Roxanne Tong Denies Marriage Rumors

Celebrity couple Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明)  are back in the marriage rumor mills after Kenneth shares that he is looking to buy a property for marriage. While the announcement is seen as a sign that the couple is ready to tie the knot, Roxanne believes the opposite and clarifies that Kenneth may actually be buying it as an investment property.

Appearing at the promotional event for TVB’s new program Mahjong Marvels <麻雀鬥室三決一>, Roxanne shares her understanding of Kenneth’s plans, “When I first met him, I already knew that he is interested at looking for properties for investment. There is nothing special about [buying a property]. It’s not surprising if he buys it to live together or decides to rent it out.”

Roxanne acknowledges that the public is looking forward to any marriage announcement, but she confesses that she prefers to not think about it, “Every girl likes to have the element of suspense so I hope that everyone won’t rush us too much. When my mind no longer believes that this is new, I am worried that I will lose the feeling of being surprised. I know everyone are worried about us about us but I also hope that I can maintain the mystery.”

Roxanne also adds, “Don’t mention too much about it or I will have to keep denying and denying the rumor. It may turn out that one day I will get married but no one will believe me!”

Source: HK01

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