Ruco Chan is Glad Phoebe Sin Can Read His Mind

Married since 2018 with a 2-year-old daughter, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔) have a beautiful family. Although their marriage has been relatively short and Phoebe is younger than him by 13 years, Ruco indicates that she understands him very well and can read his thoughts.

Recently participating in TVB’s new variety show Mind Games <讀心專家>, Ruco and Phoebe seemed very compatible. Completing the challenges given to them by a famous mentalist, the loving couple would flash their mutual affections at each other. Ruco was shocked that the mentalist was able to read Phoebe and his minds so accurately. 

Phoebe said on the show, “I used to like clothes shopping when I went out. Now that I am married, I can only go shop at the supermarket.”

Ruco immediately responded that she is “now a pretty wife” and also his mind reader. “Mind reading is when the other person can see what you are thinking without saying it aloud. They know what you are thinking at all times. For me, that person is my wife,” Ruco said.

When the mentalist asked the two to hand over their cellphones for an experiment, Ruco revealed that he had saved many photos of his wife. The couple has high mutual trust, and Phoebe has access to his phone at all times. 


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