will point out those inconsistencies and then let the Ray team explain why he said that.

    5. Well I think we still don’t know if Ray and Angel truly did anything or not, so who really knows?? There aren’t any photos to prove that. However, since he did lie in the past about his relationships, people are less likely to believe and trust him now. I guess he still has not learned from the Andy Lau experience yet or something. And to think people were going to say that he is going to be the next Andy… Sorry but if you do compare, in terms of commitment in relationships, he can’t compare to Andy in that department…

  5. Don’t Apple Daily and Face Magazine have their own lawyers too? I mean they should know the risks of publishing this information. So I am sure they are prepared for it. The worst is that they will bring this to court because the legal letter issued by Raymond and his party is just a statement to clarify the rumors. I wonder if any reporter can get some juicy info out of Angel.

    1. They do, and they will always settle out of court. The magazine they sell far outweighs the repercussions.

  6. Depressed again?? For crying outloud LF always says he’s depress or cries when his scandals exposed geez just accepted it rather come up with more lies

    1. If he is indeed lying again, then he will suffer the outcome and result of it later just like with the Mavis incident. If he lies just to cover up the previous lies, then it will build up like a snowball effect and will come back to haunt him…

  7. I really hope the case will go to the last point: A court.

    But I guess Face and AppleDaily will keep silent and let everything die down like what they always do whenever an artist sent them lawsuit letter.

  8. The lady came to Raymond’s house for visiting – let’s face it: several times.

    The lady posted pictures because she wanted to cause attention – famous – money (from opportunity in a scandal)

    Raymond might or might not sleep (have sex) with the lady but wait!!! Why the lady came to Raymond’s house several times. Probably, they played check game or card together.

    Thus, Raymond might be gay.

    I, now, do not know what the hell I am talking about

    1. haha i know exactly what youre talking about haha and i agreed too

  9. BTW, from the scandal, we can know one thing: TVB don’t recycle their awards. The awards the artist can take home after winning.

    Less stingy than I guess, lol.

  10. “Long-term depression led to reservations when meeting other people.”

    Has Raymond consulted a psychiatrist?

    Depression is not something to be taken likely. Please get help if you really has depression, Raymond!

    1. I know, my beautiful Leslie. So perfect, yet so tortured. Will miss him forever.

      1. I rmb when I saw the building Leslie jumped out, I suddenly felt very sad. After that, I re-watched So happy together and Leslie – Tony were so adorable.

    2. Tomorrow headline: “Lam Fung went to see psychiatrist”.

      Long long ago, I think 3-4 years, I wrote a fiction about a star. Now think back, it’s quite similar.

    3. The thing is those who says I AM DEPRESSED usually aren’t, and those who doesn’t say anything, like Leslie jumped off the building. Ray is only depress because his good image is being tarnished. His playboy past or present is catching up with him and he is helpless against any rumours, gossips, truths.

      1. AGREED! Why feel the heat if you didn’t do anything wrong? Once a liar always a liar.

    4. DEPRESSED is a very strong word. I hope he doesn’t kill himself over this. It’s not worth it.

  11. The MAGAZINE company definitely crossed the line as evidenced in the statement.

    1. They sure do that to sell their stories with the mission to brought down Lam Fung. Poor Lam Fung,there are always somebody who get jealous with his popularity.

      1. I really feel for him, his agony and frustration. Definitely believe him. These magazines are just out to make $$$ with untrue reports like these.

      2. Agree with you, whatever people say,still support him, 4ever! Hes just a victim of the ridiculous imagination of goddamn Face. Maybe he could not rmb the exact date of those pictures, but surely it’s not like that. Face just made it up. They gone so far… plz let him go, Face

  12. stupid guy. the dates already contradicts what he said.

    if he had just said something like.. “oh we are both from Xiamen we are good friends.”

    people may still believe.
    now that his lies are so clear.. -.-
    cant blame people for thinking other things.

    if innocent why the need to lie?

  13. Poor, poor Lam Fung. Even with all his money he gets so frustrated and unhappy. If he was a normal person maybe he might have been happier. I feel for him because I like him but unfortunately being a celebrity this is the sort of thing they should get used to I suppose. Or at least not be surprised at.

  14. “Raymond sadly noted that the untrue reports also injured him on a physical and mental level. Long-term depression led to reservations when meeting other people. Raymond said bitterly, “When I go to old classmates and friends’ gatherings, they are afraid to take photos with me. Even if they took the photos, they will deliberately ask whether they can place the photos online. When fans ask to take photos with me, I would also hesitate. It is very difficult to possess this type of psychological burden!””

    Ray. Stop thinking yourself into depression.

    I really think Raymond is too concern about what others think. Maybe this is his good point. Being sensitive to other’s feeling, like his family’s feelings and not want to put burden on them, don’t want to give trouble to his friends. But, at the same time, he’s thinking way too much and too cautious.

    Why cannot take photos with old friends and fans? If there’s nothing, sooner or later, it will blow over. He’s single. Interacting with women is normal.

    1. If you didn’t do anything wrong there is no need to get sentimental. Only people who have done something wrong dwell in their mistakes and think too much and wonder if people will find out more!

      1. he’s just a little bit sensitive… That’s not a mistake

      2. Well if he were honest in the first place, then it would not have been as bad. People would trust him more but since he has lied in the past, now people are less likely to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      3. Lol, I bet you can’t find any adult who has no secret and mistakes.

    2. oh don’t pretend that you don’t like/afraid to socialise. You seem very happy clubbing with Blueberry Kibby Lau and you don’t even know her that well.

      1. Haha!! Agree.
        Raymond just cries, weeps, complains, depressed, LOL!!
        Be strong Raymond. You are a man, no need to get depressed and cries everytime some photos expose or some girls say you sleep wtih them, LOL!

      2. I don’t think he is afraid to socialise. He is unhappy of the trouble he causes his friends and family cos he cannot control what the reporters right.

        As to whether there is any truth, cut this guy some slack. He is single, rich and probably playing around.

        But one thing is for sure, he is really hardworking and puts effort into what he does.

    3. Maybe he should think for others less. There is only one thing he’ll receive when thinking for others too much: More hurt.

  15. I wonder how much more money Raymond can make if he left TVB… Seriously, he should consider it. And consider getting back into real acting since his actually quite alright. But his got to stop acting cool (like a block of wood).

  16. How much Raymond would make if he left TVB would depend on what he does I guess; maybe he could concentrate on just his singing. That can bring in a lot of money if the ticket sales are good of course. Many years ago David Liu Fong did a concert and he was paid HK$600,000 just for 2 or 3 hours work. That was a long time ago and so you can earn a lot just by appearing in a concert but then he would make cds. Or maybe make films and if they are blockbusters, that would certainly boost his salary. I would really miss him if he was to leave TVB as I don’t get to see Cantonese films over here.

    1. No HK films there? Where’s there? Cayman Islands, North Korea or Greenland? But you can get TVB there? Must be NK then.

      Just kidding. You’re probably not missing much. I’ve not seen one HK film in the past 2 years I would recommend someone else without knowing anything about that person.

      Raymond should act more. He is (was) good at it. I can see him playing a good variety of roles well. Singing… ugh… current cantopop disinterests me. Either way, he would make more money away from TVB.

    2. “Many years ago David Liu Fong did a concert and he was paid HK$600,000 just for 2 or 3 hours work.”

      That’s not 2-3 hours work. The actual concert might be 2-3 hours, but, the preparation for it took a long time. Rehearsals after rehearsals. For singers who has a lot of dance songs, also need to learn new dance move and practice dancing. Some singers also involved in song choice, stage design, costume design, concert team etc. It’s hard work.

      1. I agree. Before the actual concert or even rehearsal on site, there will be weeks or months (depending on the singer) rehearsal in studio, planning the set list, changing them, etc and then actual rehearsal on concert venue and finally the concert. They need to do their homework. Different star may vary but generally their concert day is never their first time singing the concert setlist. If that is the way it is, then that star is lazy and the show will usually be confusing, lacklustre and lots of mistakes. When you see the singer run left and right, those are rehearsed. Everything they say and do is rehearsed, except of course they do add a little subtract a little.

      2. The one I went to was 3 hours 30 minutes max, no costume changes except for jackets, on the stage throughout except for 5 min. You can’t be there for so long and not rehearsed. It was like military operation.

    3. Concerts take months and months of work and preparation. The actual concert is about a couple of hours, but the work behind to prepare for it is months of work. I heard some artists say that they took 3-4 months or more to prepare for a single concert. Therefore, they really deserve it…

  17. Oh yeah, of course there are lots of preparations before the concert. What I meant was, the actual time they spent on the stage was about 2-3 hours. Obviously they would have had rehearsal after rehearsal and lots of sweat even…

    I reside in the U.K. and although I have TVB Channel here which I watch constantly, however, there are no Chinese cinemas like in the US. Therefore I have not seen any Cantonese movies for a long time unless I get them on dvd from yesasia.

  18. I don’t like these modern Cantopop music at all so I am sure that I won’t like Raymond’s songs. His voice is ok but I much prefer Jackie Cheung’s voice and Leon Lai also.

    1. Imagine if Ray was on the stage with Jacky Cheung singing it’s abvious whose a better singer. Ray should really add another title into his resume-Playboy that is. He seriously have some issues. I used to think of him as a good man and a good example for young folks not so much anymore.

      1. raymond is the next ekin cheng. average in everything. the only difference is ekin likes innocent looking girls while raymond likes busty sexy girls.

      2. @P

        I think Raymond is probably a better actor than Ekin, ie. if Raymond stopped being TVB’s little b*tch. Crying isn’t acting. Well maybe…

    2. Oh I might be the only one in here to think of Leon as pretty face but can’t sing well :P.

      1. i’m with you, never understand how leon can get famous. Can’t sing can’t really act either.

      2. Over the years, I became more forgiving of Leon Lai’s singing. Despite his voice, a lot of his songs are now classics, thanks to good music production team working with him. He does possess a good number of memorable tunes, as compared to less catchy songs these days.

      3. @Jayne: I agree. The tunes in the past are sweeter. Maybe now the composers composed for too many years so they hardly can provide good things?

        Leon has good choice on songs. His songs are nice, not his voice. Some songs I can’t like when I heard Leon sang, but when Janice Vidal covered it, it sounds a lot better. I’m talking about the song Long Distance.

  19. Jayne good observation about the change of clothes & the 2010 awards in all the photos!!!

    As for Raymond, I guess it’s normal to have tons of girl friends since he’s young, handsome, famous & rich! The trick is, how to handle all of them together …lol….!

  20. Oh so it is the norm for visitors to go snapping and posing for photos inside their “friend’s” home (together with their trophies) and post it up on their Weibo accounts and blogs nowadays?

    Lol, maybe this is the new trend that could overtake “planking”! All I can say about Raymond is that I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true that he got together with a married woman, a leopard never changes it’s spots, will a man stop being lusty? Is there any cat that wouldn’t eat fish? Plus it does sound abit dubious that this Angel Fong would delete the photos straightaway after the rumors circulated, if you got nothing to hide, why would you delete those photos? Guilty conscience?

    1. My guess: Don’t want to see more articles. One is enough. If she still leaves these pix there, who can guess what the reporters will say next? You can see that many of ppl after a scandal, will choose to delete everything out. It’s like a new start.

      I had a cat, she only ate meat, never ate fish :P. Whenever I gave her fish, she would meow meow and showed sad face, of course dun eat until I put meat in her bowl. It’s a weird cat, right? If you like, I can send you her pic to see. Too bad, I lost her when I moved house :(. Don’t know where she has gone.

      1. @Fox:

        Yeah I see, I see people deleting those photos and most of them usually have something to hide, no? But what’s the use of deleting them seriously, the internet is like a electronic storage system in the air, whatever one posts up there will float around the web atmosphere until one dies.

        A new start? A new start to what? Friendship or a love life without a certain Mr. Ray?

        “I had a cat, she only ate meat, never ate fish . Whenever I gave her fish, she would meow meow and showed sad face, of course dun eat until I put meat in her bowl.”

        Interesting revelation to share but it’s just a phrase lahs! You mean when they say it’s raining cats and dogs, there’s really literally cats and dogs dropping from the sky mehs? 😀

        “If you like, I can send you her pic to see”

        LOL! it’s okay, thanks but no thanks, I’m not Moses Chan or the reporter in particular (please see article on “Moses Chan dons cape and discloses that current romance is sweet”)

      2. Lol, raining dogs and cats because the cats and dogs lay on the roof and when rainning, they jump out and look like fall from the sky down.

        She is married, Ah K. She has a husband. Maybe her husband doesn’t want her to put these pix on weibo to cause to more trouble. In a way to thinking, she is dragged from nowhere and in a second, she might think that just delete and everything will be alright.

        However, let’s join the new rumour below :P.

      3. @Fox:

        Lol and do cats and dogs really go lying on the roof? Just kidding!

        “She is married, Ah K. She has a husband. Maybe her husband doesn’t want her to put these pix on weibo to cause to more trouble. ”

        Strange then that her husband did not speak up to the media about this and defend her or speak a word of fairness for her.

        “In a way to thinking, she is dragged from nowhere and in a second, she might think that just delete and everything will be alright.”

        That’s an even more strange mindset coming from her, I would think it would have been better if she had on her side (and not just Raymond’s side) sued the magazine for defamation or slander to get back some hefty compensation in return, no?

      4. Perhaps it’s a join lawsuit letter.

        Only if this case turn to next step, we’ll see more. If AppleDaily and Face choose to keep silent and let it die down like what happened with many other cases (Ray Lui, Ron, etc.), we won’t see anymore info. Do you rmb the article when Ron is said to date Kate and Sire Ma at the same time? He sent Next a lawsuit letter and nothing happened after that. No more news.

        And then it turns to a fact that Ron dated Viann, not Kate nor Sire.

      5. Strange isn’t it? After all one would think that a married woman being accused of infidelity would be more sensitive towards her reputation being ruined than a single young man accused of having an affair with a married woman towards his reputation being ruined.

      6. @Funn Lim:

        Well put and I wanted to ask you for the longest time, did you just change your avatar to a Arizona or wonder woman? Holy Moley, how the hell did you do that? :O

      7. Ah K, Funn
        I think Funn would make a very suitable “Wonder Woman” 🙂 I always found her to be the sexiest among superheroes. Come Halloween time, every woman wants to dress up as Wonder Woman.

      8. If you ask me, the most strange thing I found is the TVB awards. I always thought they will recycle it, which means TVB will take back the awards from the winner after the night and give to the next year winner. I thought so because TVB stated that each awards cost $2 millions. With this much of money, they gave it to the artists? Such a big surprise!

      9. Ah K, Jayne, Fox,

        When I saw “Xena Warrior Princess” i was like what? Wonder woman? Oh you were talking about my avatar! No no, not even close. I like to dress my avatar in well those head gear thing. It is actually those Indian thing? My avatar is actually from Second Life, went into the world, dress her up, took pictures. I actually animated it..

        Here see…


        No Wonder woman. It is actually a ruffled dress with capri pants and high heels!! But I gotta admit, my avatar is rather pretty but even my avatar needed make up.

        Adding my never used alter egos, dragon and ice cream but well, later since computer is slow…

      10. Funn,
        I like Wonder Woman avatar more. Very apt for you, as you do possess many wonderful traits. 🙂

      11. Alter egos, never wanna back to this. I dun like dragon nor priest.

      12. @Funn Lim:

        Lol, anyway I think the avatar’s nice and since Second Life modeled this after how you look like in real life, I think you must be quite pretty and smokin’ hot in real life too! WAHAHA! :”D

        I’m more amazed by how you managed to change your avatar, you mean we can change our avatar here at Jaynestars? I always thought the avatar was fixed and hence we can’t change it.

        I veto to ice cream cause it will make me feel like eating ice cream whenever I comment and I shall hold your avatar responsible for any recent weight gain lol! Dragon looks way too fierce and scary that I think I won’t dare to reply to your comments lol! Hmm…I think the sexy girl link you provided doesn’t suit you, looks like a (ahem) call girl. Lol, excuse my frankness! All in all, I think your current avatar suits you best!


        “I think Funn would make a very suitable “Wonder Woman” I always found her to be the sexiest among superheroes. Come Halloween time, every woman wants to dress up as Wonder Woman.”

        Haha is it because there are talks of an Wonder Woman movie coming out in year 2013 or 2015? 😀

      13. Ahhh Ah K too high a compliment! My avatar is how I wish I look like. Yes that one does look like call girl which is why I banned that look.

        Jayne did post that you can change you avatar via gravatar.com

        That is where I opened an account long ago, then notice Jaynstars show my avatar. Just make sure your email you use when posting comment is same as in gravatar

      14. Ah K,
        “Haha is it because there are talks of an Wonder Woman movie coming out in year 2013 or 2015?”

        No, it has always been popular for women to dress up as Wonder Woman every year during Halloween here. Superhero costumes are always very popular.

  21. Guess this will never end. He needs to be careful and I don’t trust that Virginia Lok. Why is that one trophy on a bed?

  22. To contribute to the rumour, the famous girl Mimi is now going to have a husband (if the matchmaker is successful). His name is Sniper. See his pic below: http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/bmiddle/6c9eb993jw1dkk0qeoj79j.jpg

    Ok, once when the famous girl Mimi is get married, hope she won’t move to her husband’s house or the girls won’t have chance to take picture with her anymore :P.

    And hope one day her pic with any guy such as Momo (Ron’s) won’t be published on magazine as “married but still go out with other guys”.

    I’m kidding, I swear.

    1. Introduction:

      Her full name is Mimi Lam, mui mui of a famous HK artist Lam Fung. One eye is black, one eye is grey. She loves chicken, especially chicken wing. She is over the married age. Her last love rumour is Cooper Lam but she refused. People often praise her as obedient, cute, smart and beautiful. She is highly welcomed by the girls and even the guys. Her picture is shown in the Fong Fong article.

      Sniper Li is the biggest son of the famous actor Li Chen. He is ambitious, young, handsome and dynamic. His weakness: bear a grudge and like to be praised. If you don’t praise him, he will be very sad. He is also quite sensitive. His pic is attached above.

      The third party: Momo Ng, son of Ron Ng. Yellow long hair, sensitive and lovely. Can connect well with cats. It’s a secret but look like his dad cut the you-know-what of him =)). So he is the type can look but can’t do. No matter what, he still has the possibility to be the third party because he has picture with Mimi.

      How do you think, will Mimi cheated Sniper?

      1. @Fox:

        I’m sorry but I don’t get it, I’m very confused.

        You meant her eyeballs are really black on one eyeball and grey on the other? And what is “Mui Mui”?

        And who’s Momo Ng? Son of Ron Ng? You meant Ron has a son??

      2. Mui mui = younger sister.

        They are all dogs, girl. Haven’t clicked at the pic I posted?

      3. @Fox:

        “They are all dogs, girl. Haven’t clicked at the pic I posted?”

        Nope, cause you gave the link under Sniper so I was wondering why would I want to look at a photo of this guy-which-turned-out-to-be-a-dog.

        I’m sorry but I don’t think I’m the best person to comment, I live in a human world not a “doggy” world, I have no idea how dogs relationships work out. Thanks for the information though.

      4. Trying to make the dog life become a drama like what reporters are doing with human.

      5. Foxy, why is mimi considered ray’s little sister while momo is Ron’s son?

        Hmmm… w/ the pet names mimi and momo, it’s hard for me to believe there’s nothing going on btwn ray and Ron. Sounds like couples’ names, right?

      6. They said so. LF calls Mimi “mui mui” while Ron calls Momo “ah jai” (meh, then why he cut this you-know-what of ah jai!)

        A small note: Mimi was bought by Ron to LF :P, so you have every right to doubt more now.

  23. it’s quite sad actually, LF is full of lies again and seeking empathy again. He is definitely a good actor in this!!

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