Sally Yeh and George Lam Cheating on Each Other?

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Married for the last fourteen years, former music superstars, Sally Yeh Sin Man and George Lam Chi Cheung were rumored to have a turbulent marriage. In recent years, there were numerous rumors that their marriage was failing. Sally may have fallen for a badminton instructor named Mike and they were more than just friends. Allegedly Sally and Mike may even be sharing the same house in San Francisco.

Throughout the rumors, George remained quiet. However, on June 10th, reporters spotted George and a forty-year-old woman sharing a plate of rice together. The pair met at Sunning Restaurant in Causaway Bay . Due to the basement location and seating in a private room, the couple was not easily discovered by other diners.

George was shocked by the presence of reporters at the restaurant and dialed his cell phone asking for help. As for his female friend, she turned her head as if there was something to hide.

Sally and George’s Past Tumultuous Love Affairs

1982- George wanted to find a new talent to sing the duet, “ Reunion .” Through his first wife, Ng Ching Yuen, he met Sally Yeh.

1992- During the filming of Sally’s music video, she and George hugged intimately. Sally was dubbed as the third party in George’s marriage.

1993- When Sally received the Most Popular Female Singer Award at Jade Solid Gold, she shouted, “I love you George Lam!” At the same time, music instructor, Sunny Wong, allegedly became involved with Sally. Inside Sally’s apartment, George and Sunny broke into a physical fight and were arrested by the police.

1995- George and Ng Ching Yuen officially divorce. George’s twin girls were awarded custody to his ex-wife. Sally became the official woman in George’s life.

1996- Sally and George got married and take up residence in San Francisco . They lived in a semi-retirement state.

1999- While vacationing in Hawaii , George stole a pair of sunglasses at a duty-free store. The jury found George to be guilty and a criminal record was retained. Sally and George held a joint conference and Sally insisted the he may have absently taken the sunglasses without thought.

2003- Guest performing at Liza Wang’s concert, George fell eight feet off the stage. At the hospital, Sally stayed close by George’s side.

2005- Badminton instructor, Mike, was found spending the night at Sally’s apartment.

2008- Allegedly, Sally and George’s marriage was on the rocks and the pair were living separately.


Jayne: Was a big fan of George and Sally’s music. George’s voice is powerful and masculine and Sally’s voice is beautiful and clear. Wish singers came endowed with such voices instead of auto-tune nowadays.

For partners that stray while in a committed relationship, is it possible that straying instinct doesn’t end?

Marriages can be saved when one spouse has a physical affair. Temptation will come and go. If there are still bonds of love, the couple will work things out. But when two people start growing apart and get emotionally attached to others, the marriage is probably over.

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Sally Yeh and George Lam Cheating on Each Other?

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  • 7 comments to Sally Yeh and George Lam Cheating on Each Other?

    1. Susan says:

      OMG, love do expired too, we just don’t know exactly how long.

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    2. HeTieShou says:

      THis is really sad to hear. I thought that Sally and George had a happy marriage. It is really sad that marriages can come and go just like that… It is sad but is a true reality. It is hard to remain married to just one person these days. I guess we should not all be too shocked that things are falling apart between any couple these days… sigh..

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    3. margaret says:

      Both are shameful. Sally as husband snatcher should bury her head deep down in cow dung. She appears more as an opportunist and should be cast out completely. As for George, a shortie and ugly man, self-destruction is the best way out for him. Though he can sing, he dont have the aura of a star/celebrity. Absolutely he dont appear to hold the charisma. He looked more like a pervert rather than a star! It is high time both Sally and George weaned out immediately.

      Login or Register before you can reply to margaret
    4. Trang says:

      With the high divorce rate (at least 50% in the U.S.), I’m afraid to get married. And that’s sad because I’m only 24 🙁

      Healthy marriages are hard to maintain in general so it’s kind of obvious that celebrity marriages fall apart more often. The time the spouses spend apart due to filming schedules or touring schedules, temptations with co-stars, issues with pride/ego being hurt (when one spouse is more popular or makes more money), and constantly being scrutinized by the media and public will put a strain on any relationship. Then there’s also KARMA, it doesn’t happen right away but when you least expect it.

      Ladies and gentlemen…if someone’s willing to leave their spouse/loved one for you, chances are he/she will do the same thing to you. It’s wrong to build your happiness on someone else’s misery.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Trang
    5. jayzemine says:

      I understand what you mean and I think everybody have that fear of a failed marriage. I think the bottom line is that compromise, trust, and great understanding of each other is the key to a working relationship/marriage. Unfortunately, easier said than done.

      Login or Register before you can reply to jayzemine
    6. HeTieShou says:

      Sadly, I think that even compromise, trust and understanding are not the only things in a marriage that can make it work. Love is another very important factor but that also is not enough at times. People grow apart and bored of each other as well which is what I think is happening with Sally and George. THis is even more common in the circle because you are always surrounded by attractive and successful people. Therefore, you get even more tempted to cheat on your husband/wife.

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    7. wintergurl says:

      sad love story .sally is great and beautiful singer. love her voice . her xuan ze song really touched me … love her

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