Raymond Lam Does Not Plan to Renew Contract With TVB?

This year was the first time TVB entirely let the audience decide the Best Actor and Best Actress at the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards. Known to have a large fan base, Raymond Lam (林峯) was thought to have high chances of claiming the Best Actor title. However, the results indicated otherwise, awarding Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) as Best Actor for the third time. Even the My Favorite Male Character Award did not go to Raymond, and went to Kenneth Ma (馬國明) instead. After leaving the awards ceremony empty-handed that night, did Raymond have plans to leave TVB?

Allegedly, Raymond is currently one of the top moneymaking artists at TVB, earning 10 million RMB for new mainland drama, Legend of the Purple Hairpin <紫钗奇缘>. Besides filming for Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> this year, he has been busy making money in mainland for the remainder of the time. Producer Raymond Wong (黃百鳴) had also signed him for five movies, casting him as the main male lead in the movie, Love is…Pajamas <男人如衣服>.

Raymond Lam: “Many Other Companies Have Contacted Me!”

On December 22, Raymond Lam responded to rumors of him deciding to not renew his TVB contract. He was filming with Michelle Ye (葉璇) in Hengdian for the 25-episode mainland series, Legend of the Purple Hairpin . When asked about his plans, he expressed, “My contract with TVB is not over yet.”

Huayi Brothers had reportedly contacted Raymond regarding a management contract. Regarding this, Raymond replied, “Yes, a lot of companies have been in contact with me, but I still have my contract with TVB, so I haven’t thought about other things.”

Will Raymond be like Hins Cheung (張敬軒), who was willing to pay a fine to leave before his contract ended? “I haven’t thought about that yet.” What if someone else pays for you? “I don’t want to think about these things at the moment. Sorry, but I have to get back to filming.” Raymond quickly replied and hurried back to work.

Source: Next Magazine # 1190 via kuangaitvb.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yes, if’s good for him since TVB always give him bad characters recently. I miss the old time.

    1. this is true…TVB did not give him any good character last year and this year…this year he only has one good one but did not give him the TV King anyway! (even I believe he did have the higher votes)

      1. I’m sorry but his golden time in TVB is over , they now promote others than him and I’m sure he will never get BA in the future, just face it and move on, he’ll be more successful somewhere else, I’m sure.

      2. Actually he should be happy to be getting bad character roles as this will help him to expand and explore his other capabilities instead more of the same.

      3. OK, let me clarify what I meant, it’s TVB gives him boring roles in very bad/unqualified scripts. And to be honest, TVB’s series are getting worse and worse.

    2. I agree with you. A lot of the story lines nowadays are crappy. The old movies are way better. Even though, happy endings are old fashioned, but it satisfy everyone.

    3. Don’t you think the actors and actresses are ranked by this order now?

      1. Tavia Yeung Kenneth Ma
      2. Myolie Wu Kevin Cheng
      3. Linda Chung Bosco Wong
      4. Kate Tsui Raymond Lam
      5. Fala Chen Moses Chan

      2nd Class
      1. Nancy Wu Michael Tse
      2. Mandy Wong Ruco Chan
      3. Selena Li Ron Ng
      4. Sharon Chan Roger Kwok
      5. Natalie Tong Raymond Wong

      3rd Class
      1. Christine Kuo Vincent Wong
      2. Aimee Chan Him Law
      3. Eliza Sam Oscar Leung
      4. Alice Chan Edward Siu
      5. Sire Ma Ben Wong

      I guess raymond doesnt care about tvb anymore since his too big for “TVB”

  2. No offense to Raymond Lam fans and to him personally, u did went a bit over board in High and Lows…get over yourself.. besides it is time for Kenneth Ma to snatch up an award as he deserves it. He to has been acting for many years. As to Wayne Lai well he’s a good actor but 3 years in a row c’mon TVB..u wonder why so many people out there are suspicious…

    1. If it is an award based on acting merit, there is no question, except maybe a more deserving actor has been robbed and it ain’t the 2 younger ones. If it is popularity award, yes it is suspicious but only in so far as discounting the fact that perhaps, just perhaps, in this TVB awards, more Wayne fans voted for him than Raymond fans. And Kenneth Ma probably isn’t that popular in HK perhaps.

      1. Yeah. Damian has been robbed off the award obviously :p Well, how much percentage did Raymond fans make up H K population in total? Come on fans. Audience who voted need not be hardcore fans. Rather they are viewers at home who don’t march down street but willingly to vote for the deserving winner. Raymond dint give the King feels. He is at best popular or favourite. Unfortunately majority rather buy Yat Kin Tao this yr :p

      2. In terms of BEST ACTING, Damian Lau should win the award. Unfortunately, either he didn’t really care about it or he did not enough fans to vote for him, he did not win it.

    2. yes wayne acting is good but there r actors with better acting skills like michael mui

      1. Yup. Michael M i u definitely great. The reason for my family to watch H A L

      2. huh? michael mui is not that great in acting, if he was, he wouldn’t have stopped acting earlier in life, doesn’t make sense right?

      3. michael mui stopped acting because he wanted to start a business of his own because he believed he could even make more money but however he decided to return to acting and his acting skills are strong and at tv king level

      4. sam gor is the best.one of the famous five tigers of tvb.his acting skill is incredible and his charisma is unbelievable.

      5. Yes, Michael is a good actor, but is not consider better than Wayne.

      6. As much as I like Michael, saying he is the best of the 5 tigers is a stretch. I would say he is ranked in the middle. It would have to be Tony, Felix, Michael, Andy and Kent. Tony is pretty self explanatory and Felix’s old and new roles are just as good. Its a pity that his last series, with tvb (which Michael was in) was not promoted more. Gun Metal Grey rocked and had a good script.

    3. Shut up he did not went a BIT over board in highs and lows stop being so mean -.- its your opinion anyway -.-

    4. agree samantha. raymond lam did went overboard in highs and lows and kenneth ma is more deserving of the award based on his excellent performance in on call 36.

  3. “casting him as the main male lead in the movie, Love is…Pajamas .”

    He’s not the main male lead in Pajamas. The main male lead is Ronald Cheng.

  4. I like his acting and all but he needs to grow up. All these actors nowadays expect to be winners overnight. It took Wayne 15 years or so to get to where he is today. He had plenty of memorable roles before he became a star in rosy business.

    1. LOL, you tell the guy to grow up based on a speculative article? No where in his response was it confirmed that he actually felt that way. And the awards are supposed to be awarded based on merit – not your number of years in service. LF has also been with TVB 10+ years.

      I didn’t think LF deserved the award, but if it was going to be the voting system then I find it suspect that he didn’t win. I don’t really care if Wayne has more housewives fans, I don’t for a second believe LF fangirls wouldn’t vote in a frenzy too.

    2. didn’t take him 15 years only took him a good role from rosey business. same as laughing gor it’s all about roles not years of acting other wise wayne would still be a supporting character same with laughing gor

      1. Agree that it’s largely about the role. Wayne was already a very good actor prior to Rosy Business, but it took the role of Chai Kau and the popularity of RB for him to win TV King and propel him to the TVB A-list.

  5. Agree that Raymond Lam was disappointed at his loss. Perhaps it is time for Raymond to evaluate his acting skills. He has a handsome look and good personality, but he needs to improve his acting skills if he wants to win Best Actor Award. Even Kenneth Ma and Bosco Wong beat Raymond Lam in acting now.

    1. If you said Wayna’s acting is better than Raymond…okay i agree…but i don’t think Kenneth’s acting is better than Raymond. How hard is it to act a handsome and outstanding doctor in on call 36???? Kenneth just given a good character to act because TVB is promoting him this year!

      1. Nicely said. TVB is promoting Kenneth this year but Ray always become the cannon fodder for haters.

      2. Raymond Lam might have improved a bit in “HAL”, but his acting has stayed at a standstill position in the last few years. He needs to accept different types of characters to improve his acting skills. He cared too much about his good image. I watched Raymond Lam when he was a newbie, co-acting with Lawrence Ng, in “Taste of Love” in 2001. He seemed to be a talented newbie, but I don’t see much difference in his acting after 11 years.

        Kenneth Ma’s acting was also in a standstill position for a long time, but he has improved tremendously in the last 4 years. He could act a nice guy (“Can’t Buy Me Love”), a lazy and silly guy (“3 Kingdoms RPG”), a professional medical doctor (“The Hippocratic Crush”), and various villainous characters (Alex in “The Other Truth”; Yau Sam Shui in “Grace under Fire”; To Tin Yu in “Tiger Cubs”; and Fuk-Tsuen, the Second Imperial Prince, in “The Life and Times of a Sentinel”). All these characters were very different in personalities and required different acting skills.

      3. Raymond Lam has the potentials, but he must forget about his handsome and chok image and is willing to accept different types of characters. He is hard working, but he needs to spend more time to study the characters that he acts to bring out the details of his characters.

      4. It’s more because those characters are already shaped and written to be different while Ray rarely got diverse characters from TVB. In your list, Kenneth overacted and used the same puppy eyes in most of them.

      5. Well. Bosco has been a better actor all the years but, he never get the promotion like Raymond. Kenneth hardly gets one until this year’s On Call which was well received. Raymond and his chok style is gettin stagnant but he is still nice to watch as Mr Chok :p Kenneth’s puppy eyes were overused at times but he is a much versatile actor than Raymond.

      6. you see him as. More versitile actor cus tvb gives him different roles while always gives raymond mr good guy. I dun see how raymond cnt act the roles kenneth played but tvb doesnt give him a chance until this yr where he got to choose hal

      7. maybe tvb gave raymond only mr nice guy roles cos he was always sucking up to miss lok? haha

      8. i like to see raymond in an villain role i think he has the potential for it because he has the “i dont care look in his eyes”.

      9. kenneth is too old he needs to be out there developing the next chok king when raymond leavesw

      10. TVB’s not willing to give Raymond different roles to try out in fear of tarnishing his established image even though Raymond may personally want to try something new. Look at what happened with Men With No Shadows. It was a total disaster because of the script and the character he portrayed. It was said that TVB had imposed limitations on the scriptwriter for Raymond’s devilish character in fear that it would be not well received by the audience. Hence if Raymond continues to stay with TVB, he will only be given the same type of roles over and over just so he remains ‘princely’ in our eyes. As a fan of his, I would much rather see him portray an array of different characters and the only way for him to do so is to leave the company. Supporting him all the way. Go LF!

      11. -.- I don’t think Kenneth’s act is better than Raymond (my opinion) just because he is good looking and got good parts in TVB acting doesn’t make him better than anyone else -.- its everyone’s opinion they are not right or wrong they are just opinions!

      12. Agree to AL. If raymond act in on call, he sure better than kenneth.

    2. I disagree with this and agree with AL. No offense but I don’t think Kenneth’s acting in THC(as it’s what people keep raving) is that great and better than Ray. Ray is still the better actor than Kenneth. If you say Ray need to evaluate his acting skills, so must Kenneth.

      1. Uh, no. Kenneth is a few levels better than Ray when it comes to acting skills. I think the majority of the readers on this forum will agree with that.

      2. Kenneth’s acting is def better than Raymond. Its a joke if people think otherwise.

        Raymond’s acting is comparable to Ron.

      3. By having puppy eyes in all his dramas? I still disagree. It is Kenneth who is equally as bad as Ron in SSSS. He got a big break which is a great storyline and good character in THC and he already got Most Favourite Character award for it but Best Actor is far away. You can say Wayne is better than Ray, but sorry not Keneth. Look at 3K.

      4. I feel Kenneth Ma acts better than Raymond Lam in 3K.

        Yes, maybe he looks too mature. But, I felt his portrayal is natural and seamless.

      5. Kenneth Ma’s acting is MUCH better than Ray’s. Raymond cannot act. He can only play roles like Goon Ga Zai in MR. His acting in TKRPG was terrible.

      6. If Kenneth Ma was not good in acting his character, Si Ma Shun, in “3 Kingdoms RPG”, it was due to his fake character descriptions. How about Raymond Lam in “3 Kingdoms RPG”? He had a smart and prestigious character Chu-got Leung. His performance was terrible which could not reflect Chu-got Leung as the smartest strategist in Chinese history.

      7. I disagree. I think Kenneth’s acting exaggerated too much in 3K. It feels like he is a theater performer instead of in a drama. I think Raymond did well in 3K and he knows the word subtle.

      8. There were tons of criticisms on Raymond Lam’s acting as Chu-got Leung when “3 Kingdoms RPG” was airing. The only criticism that Kenneth Ma got was he was over-aged for Si Ma Shun.

      9. Well. To an extend my whole family paid attention to Zhu GeLiang’s wife more than him for the 1st time ever! It’s either his script or acting. Sorry!!

      10. “I feel Kenneth Ma acts better than Raymond Lam in 3K.”

        I still remember how he looks at Ray like he wants to kiss him.

      11. Kenneth is not the better actor. Yes, raymond needs to brush up on certain aspects on his acting but to say kenneth is better, I can only assume audience is captivated by the character itself and not the acting. In on call 36 hours, clearly kenneth had a more appealin character…even if ron played the role, fans would drool over him.

        People cant use 3 kingdom to compare raymond and kenneth. Kenneths role was to be a comedian and he def has the physical appearance for it…to me he looks like the goofy kind of guy. Then we have raymond who looks more more charming…tvb choosing him for

      12. the role…was just a miscast. And I didnt think raymond was that bad…he was just boring. You cant blame an actor for being boring if the script writer made the character that way…

        And please stop with the nonsense that raymond is whining…I personally think tvb have used him long enough to draw in revenues…therefore he has all the right to leave.

      13. Raymond was charming, but he did not show that he was a smart and clever strategist in Chinese history. He could not impress his audience that he was a smart and clever person at all. Chow Yu, portrayed by Ruco Chan, looked a lot smarter than Chu-got Leung in “3 Kingdoms RPG”.

      14. Thus it is why I said raymond was a miscast. Also supporting my argument that tvb has not given a good role to raymond since who knows when.

        I agree he did not wow the audience but was anyone really expecting him to pull off such a role? No.

        In any case, I am looking forward to the yang movie that is soon to be released and the tv series with michelle. I believe fair judgments should be based on the roles he plays in those movie and series.

      15. @Funn

        That doesn’t mean his acting was bad. It was how his character was like. Raymond looked stoned as Chu Got Leung.

      16. I don’t think Chu-got Leung should be a boring character in history. If he could beat Chow Yu, he should be a very smart and brilliant person.

      17. The writing was bad. That’s true. The acting was not much better. Again that’s true.

      18. ^ that is exactly what it is. Bad script. Acting from all the main leads were pretty bad. I enjoyed watching the veterans a lot more I.e. mary hon, those generals…dont know their names…and props to ruco.

        Everyone else was just plain out not up to par.

      19. Raymond is better than Kenneth in wuxia. Kenneth might be slightly better than Raymond in modern series. They are probably just better in different genres.
        3K was horrid. It seems that the characters are not designed for Kenneth and Raymond. I rather TVB choose actors for their suitability in roles. Rather than letting an actor act out a role unsuitable for them even if they are versatile.
        Yes, Wayne is a good actor, but he is perhaps unsuitable to act in certain roles, for example wuxia main lead unless they tailored it for him.
        Just like the majority of people who disliked Lawrence Ng’s character Zhang Wuji in HSDS, although many liked his healing hands character.
        Time for TVB to groom new actors, instead of over reliance on the present stars.

      20. I am glad that someone finally understands that there is a difference between an actor, a role and actor with the role. Very well said!

      21. Yeah your right and Nat just because maybe Kenneth is your favorite TVB star doesn’t make him better than Raymond or anyone else so rip your mouth off already its just an opinion -_-

      22. Mmmmm I don’t remember Kenneth using puppy eyes in tiger clubs, but he still did a great job in his role!

    3. Meh. I disagree that either Kenneth or Bosco are better actors but it’s all subjective. I do agree that LF’s acting has been stagnant and it did not sound like HAL broke the mould so I’m fine with him not winning. Whether he’s disappointed or not – he’ll get over it when he’s counting his money. The award is nice for sentimental reasons, but he doesn’t need it as badly as the other underpaid TVB stars.

    4. To RayLeilafan who keeps insisted that LF is better than MM.And he should won the Fav male character instead of LF than just think back of two years ago when MM should won the award with his awesome performance as Ku Yu Tong in a fistful of stances.He is even better compared to the first male lead Kevin Cheng.But then why at the time LF King Sir won instead?Just because he is much more popular?MM is robbed from the fav award 2 years ago as well.So it’s just fair for MM to won this year.

      1. I know I saw that series but I do not recall MM having an outstanding performance. If youre insisting he performed well, I can only assume the role he had was interesting and appealing. Again, there is a difference between acting and the nature of the role.

      2. if talking bout your theory then ray was robbed tv king before too so shouldnt it be fair too that he won this year?!!

    5. Its up to the one who is making call on 36 and who should be in it so its mainly not Raymond’s fault he is not in call no 36 mouse brains –_–

  6. I am okay that TVB did not give Raymond the award this year…but i am disppoint that TVB don’t give Raymond any good character to act!

      1. i understand that Award is importand for Raymond…as his fans…of course i want him to get it…it just say that i am more disappointed that TVB is not give any good character for Raymond…without good character…without promotion…Raymond will never get a award!

    1. Agree with you which is why I think it is time for Raymond to leave TVB in search of bigger and better opportunities. TVB will just continue to give him the same roles which will only get him nominated for Best Actor but never will he actually get the award.

  7. Well he can always go back to his father’s company and be a rich man’s son. Seriously. Ya he may have been with the company for almost a decade (not sure about the timeline) . . but judging from his dramas, I’m not convinced that he has a passion for acting. To me, it’s like a past-time. If he wasn’t handsome (by HK STANDARDS) and didn’t get a nose job, clearly he wouldn’t be well accepted. Oh boo hoo, if he really does depart from Tvb it only feeds into the rumours of him being a sore loser. I have yet to see him shed his looks for a different character. I don’t know how to describe it exactly. Whether he played goon ga jai, professor Kingsley or Happy Sir, he can’t stray away from either that expressionless face or that rough, overdramatic character.

    1. totally agreed. Raymond is horrible at acting. And he seems like he’s trying to fish awards from all different industries – music, movies, tv series.

      if he spent MORE TIME acting in series his acting might improve!

      if you cant participate in more than a couple of series a year and take more diverse roles, you don’t deserve an award.

      1. The problem is the diverse roles are not being offered to him. I personally think that he wants to portray different roles but is only given the squeaky clean ones instead.

      2. I don’t think he has choice since the role is decided by TVB for him and one series per year is not enough for playing too many diverse role. If the award is sorely dependent on acting skill then yes, but TVB put it this year as if it’s the fans’ choice, that’s why the criticism is still on.

      3. Just shut up! its your opinion. His acting is great and maybe everyone else think Raymond acting its horrible but I support him.HELLO?! ANYONE BRAVE ENOUGH HERE?! and you rip your mouth off he does deserve an award its not his fault his acting is horrible its TVB fault for not giving him good parts! everyone needs fair parts not only the other people! so yeah grab a apple and put it in your mouth to shut it up

      4. The one who should rip her mouth off is the one who goes hysterical barking at everyone who criticise her idol.

      5. No need to be so impolite. FYI what everyone says here is his or her opinion, no need to state the obvious. I guess Raymond leaving tvb will please both his fans and others.

    2. Just keep your mouth shut Kidd I am pretty sure you would get mad if someone said something rude about your “idol” -_- anyways just leave it be. -_-

  8. maybe few years ago, TVB already know that Raymond has been spending more and more time in China or filming industry…therefore…TVB is not giving him any good character to act…i understand TVB is a business organization…he will only promote someone is benefit him and loyal to him…i don’t see why Raymond should wait in TVB…it is big market out in China…he should go for a bigger market and earn more money…he is still yound…go and try…yea…of course…i hope he can make a wise choice….no matter what…i will support him as his loyal fans….

  9. Raymond is a good actor, just that it’s a pity he dint get any good roles lately. Twin of Brothers was prob the last role he did an excellent job.

    His role in Highs and Lows started off very well, but got worse towards the end to the point where he was overacting. But it was the best role he had in TVB in recents years. If only TVB gives him a challenging and good role like TOB he will do a good job.

    In On Call 36, Yat Kin Tao was just another typical good looking doctor character. But I guess Kenneth nailed the role and did an outstanding performance. It’s not easy to shine in a challenging role, but even harder to shine in a typical typecast role. However, his acting in 3 kingdom and SSSS was not up to standard though.
    Raymond is a consistent actor, and it’s pleasing to watch him most of the time. Just that it gets boring now that we dont get to see him in nice challenging roles anymore.

    1. Probably it is Raymond Lam’s fault that he cares too much about his image, as a result, no producers want to cast him in some villainous or unpleasant roles.

      1. Yup. Like what happened to Kevin too but he obviously couldn’t be bothered since he’s digging gold in China.

      2. Raymond has said before that when he was given the script for HAL, he actually wanted to portray Sam Gor’s role but later found out he would be portraying Happy Sir instead. He wants to portray villainous roles but the producers give him other roles instead.

      3. Its not Raymond’s fault you fool its just they are not being fair durr use your brain —_—

    2. I guess it’s also depends on the role and depends on the audiences, I like Lam Fung’s acting in the old days and now I couldn’t finish the first few episodes of his recent series except HAL but still I think he’s a good actor. I love KM, he’s doing great job at the moment and Bosco is awesome. It might be LF is focusing too much on music, movie so that his acting skill doesn’t get any better or TVB doesn’t give him any challenge role. I understand TVB trying to give WL and KM award instead of LF cause they can film 4-5 series per year while LF only does one, and all the series so far have high rating then why should they promote LF. Said but true, I hope LF will move to mainland, movie and music industry, he’ll achieve better there (at least in terms of money) but fans will miss him, like the old days.

      1. I like his acting in Sister Fah. He was funny. He kinda overacts in HAL in confrontation scenes.

      2. That’s true. Kenneth and Wayne can film 60-90 episodes per year for TVB Ray only has 1 series per year meaning max to 20-30 episodes. That’s why the award look questionable. TVB is giving it to those who can stick in TVB.

        Ray’s world outside is brighter with these big companies can’t wait to sign him, his success in music as best selling male artiste in HK, and bright future with Raymond Wong’s big budget movies.

      3. Oh yeah, I just finished the first ten episodes of HAL (sorry I mixed up before), he’s good to me so far. Oh Sister Fah, he’s good but Charmaine Sheh is quite disappointed so I didn’t finish either. But still I miss him in the old days, don’t know because of his acting or because of the role TVB give him.

    3. “Raymond is a consistent actor”

      you mean consistently bad?? lol

      1. Ah, come on. I don’t even like LF, but I’ll admit he’s not a bad actor. Okay in his early days, but boring as of late. I’m not too bothered if he decides to focus solely on his singing career though. It won’t be a big loss to us TV viewers.

      2. he was a pretty decent actor right until moonlight resonance. But you gotta admit that his performance were consistently bad after that. But i wouldn’t blame him that much since he had to juggle his singing, movie and tv career all at once.

  10. Again…as Raymond’s loyal fans…just hope that he make a wise choice…focus on what he want…work for his goal…i believe he has a strong fans base in China…hope that he can shine bright like a diamond! I will just support you all the way in USA.

    1. Raymonds fan base is not to reckon with. I wholdheartedly support him no matter what as well.

      I remember back in 2004 when he was superb in TOB..there were so many nice things said of him maybe a complaint here and there. Now it appears haters are all over him which I dont understand. But perhaps it is the price you pay for being popular.

      1. i don’t understand why people hate them neither…he works very hard and not have too much negative news…(just one with that China actress)…anyway…they still has a strong fans base!

      2. Jealous,might be. The price you get when you are good, and LF is successful in both industry (music and film).

      3. Its funny how all the anti fans said raymonds success was rigged since his popularity shot up to the sky so after losing out this year….he isnt rigged much, is he?

  11. does this awards even matter anymore? i mean aside form hong kong, other places like Singapore and and mainland china don’t event respect their awards. In the 90’s to early 2000’s maybe they mean something as the awards seems rigged, don’t you think?

    1. yes and no…yes…those award is just TVB give…TVB can give to whoever he want (don’t tell me it is popular voting…all those number can be make up)…no…those award can be importand because actor/actress give more show price after they get the award…But Raymond is in the 2nd high show price (next to Kevin)…so the TVB award is not that important to him (of course…it is nice to have)

      1. I guess the BA award is important to Ray. He started off in the TVB acting class and came a long way. Of course he wants to win the BA award and it is a form of recognition for his years of acting. Furthermore, this year’s result is based on votes, and he came very close to it.

        Maybe TVB should make a TOB sequel or something like that for Ray. He’s good at those roles.

      2. yea…i don’t understand why TVB don’t give to Raymond the TV King niether this year…never understand what TVB top management thinking!!!!Now i am waiting to see if TVB will give those two big musical award to Raymond in January…

  12. It’s so obvious that the media is trying to cook up stories following Raymond’s loss and saying all sorts of stuff. Raymond said in an interview today that there is no such thing as leaving TVB and he is going through his jobs as planned. Funny thing everyone gets worked up again with the comparisons.

    He lost, got a bit disappointed, went to celebrate with colleagues who won, got back to work and got on with life. He is used to not getting this award, no big deal. Why fall for the media’s trap and get all emotional about the awards again?

    1. Yes and the way he said sorry to all his fans was so good, I really think he has high EQ.

    2. Oh well win some lose some I guess :/ well at least all his fans were supporting him!

  13. Also, Raymond received three awards at 2012 Metro Radio Hits Music Awards while Eason Chan and Joey Yung receive 4 awards each. It is pretty good..All Raymond’s fan…cheer for Raymond!

  14. good for him to leave TVB, don’t like watching him anyways lol

    1. Rip your mouth off already would ya?! give the guy a break he worked really hard on his acting in TVB! what if you were him you would be a bit sad too you know so really! give him a break this is no joke to laugh about you fox dung

  15. I find Raymond to be a pretty decent actor, I think his role in Master of Tai Chi is one of his best ones. I quite liked him in Survivor’s Law too. I don’t it was his fault on how Happy sir was overreacting it’s the scriptwriters it started off well but when his character was a bit over the top in love with Kate’s character that’s when it shifted down Happy sir is not so happy lol. Not his fault, blame the scriptwriters it would of been better if he wasn’t too passionate about her though I did like them together.

    Out of all the leading actors in TVB I would give Bosco credit as one of the best ones, he’s so underrated compared to the other leading actors it is as if he doesn’t get noticed as much as the others. He can play any type of roles well like comedy(Wars Of In Laws), Drama(Witness Insecurity, Wong Fei Hung), he even impressed many others with his role as Michael in Lives Of Omission. It’s like he was made for this industry.

    I don’t think Raymond is that upset about losing the TV king award compared to the fans, it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t understand why some ppl have to bring up his background into this, like is it a crime to be born in a family that have more privileges than others? Just cause his parents are wealthy it doesn’t mean he doesn’t work hard, spoiled rich kids are just a sterotype created by the media, not all are talentless and self centered like they portray them to be in series.

    1. Agree with you…although you are not Raymond’s fan..but your commend is more nature and reasonable…thx…I like Bosco’s act more than Kenneth…(I think Bosco want to go for China market too…so TVB not promote him this year too…Plus his break up…lose some fans)

    2. Exactly. Whenever I see comments about LF being from a rich family and how it has helped him, it infuriates me because he has worked his way up to where he is now through determination and hard work.

    3. I agree that Bosco should be promoted since he’s the most talented actors among the five, but I guess the break-up with Myolie also counts, he lost not only fans but also the favour of TVB manager.

      LF is another talented but he could not split himself into three areas without affecting any of them, so obviously he could not reach to the top. But I still miss him if he leaves TVB.

      1. Bosco Wong’s break-up with Myolie Wu also counts, he lost not only fans but also the favour of TVB manager

    4. Well said…and the TV kind award might be important to him but he got over it he really work hard over the years in the acting people’s opinion make me mad saying he should leave and he is a bad actor.So yeah give the guy a break already what if you were him?! and had to make a choice! –.– you guys really need to think more farther

  16. I find it sad if he is leaving TVB just because he did not get an award.. However, I don’t think that is the reason. I feel it is normal for artists that get really popular and have the desire to leave to broaden their horizons and all… Rumours have been floating about him wanting to leave TVB for a long time already. Time will tell…

    I also heard that Hairpin is finished filming and finished on Dec.24. Can’t wait to see it..Heard that the love story will be really sad. They cry in so many scenes…Really touching.

    1. Well, look at the top 5. Tvb said new system right. Go Fk man. How on earth Lau Chung yan can be in top 5? Haha. u think so many uncle aunty will vote for him? come on la stupid tvb. Obviously raymond will have the highest vote among the top 5. TVB dont want to give it to him because they worry after giving him, then LF will not have the tendency to film with tvb anymore. They would rather giving it to wayne because wayne will work and die for TVB like a mad cow now!!!! Well raymond, u have the largest fans base now in hk and china. Just leave tvb and dont give a damn to them la. They no appreciate u why still bother to stay. You have a better career outside and and earn unlimited cash outside!!!!! Stupid tvb. Show the proof out that wayne lai got the highest votes and lau chung yan got people to vote him till top 5. stupid s!!!!!

      1. Why can’t Damien Lau be in top 5? You think only young viewers vote?

      2. u think he tat popular until top 5 if all based on voting? use ur brain wisely and not dumbly. zzz
        Obviously manipulated. nvm u kid minded wont get it. Whatever tvb showed out u trust fully. lol

      3. haha. funny. before u reply i duno what is ur nick because havent see it and i typed kid minded. that time still duno ur nick. after submitted reply only noticed ur nick kidd. haha. wtf reli kid . haha

      4. Yes, I think it’s possible for him to be in top 5. You might be too young to be his fan, but, he has many older fans.

        Even in this site alone, there are people who think he should win and has the best acting among the top 5.

        “nvm u kid minded wont get it”

        Only a kid will think older actors have no fans.

      5. “You think only young viewers vote?”

        It might be too much of a generalisation, but older viewers strike me as being more passive. They may appreciate fine acting over popularity or looks, but enough to bother getting out of their way to vote? The ones they like are probably well respected amongst their peers and the audience already, so they don’t need the extra boost this award gives them. As long as the artist and the viewers know in their hearts who’s the better one, that’s enough already. If it’s a voting system, young fans, on the other hand, tend to be more… rabid and keen to push their idols to the top. Doesn’t matter if it’s a joke of an award – as long as their favourites win…

        Heh, but I’m a young fan and I would’ve picked Damian as well. He was just dragged down by a less likeable character and boring series.

      6. I think Damian Lau is definitely capable of being in the Top 5. But that said, I personally take the Top 2/3/5 announced by TVB with a grain of salt, because I feel the intention in announcing who’s in the Top 2/3/5 during the live awards ceremony is to create a little bit of extra drama and suspense, rather than transparency. So while the winner may indeed be the real top vote-getter, I feel there’s a chance TVB selects the rest of the Top 5 according to who they feel will be perceived by the audience as strong/worthy contenders so as to achieve maximum suspense on awards night.

      7. I think what people are trying to say about the voting system is that the older fans wouldnt go out on their way to vote like the younger fans would to make their actors win. I said it earlier in another post, waynes fans are almost all midage…they have family to take care of..kids to deal with..I just dont see them going head over heels to make wayne win unless theyre like korean midage fans…where theyre absolutely insane which I highly doubt.

        Also at the day of the award ceremony, LF appeared to be upset. It was almost like he knew he wasnt going to win. Then we had kenneth who had his jaws dropped when wayne was announced the winner. I wouldnt be surprised if the 111k votes were raymonds but tvb declared it as waynes. Management in tvb has been pretty dirty. Regardless whats done is done but the fact that tvb refuses to show the results, LFs fans cannot be blamed for being paranoid about the voting system.

      8. “.I just dont see them going head over heels to make wayne win unless theyre like korean midage fans…where theyre absolutely insane which I highly doubt.”

        I don’ doubt that because we are not talking MTV poll or Yahoo or google but TVB poll. Maybe this time his mid aged fans who each own handphones and have money to buy more phonecards decided to vote.

        Why is this Raymond conspiracy theory still ongoing? Is this TVB award that important to Raymond and his fans? Maybe Wayne can let him have one. I still think based on acting merit Damien should have won it and he should be the one grumbling. At the end of the day the next work is most important. Since Raymond is moving to movies, why not aim higher? HK movie awards thing?

      9. Why can’t Damian be in the top 5?? I actually find it sad that these awards are supposed to represent talent and other things rather than just popularity and how many fans you have. If that is the case, then what is the point of winning it??

      10. Raymond’s fans across the globe is quite furious at how TVB seemingly robbed the award. Many have speculated that the whole point of the voting system was for Raymond to win but perhaps TVB management found out he was going to leave and focus on his music and films that they needed to give the award to someone else. Or it could be some other internal conflicts going on. This happened many times before to other actors/actresses. Yes, I agree that this award means nothing but for LF it probably has a sentimental value.

        @Funn, I agree that Damian should have won best actor, but we all know TVB only gives these awards to their dogs and bulls. In any case, whatever the problem may be internally with TVB, I hope they fix it ASAP.

      11. “This happened many times before to other actors/actresses.”

        The voting system this time is different. In the past, the management hold the largest % of votes in the voting system. So, they can decide who to give the award to. But this time, it’s 100% audience vote.

        “I just dont see them going head over heels to make wayne win”

        They do need to go head over heels. They just need to pick up their handphone and vote. Very easy process.

        Honestly, I don’t a have problem with Raymond Lam’s fans doubting the system. I understand their anger and disappointment. But, why this ‘Raymond’ poster need to insult Damien by saying he can’t possibly make it to top 5.

      12. Well no need to feel bitter since he is retiring. I think many here are rather happy by this sudden turn of events. But can he run a business?

      13. @Kidd, You can’t really believe TVB’s words. I mean, yes the voters probably voted but TVB unwilling to show the results, SAYS SOMETHING. That is what Raymond’s fans are arguing. If in fact, Raymond’s fans did get out-populated by Wayne’s then show the proof.

        When I was comparing HK midage fans to Korean midage fans, I never expected people here to think HK fans are anywhere near the caliber of Korean fans. Korean fans, whatever the age, will make multiple accounts, clear IP addresses, etc etc, to contribute excessive and replicated votes. I highly doubt HK fans are that way. (In a way, it is a good thing. To me, the stuff korean netizens/fans does are out of the norm.) Yes, it is much easier for them to vote now due to conveniences of modern tech, but again I just do not see them out voting Raymond by a margin.

        It doesn’t matter how hard either sides speculate, what’s done is done. Raymond’s first goal is to leave TVB since there really isn’t a point of him staying there. His success in music and soon to be in films are much more rewarding. Good luck to him and hope he keeps his head high! Cheers! 🙂

      14. tHIS kidd thinks things too easily. He really tot 1+1=2
        I know damian lau is capable of being best actor. But now is 100% voting system fk!!! No way those older people will vote him out till top 5. Show the proof out or else all were nonsense. But the proof that LF has the largest fans base are well known everywhere. Only kiddo brain people cannot sense and judge whether the results logic anot. and tvb so scare to reveal the proof to shut the fans’ mouth!!!

    2. I agree,and you people should really stop saying Raymond is a bad actor and all those stuff about him you people are really to think farther beyond and not think so TINY YOU FOX DUNG BRAINS —_—

      1. Well everyone has to respect others; opinions because talent is in the eye of the beholder…You die hard fans may love and think he is the best actor in the world, while there are some that don’t like his acting and think his acting is bad. There are some that think his acting is decent and passable only. It just varies and goes for every artist!! You just have to accept that.

  17. Not a Raymond fan… his leaving TVB will just make room for a new actor.

    Don’t think it has anything to do with the awards, more so he’s just chasing money. The award is meaningless anyway. The only thing it might have done is boost his salary demand on the mainland.

    1. He just has one series per year so not much room for other actors, Ken should leave then, haha.

    2. Just give the guy a break already! you fox dung!. he worked hard over the years even tho he didn’t improve he is still a great actor and singer to me and making a new room for a actor doesn’t make it any different you fox dung/mouse brain keep a life already!!! support the guy would ya?! you fox dung/mouse brains are so cold hearted

  18. tvb should find potential actor from age 18 to 21 and train them for 3 years then when they are in their primes they can act

  19. @HKChannel
    WAYNE LAI’S VOTES IS JUST MAKE UP 7,5% ( 114 947 VOTES) OF 100% ( 1 542 922 VOTES) …………..HOW CAN WAYNE LAI WIN ??????? THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE HIGHEST VOTE IS 7,5%, SO IN TOTAL FOR 10 PEOPLE, ASSUME ALL 10 PEOPLE HAVE 7,5% , SO WE HAVE 7,5% X 10 = 75%,,,,NOT ENOUGH FOR 10 PEOPLE, IT MUST EQUAL 100%…?????????????????????????????????????//NOW IT IS JUST 75% IN TOTAL , NOT 100% FOR 10 PEOPLE???????????//////
    WHY THE VOTES OF ALL PEOPLE IN TOTAL IS NOT EQUAL 100%,,,EVEN ASSUME EVERYONE HAS 7,5% OF VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????/

    1. The 1,542,922 votes are the total votes for the 3 main categories. So we might have 500,000 votes for the Best Actor category. Thus, Wayne’s win with 114,947 votes wasn’t a surprise

  20. i just got it from my facebook. I not really understand it but tvb manipulated the results was the fact!!!!!

  21. Raymond was at his prime during his early stage (Twin of Brothers – 2004), he stood out that time, I find him decent in his early years. However, he didn’t improve much over these years, I think it might be due to the reason he was given similar roles.
    The reason why Kenneth was outstanding these years is his versatile roles. Kenneth had comedic role in 3K, a charming doctor role in THC, a villain in many dramas (TC, The Other Truth, Life and Times of a Sentinel, Grace Under Fire etc), he’s pretty good. His acting is great. Yes, puppy eyes I agree (Though made me cry with that in THC when his bro died), but other than that, he’s good in other aspects, even Wayne compliments him.
    I’m looking forward to Raymond picking up different roles. TVB, please stop caring for his image by giving him a pretty boy role in every drama, his chok face will not improve his acting skill! I can’t wait for him to be a villain. Raymond, you can either choose acting or singing, excel in one of them and you will be great 🙂

  22. Always thought had Raymond Lam had potential with dark anti-hero characters but he has ended up quite bland lead in the last 4-5 years. Maybe his pretty boy looks get in the way.

    I couldn’t take my eyes off of Bosco as Bi-Co even with that awful mustache. I read somewhere that LF was going for grungy masculinity in H&L but his look still came off too manufactured for me to believe this was daredevil cop who spent nights without sleep.

  23. Seek out Wong Jing and do a bunch of movies with him…forget about the awards. You will be rolling in cash assuming the movies does well at the box office.

  24. I don’t understand the casting process – do people never get auditioned for roles anymore? There is so much blame on TVB for typecasting or pigeonholing artists but I don’t feel like there are any stories about artists themselves fighting for a character. Closest story I have read recently is Damian Lau demanding story rewrite on SSSS – that is being proactive.

    Barbara Yung had to beat out hundreds to be HR in LOCH. Tony Leung Chiu Wai had to beat out Andy Lau Tak Wah for the starring role of WXB in Duke of Mount Deer. LF only has himself to blame if he only takes roles handed to him.

    1. I know that Barbara had to audition for the role of HR, but don’t remember TOny and Andy auditioning or not. I never heard any news about it. These days, I don’t think they audition for roles anymore… THat seems like more of a thing of the past. Even in China, the only time that I remember any major auditioning being done was when they were casting for ROCH 2006. That was really big news… However, for other productions, I don’t see auditioning being that big of a deal. They just pick who they want for the roles and that’s it..

    2. Eh, Andy was going for the role of Wai Siu Bo as well? So playing Kangxi was more of a consolation…? I’m glad Tony got it though; he’s better at the comedy.

    3. I read from Lee Tim Shing’s interview that he already wanted to cast Tony Leung when he saw Tony in ‘The Emissary (獵鷹)’. He saw this young man very serious in his work and he was impressed.

      So, I don’t think Tony has to fight much for the role. He was the producer’s first choice.

      I think some producers still do audition, maybe not for the lead roles, but, the supporting roles. I think the 4 young guys in WHB need to audition for their roles.

      1. Wait, wasn’t Andy in The Emissary, not Tony right?? Or is my memory failing me??

        I don’t remember Andy trying to go for the WXB role at all but maybe I was too young to follow the news back then… But it is great that Tony got it and Andy got to play Kang Xi instead since they both excelled in their roles.

      2. @ HTS

        Tony Leung played Chan Man Yee’s little brother in The Emissary.

    4. Steven Ma audition for Deer of Mt.Duke 1998.

      From Paco’s interview with Steven.

      Steven: “I remember the first time (what) I was auditioning for, at that time Jordan Chan was Wai Siu Bo, I became Hong Hei. I have never tried shaving my head for a Dynasty Ching period series. At that time I was very afraid, moreover this character was acted by Andy Lau before. How would I dare to challenge? My heart was hoping that I will not be chosen, I really thought of rejecting the role. Tim gor (Lee Tim Sheng) knew that I was worried, he then said to me: “Your appearance of course must film ancient drama, completely suitable!” After that, he taught me how to challenge a character, and gave me a lot of encouragement. As a result, I act until now.”

    1. Everyone has to leave one day, but the good thing is IF they have a good relationship then they will come back one day….

      1. Usually peoples who is leaving and then came back will lost their status in TVB.Sunny Chan and Michael Tao is one of the good example.If Steven Ma is really coming back to film with TVB I doubt he’ll be nominated in BA category like the years before again.Unless his performance is really good.

    2. Ray, please go! TVB isn’t giving you any benefit now and are promoting artistes who are free to make 60-90 episodes per year for them only(Wayne, Kenneth). Music, movies and mainland dramas and other big companies are anxiously waiting for you with open hands and more opportunities!

    3. Same Dx I wish he wouldn’t go his acting are so good tho! ( my opinion) shut up if you don’t think so.I want to see him in more TVB series WITH GOOD PARTS!

      1. I think writers and producers all think their own series have “good” parts, its up to LF as artist to give his input if he does not think the parts he is given are “good”.

        If he chooses to be a team player and go along with whatever he is handed then he needs to find ways to explore his characters more deeply.

      2. Hmm. I think a good actor should have his own creative input and be able to extrapolate more from his character. Then again, TVB isn’t the most encouraging environment and probably more keen on efficiency…

  25. R we still ard dis topic with d TVB awards n sorts move on Ray 人生有幾多個十年 :p

  26. Between the two, Raymond and Kenneth, I much prefer Kenneth and his acting which, to me is natural and consistently so. His attitude towards getting any award is so pleasant as it didn’t matter to him what it was so long as it was an award. When he was expected to win and didn’t like a pro he accepted the fact like a true sportsman. He will surely go far.

    1. Self -console speech ? lol making him feel better, thinking he will lose to Raymond on BA

  27. He has the craziest fans (ex. Kelly from this comment page) that believe he is deserved of an award for staying with TVB for so long. There are many actors that are better than him, he is a boring actor with barely any range. I agree that the script and characters given to him might have something to do with it but he has had many chances to excel. And before Kelly points this out, this is my opinion, everyone has their own opinions on him and nobody should “shut up”.

    1. Once upon a time, raymond had very humble fans. Then when he shot to stardom, the haters crashed. Fans retaliated. Now who is there to blame? All relationships are two sided, fans will not be so “crazy” if certain people gave contructive criticisms vs “he is gay” or “he is overrated” or “this son of a beep does not deserve beep” yes, I have seen these comments across the internet ever since he became too popular for others to handle.

      I think a lot of raymonds fans are young and sometimes they do not know how to express themselves in a socially adept way. Therefore on behalf of the younger generations, in their hearts raymond has always been a great actor and singer. But what theyre dissatisfied with is how tvb in a way “cheated” raymond off the award.

      Of course thats another discussion and I have no interest to go there because tvb for the past decade or so have lost their touch due to extreme internal conclicts within management.

  28. I used to like him during TOB days but I think Raymond got full of himself over the years and hasn’t had much progress since then. Is he really the Best Actor in HK? Maybe his fans think that but what about everybody else? Aside from his fans, from old to young, to housewives to working class everyday people, from all walks of life that can identify with Wayne’s acting more and respect him for being the underdog for many yrs before his best actor win, no surprise that the other people voted for Wayne, I would too if I were in HK.

    As for Raymond, well you can’t have it all in life. He’s already rich, comes from a wealthy bg, has connections, has Virginia’s support all along, and now famous too. A Best Actor award and you would just say his life is a fantasy, a man’s dream. Raymond has it really good already, why discouraged because of some award, maybe Raymond really is a “sheltered” boy after all. You can’t always get your way.

    Amidst his girl scandals, dumping of Mavis Pan, etc has he reflected on his own character and wondered whether what goes around comes around. Does he think he really deserves Best Actor despite juggling and spreading himself thin thru many projects instead of just focusing on acting. If he were not rich and had a gd bg, would he even be introduced into the entertainment industry? Would Virginia Lok back him so much if not for his wealthy bg and high status dad? Do I think Kenneth Ma deserve Best Character more than Raymond this yr? Yes, why? Bc Kenneth Ma cannot wield influence from any family status, Kenneth had to grab opportunities from his own acting, prove that he can be accepted by the audience without fangirl promotion. He deserves what he has. No one person should hoard all the awards, he already has many other awards that TVB gave him. Raymond Lam has it too good already.

    1. I dont get it. So raymond coming from a rich family I.e. real estates having nothing to do with the entertainment industry, made him into a star. He grabbed all opportunities because he is rich? He got this far because he is rich? He is being criticized and hated because he is rich? You know what this sounds like to me? The modern socioeconomical issue rich vs poor and middle class.

      Raymond still has a lot to improve on and the first step In doing that is to pick one thing to stick with. Jumping from singing to acting is just too much with all the other sponsorships he needs to attend to. Nontheless, he earned where he is today. And thats up to debate as to how he earned it but regardless something put him where he is now and it isnt because he is rich. I mean toby leung is rich and how far did she go? Not far at all.
      And how does the mavis situation show his character? The only character I saw was a disrespectful woman saying “please please look at us. Im sleeping with raymond lam! Oh try not to let hIm know im showing these photos” and then he dumped her. People are still saying it was wrong to dump her. Why? Its a relationship, he didnt want people knowing the relationship and as a celebrity its understandable but instead she didnt respect him so she sealed his fate forever. She sounds pretty ill to me.

      As for kenneth, im a fan of his but he has even longer road ahead of him before best actor award should even be heard by his ears.

  29. Kenneth is also modest, he didn’t even expect that he would win. I like his humble character and he is rewarded justly for his hard work and grassroots reg joe trying to succeed in an industry where the proud and vain often dominate.

  30. @kelly with the rude comments. It’s funny when you say LF is a great actor give him good parts. The actor makes the character and part good. It’s up to the actor to explore the part. Look at Gallen Lo in Golden Faith, 100% goody goody character but still his performance was great.

    LF fans seriously just blindly support this guy.

    1. I don’t care if I am the one with the rude comments its because you people are so mean to Raymond -_- plus no one is “perfect”! everyone has personally thoughts! for people. Everyone can support whoever they want! -_-

      1. never said anyone is perfect. but LF supporters seems to think he is. great singer, great actor etc…. should win this award that award……


      2. What is wrong w/ his supporters thinking he is a great singer or actor and wanting him to win awards? Why else would they be called fans?

        It’s only annoying to other ppl’s fans that feel threatened by it.

    2. Kenny,

      What kelly was trying to say about giving LF good roles was give him a character that appealing just by reading the script not a “goody good” role.

      Also, you are right that a good actor can make a boring character or villainous actor shine. However, a perfect character, just by reading the story line, will appeal to any reader/audience. E.g. kenneth doctor role and the comedy role in 3 kingdoms. Subtract kenneth as the actor and just think about the doctor’s character I.e. handsome, genius, succcessful, charming.. now tell me even if ron ng took this role, I can guarantee he will have just the right amount of positive reviews. As for the comedian role, personally, I thought kenneth ma in that series was kenneth ma. MM still has a lot to work on and it was all over the tv screen when SSSS aired. He doesnt distribute lines in a natural way, sometimes it is too rushed and other times it is over emphasized. And also his facial expressions are either bland when it is not needed or over expressed.

  31. Raymond better than Kenneth, No Kenneth better than Raymond.

    Raymond much better than Kenneth, No Kenneth much better than Raymond.

    Raymond much much better than Kenneth, No Kenneth much much better than Raymond.

    Raymond 1000 better than Kenneth, No Kenneth 1000 better than Raymond.

    Excuses me Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls may I know when the Cow will come Home ? Thanks for your kind attention

    1. No one is perfect. -_- Just because Raymond didn’t win the award doesn’t mean some other people like Kenneth is the best just support both of them they work hard in TVB movies. -_-

  32. you guys think kenneth is better because he always act in many dramas. the reason why you think ray is not as good as kenneth is bacause you hardly see him acting as many dramas as kenneth. kenneth doesnt sing but ray does. doesnt mean he acts more dramas a year than ray doesnt means he’s better!

  33. Listen people the only reason I am saying the rude comments to you because you said some mean stuff about Raymond just because he is not your favorite idol or something -_- and think Kenneth. as lol said maybe you didn’t see Raymond acting in many dramas she or he is right stop being mean give Raymond a break! what if you were him? would you like people to say mean stuff and give out rumors that are not true?! well I bet YES! so stop! no one is “perfect”! -.- sheesh

    1. Well this is a comment page where people express their opinions. Raymond is an actor, it is normal for actors to be criticized and scrutinized. Why do you have a problem if someone doesn’t find him to be a good actor? He deserves a lot of the criticism he has gotten. Why is your opinion the only one that people should respect?

      1. I feel Raymond gets criticized for other reasons besides his acting abilities which is not related like his background/personal life and his other role as a singer which is a hypocritical judgement.

        Most of these are either anti-Kenneth or anti-Raymond.

      2. Jessica,

        While actors and mainly all celebrities have been scrutinized and criticized, it is not a right and certainly not deserved. Secondly, some of the things being said about raymond or other celebrities do not even fall under critiqueing I.e. his relationship, negative press, etc etc…

        You are absolutely correct that you are entitled to your opinion but some of the people on this site have only offended raymond’s fans and showed the nasty nature of human nature, constantly ridiculing the man and ultimately forgetting he is human. Yes, he is in the entertainment industry but he is human. He may have a lot to improve on or to solidify certain parts in his acting but he does not deserve all the criticisms and majority isnt even about acting or singing.

        Also, I am not saying raymond should not have critcisms as that is needed to make improvements. However criticisms should come from real acting experts I.e. veterans and such and not merely those who seems to have pure dislike towards him.

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