Roxanne Tong and Kenneth Ma Save for the Future

Dating for almost two years, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) have been frequently asked when they plan to get married. The couple has responded patiently to the questions, and said that they must have enough savings first.

“I’ve already talked about this many times. If we are getting married then we will announce it, there is no need to guess. Every time I have a new drama released, these rumors come around again. I just treat it as promotion,” Kenneth said.

While fending off marriage rumors, the TV King has been kept busy with his exhausting filming schedule. Filming for action drama Phantom Operation and Tactic Team <隱形戰隊>, which was filled with car chasing and fighting scenes, Kenneth admitted it was very tiring. “Everyone said that I had lost weight. I sweated a lot filming this drama, and nearly had a heat stroke.” With no opportunity to rest, he started filming for Legal Spokesperson <法言人> in December.

Kenneth’s Practical Approach Towards Money

Kenneth admitted that the work opportunities help him save up for the future. “Regardless of whether I get married, I still need to save up especially [living in] Hong Kong where the cost of living is high. I have to take care of my own family, so saving up gives me some insurance. You never know if you’ll fall sick one day–it’s a really terrible thing to not be able to pay for healthcare.”

There were rumors earlier that Kenneth had an expensive engagement ring custom made, which he vehemently denied. The media questioned whether he would go against tradition and gift Roxanne a car and home, instead of a ring. Kenneth replied that he is not sure what the wedding traditions are.

Roxanne is Equally Busy

Roxanne has just finished filming for Other People’s Money (OPM), in which she portrays a housewife after falling victim to a financial scam. She has an abusive husband, portrayed by Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂), who has a mistress and takes his anger out on her. Stephen had originally wanted to film at an angle so that he did not have to really hit Roxanne, but she insisted that he hit her to make it realistic. Fortunately, they were able to finish in one shot.

An avid social media user, Roxanne plans to open her own channel and will invite her good friends and cousins to guest in videos.

Source: Sing Tao

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Kenneth Ma Appreciates Roxanne Tong’s Great Personality

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