Raymond Lam Wants Three Kids

Promoting his new song “Still Naive” (幼稚未完), Raymond Lam (林峯) was referred by the press as Warner Music’s Number One Brother. He humbly brushed off the compliment, “I’m honored to be a part of the Warner Music family, because everyone has similar values towards music.”

As MIRROR’s Ian Chan (陳卓賢) also released his new song “Stay a Day With You to Breathe” (留一天與你喘息) on February 14, it became a face-off between two idols from different generations. As he has been busily filming in the last two years, Raymond is not familiar with Ian and has not listened to MIRROR’s songs. However, he hopes to have the opportunity to collaborate with other singers who are passionate about music. “This is great news, as the music industry was a bit quiet before. Now there is some liveliness and everyone can bloom together.”

Raymond revealed that he intentionally decided to release his song on Valentine’s Day, because he believes that sadness is part of a relationship. Although he was busy filming previously prior to his song’s release, he will will be avidly promoting it now. “I will be on all channels including ViuTV. TVB is currently helping me schedule it.”

Raymond has no ambitions to top music charts or achieve high click rates. “I just want to make the music that I like. Of course, it would be great if more people like it because my label, team, and I put a lot of heart into it.”

As he will be staying in Hong Kong until mid-year for filming, his wife Carina Zhang (张馨月)and daughter have already joined him so that they will not need to be in a long-distance marriage. Asked if he plans to add to the family, Raymond said he will try in the second half of the year. “I heard that a Tiger baby will bring Carina and I good luck. My target is to have three children.”

As he already has a daughter and enjoys her company, Raymond said the gender of the second baby is not important. “No matter how tired I am, once I see my daughter when I return home, I’m smitten.”

“Still Naive” MV

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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