Roy Chiu Confirms Breakup with Tiffany Tang

Above: Roy Chiu and Tiffany Tang acted as onscreen lovers in “Waking Up Love”.

After collaborating in three idol dramas in 2011, Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (邱澤) and mainland Chinese actress Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) set off speculations that they had become an item. The rumor gained momentum when Roy taped a picture of Tiffany in his race car in March 2012, calling her his good luck charm. However, Roy recently announced that he was single and had not seen Tiffany in seven months. In response, an outraged netizen claiming to be Tiffany’s assistant posted a private photograph of the two and scolded Roy for spreading lies, causing both Roy and his manager to publicly confirm that the relationship had come to an end.

Last year, rumors of a breakup arose when it was reported that Tiffany’s mother was unsatisfied with Roy’s inferior educational background and that Tiffany had transferred her affections to her costar Luo Jin (羅晉). Although Tiffany scoffed at these claims, reporters showed no signs of relenting. Earlier this month, Taiwanese actress/model Tia Li (李毓芬) was spotted visiting Roy on the set of his upcoming drama Wine Beauty <紅酒俏佳人>, leading many to believe that the two are now in a relationship. At a recent promotional event in Taiwan, Roy denied this allegation but did confirm that he was single and added that he and Tiffany had not seen each other in seven months.

Private Photo Exposed

Displeased by this statement, a netizen claiming to be Tiffany’s assistant lashed out at Roy on Sina Weibo. Spitting profanities and criticisms, this netizen even went so far as to tell Roy that he “was not a man” because Tiffany had endured much slandering on his behalf, yet Roy insisted on keeping the relationship quiet, out of fear of losing fans. The netizen challenged that the relationship had not ended seven months ago, as Tiffany had celebrated Roy’s birthday in October.

Tiffany Tang Roy ChiuThe netizen appended this vitriolic outburst with a private photograph of Roy and Tiffany. In the picture, Tiffany was not wearing makeup, and her bangs were clipped back. She also appeared to be wearing a men’s shirt, causing some netizens to ask if the photograph was taken at Roy’s house.

Roy’s Response

The Weibo post was taken down soon afterward, but not before arousing a great deal of discussion. In the end, Roy also took to Weibo to respond: “To me, love is not a performance. Forgive me for not being able to make it public. Even if you no longer have any feelings toward those beautiful memories, I will still choose to believe that they existed. As for love, I have not let anyone down. I will humbly accept all derision and criticism. Thank you for your attention and blessings, thank you.”

In an interview, Roy’s manager Liao Tianjun (廖天駿) confirmed that Roy and Tiffany had ended their relationship three months ago, adding that the breakup was due to their inability to maintain a long-distance relationship. Liao found the Weibo post suspicious: “In the entire world, only one person should have access to this photo. How could an assistant have posted it on Weibo?”


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  1. hmm… then I wonder who is that “one person” that have access to the photo? Who is he hinting at?

    And who is the “he” in this sentence, Roy or the manager?

  2. This photo prove nothing. It can be taken more than 7 months ago.

    1. there are more photos posted by the assistant showing roy and tiffany celebrating with birthday cakes, and the assistant said that tiffany visited roy in taiwan 3 months ago to celebrate his birthday and that was when the pictures taken. roy didn’t deny about the timing of the photos.

    2. hehehee…lol. except for the fact that his birhtday’s 10/14 🙂

      However, I beieved Roy referred to their last promo event in July/August but since their relationship is supposed to be a secret, he can hardly say “we haven’t seen other in 3 months.” lol… but then I guess he shouldn’t have given an answer with a date stamp on it. amateur….

      1. meant to say the July/August event was a bit shy of 7 months… but close enough, so technically he’s not lying since he can’t reveal the birthday meeting.

        Of course, you can also argue that it could be an early b/d celebration, but who celebrates their birthdays 2-3 months in advance?!!!

        in any case, I personally think Roy is a victim in this. His words got taken out of context. The ratzis are just twisting his words and turning it into one heck of a scandal. Haven’t we seen this many times before?!!

  3. this guy is famous as a player. it was said that the breakup is caused by his affair with third party taiwanese model.

    i never like this plastic looking tiffany but if roy was the one who wants to keep their relationship a secret for fear of losing fans and later cheated behind her back, i feel bad for her.

    1. Third parties are speculated to be cause of many celebrity breakups these days. Hard to assess if it’s true or not, although if Roy is dating another woman, sooner or later some “evidence” may emerge other than anonymous insider scoop or press speculation.

  4. So I’m guessing Tiffany leaked the private photos? That seems to be what Roy’s manager is hinting at. In that case, it doesn’t seem to have been an amicable breakup.

    1. yup… that’s what it sounds like. So unlike Tiffany though. I love this girl and religeously follow her interviews and weibo. She seems too straight forward to pull this trick. Plus, it not affected Roy, but her image as well. All and all, a stupid move if it’s the case. But then ppl tend to do stupid thing when it comes to love.

      Smart move from the manager to slip that comment in there. But then he was never fond or supportive of the relationship anyway.

      With every inteview coming out from Roy’s camp, which implied some negative stuff, Tiffany will soon be under attack since she has not comment on this topic at all.

      1. Tiffany seems too classy to do it. It was probably someone close to her that felt injustice. She’s probably too busy in her life filming and doing promotions than to stir online drama. She’s kept mum about their relationship all this time, that shows she has alot of patience, pointless to expose when it ended because she wont get anything out of it.

      2. ehh,

        I guess we’ll know more when she goes on press conference for Agent X. She’ll sure be under fired for this news.

  5. I think she’s too good for him. He probably cheated out of insecurity so he found himself another girl as backup.

    1. I’m not sure he cheated, since he seemed to be very devoted to Tiffany during his interviews prior to all this. I wonder if that girl, LDP is under the same management as him and the company is using their hook up to get her more exposure?

      1. There are rumours before that Roy fled Taiwan and focus his work in mainland because Taiwan audience weren’t able to accept his woman heartbreaker image that he did to rainie yang and Joe chen.

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