Rebecca Zhu Completes 14-Day Quarantine in Hong Kong

Earlier this year, actress Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) returned to her hometown Suzhou for the Lunar New Year and ended up extending her stay when her grandmother passed away. After taking care of the funeral, she returned to Hong Kong in the middle of last month and isolated herself for 14 days for the sake of herself and her loved ones. Once she finished quarantining herself, she finally joined the rest of the Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV> cast to promote the hit drama and led the actresses to do yoga.

As it was her first time participating in the promotions, she did the honors of revealing the high ratings. She expressed excitedly, “I am very happy about the good ratings. I hope everyone will continue to support Forensic Heroes IV. Hopefully, the finale will also surpass 30 points; we would be very content. All the actors want to have a big feast with producer Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠) after the coronavirus dies down.”

Although Rebecca appeared to be in good spirits again, she admitted she was heartbroken when her grandmother died, and she washed her face with tears. “I’m better in many aspects now. At the time, I was sad every day at home. The tears would flow out even when I was just sitting at home. But time makes people grow up, you can’t stay sad forever. The virus is temporary, but family is forever. I think I’ve matured a lot.”

She revealed that her mom is still in Suzhou. “I had to come back for work,” the actress shared. “I cherish the time spent with my family.”

The actress also said she felt bored during her self-isolation, but many friends sent her consolation messages. “Thank you to them very much. I was worried about them worrying about me because of the outbreak, but I rarely went out,” Rebecca shared.

Rumored boyfriend Matthew Ho (何廣沛) also sent her a message to ask how she’s doing. Reporters asked if he delivered food to her during her quarantine, but she said with a sweet smile, “I ordered delivery myself, he is very busy! We can have a meal together after he’s less busy.”

Due to the good ratings they achieved on their drama The Dripping Sauce <大醬園>, Rebecca hopes to cooperate with Matthew again. “Be it a sequel or as a couple for another project,” she expressed.

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