Raymond Wong Denies Being Cold-Shouldered By Charmaine Sheh

Diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease, TVB artiste Raymond Wong (黃浩然) was earlier on a one-year hiatus, and did not return to work until last month. At a martial arts charity book launch today, the 39-year-old actor denied reports that claimed Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) did not want to star alongside him in TVB’s proposed series, Legend of Empress Lu <呂后傳>.

Despite being back at work, Raymond remains extremely cautious about his body condition, and only eats his wife’s homemade meals that mostly consist of vegetables. Furthermore, he shared his love for martial arts and how the exercise is beneficial towards health. Raymond had practiced with an instructor for around nine years, and knows about the many different types of martial arts that are special to Chinese tradition.

Earlier, Raymond was selected to star alongside Charmaine in TVB’s new historical drama, Legend of Empress Lu. However, tabloids speculated that the actress was unsatisfied with him being cast. When questioned about the situation, Raymond expressed, “I don’t know what happened either. We were supposed to start filming in April, but there were problems with its arrangement. Our producer, Lee Tim Shing (李添勝), said the script is finished and the rest will be up to TVB.”

Raymond further explained, “Since I filmed the drama’s trailer and never heard about anyone else possibly taking my role, I thought I was going to be in it for sure. I know there’s going to be Charmaine and I, but there could be many changes before filming actually begins.” When asked if he believes Charmaine gave him the cold shoulder and made negative remarks, Raymond expressed, “Of course I don’t believe it. We are fine with each other and had great times collaborating!”

Speaking of whether he felt unhappy about the negative reports, Raymond remarked, “Some things are written to upset you. I’ve been working my way up in this industry for many years. I’ve done almost everything, and even gotten sick. It’s not like Charmaine and I have a secret grudge against each other. There are no hard feelings.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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