Raymond Lam Films “Fight Crime” Finale; Saves Kate Tsui in Crossfire

Raymond Lam (林峯), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Ella Koon (官恩娜) , Michael Miu (苗僑偉), and Vincent Lam (林偉) filmed the finale scene for TVB series, Fight Crime <雷霆扫毒>. Rescuing Kate Tsui from an abduction, Raymond was caught in an explosive crossfire. Aside from being rumored to arrive late on set, Raymond was blamed for wasting his costars’ time due to his frequent outtakes!

In the finale, Kate Tsui–who acted as an informer for the police–was abducted. Discovering her whereabouts, Raymond arrived with his fellow police officers to rescue Kate. However, Raymond’s character also sustained a leg injury.

The crew rented a store in Nam Sang Wai in the Yuen Long district to film the explosive gunfire scene. Although a large crowd of locals gathered to watch the filming, the onlookers became bored with the frequent outtakes and slow filming progress. The crowd eventually thinned out, despite the gathering of the star-studded cast on set.

Aside from the bored crowd, other Fight Crime cast members realized that a long night of filming may be ahead, as Raymond had numerous outtakes. Michael Miu sat down and chatted on his cell phone to pass the time. Waiting for a long time, Ella Koon appeared tired. To overcome her boredom, Kate Tsui chatted with the production crew.

In between outtakes, Raymond was spotted repeatedly combing his hair. This was in obvious contrast to his “rough cop” image in Fight Crime. Raymond was once again teased for looking chok while handling a gun in the police rescue scene.

After completing filming Fight Crime, Raymond’s next project will be Men Are Like Clothes <男人如衣服>, starring opposite Lynn Hung (熊黛林) and Ronald Cheng (鄭中基). In the movie, Raymond and Lynn will portray a couple, although rumors should not result since Lynn was currently dating Aaron Kwok (郭富城).

Source: ihktv.com

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Jayne: Wonder if “Fight Crime” will be aired this year, or will TVB save it for next year? Since “Return to the Three Kingdoms” is slated for release later this year, “Fight Crime” may be saved for next year, to pace the airing of Raymond’s series.

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  1. Oh please let Kate get killed in the crossfire! Then ella can finally get her man LF.

    1. you should write the script for HAL! i like it! 😛

    2. Why not LF end up with both, josie? After saving Kate from the crossfire, both girls agree to live with him together.

      Or in the BE, he died in the crossfire and two girls cry in front of his grave, hug each other and say “If knowing that, we decide to live with him together”.


    3. Haha…. good idea. I’m bored looking at Kate!

  2. Or TVB actually saving 3K together with this series so that they can make news of LF and KM fight for the award! ROFL

  3. I cant wait for watch this series, so excited

    1. I am looking forward to this series too!

  4. Save 3K for next year and air this one this year is a better method. The 3K looks nothing interesting and in most of case, a TVB police series gains more attentions. So if TVB really wants LF to win, HAL should be aired but not 3K.

    1. HAL look more interesting and Raymond’s character in HAL>B3K too, but B3K can generate a lot of discussion with all the current ‘hot’ TVB rosters of Raymond, Kenneth, Tavia and Ruco all in one.

      1. I don’t like that “hot”, lol. That “hot” is kinda troublesome and full of attackers. HAL itself has a cast with more peaceful factors. However, HAL’s concept/genre might generate more attention as “travel through time” is kinda over by now.

        For me only, I prefer HAL to be aired because my remote dun work right now so I have to do the fast forward when watching 3K by hand, kinda tiring :(. It’s a lame reason, haha, but suitable for a lame series.

      2. Doesn’t sound that “hot” to me either.. Zero interest in 3K right now. I don’t mind waiting a lil longer for HAL to air, rather than have 3K air in June.

      3. lol but based on character I think HAL is more likely to help Raymond for awards unless his Zhuge Liang is a hidden surprise.

      4. Haha, the taste of HK is hard to predict now so dunno.

      5. Why can’t people understand that it’s not about performance at all.

        If TVB wants LF to win he will win no matter what. He doesn’t even need to have a series. He will get best actor based on “extraordinary performance” in his MV, ROFL

      6. Oh exoidus, you finally can see this? Txb didn’t want him to win in the past, is it too correct? Lolz.

      7. taste hard to predict but if Raymond in HAL can at least surpass Kenneth’s recognition from THC that’s good enough. I believe now audience still have Kenneth as the top bill since THC is a strong drama

      8. Time is flying and to Nov, the wave of THC won’t have much power. All up to Txb’s sole decision and inside negotiation to be winner. Txb loves who, the end of the year will answer.

  5. I beleive that Lam Fung will be TV King in this series. 100%
    From picture, I can see the diffence from LF…

  6. Raymond is filming a lot of movies. His career outside TVB looks good.

  7. If it is confirmed that LF and Lynn will act couple, a bit disappointed to me because I looked forward to him and Karene Ng more.

  8. Last year Raymond couldn’t become tv king for the worst series of the year….men with no shadows, my sister for eternal flowers…
    This year? Are he able to surprise me><?
    He isn't a bad actor but scripts are so boring

  9. 3K is being is delayed, not going to air its going to be replaced by Moses Chan & Adam Cheng serial killer series..

  10. i also feel raymond is more suit with Karene Ng

  11. somehome i am not looking forward to this series Fight Crime hmmm

  12. @Jayne: BTW, the Eng name of 雷霆扫毒 changed to Highs and Lows, not Fight Crime anymore.

  13. Looking forward to seeing his new toughen up image.

  14. I’m actually looking forward to both these dramas HAL and 3K. Ray hasn’t filmed in an ancient drama for so long now and I love him in ancient dramas, so I wanna see how he does in 3K, especially cause it was filmed during the PSS incident. Wanna see how professional he is. HAL looks really good and exciting. Dunno if it will be as good as or better than my most fave TVB police drama “The Academy” series. I loved all 3 series of that drama especially the 3rd one E.U.

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