Roxanne Tong Clarifies Living With Kenneth Ma is Only Temporary

Since Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) announced their romance, the couple has been under constant spotlight. After Kenneth accidentally revealed their cohabitation recently, it has unintentionally sparked even greater speculations on their marriage. Appearing in public not long after the news, Roxanne was questioned by reporters on their cohabitation.

Roxanne expressed she was surprised about their cohabitation news as they were not officially living together. Instead, the actress explained they decided to temporarily rent a home near their workplace in Tseung Kwan O together, because they were both afraid of potentially infecting their family due to their greater exposure to COVID-19. Now that infections have slowly subsided, Roxanne shared they would most likely stop renting the place and return to their own homes soon.

When prompted to share what it was like to live together, Roxanne said, “It’s okay, we are both not difficult people to be around with, so there aren’t any issues. Even if there are some clashes, they are only trivial and could be sorted out through communication.”

Although both who would date with marriage in mind, the couple is not getting married in the near future. “My answer is still the same, we will announce when there is good news,” she said.

After wrapping up filming earlier, Roxanne experienced gastritis and rested for a month. She will be traveling to Australia later this month to attend the Moon Festival  held in Sydney on August 27. Although she considered inviting Kenneth along and turn it into a work-leisure trip, she decided he can just enjoy the freedom of being home.

Source: Sing Tao

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