Sammi Cheng: “Andy Hui and I Are Not Back Together!”

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A recent tabloid magazine claimed that Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Andy Hui Chi On have re-united and intend to get married at the end of the year. In a radio program yesterday, Sammi denied the rumors. Sammi said seriously, “I will not laugh. If I laugh, the public will think I am in a sweet mood. I will say in a serious tone that we have not re-united.  I am not certain about the future. I am not God; I do not know what will happen. But at this stage, we are not back together!”

Since Sammi and Andy often travel together overseas due to their [concert engagements], did this result in strengthening their feelings for each other? Sammi noted that all Hong Kong residents knew that she had a good friendship with Andy, a friendship which Sammi treasured.

Did Sammi and Andy’s re-unification rumors hurt Andy’s girlfriend? Sammi said, “I do not know. You should ask Andy directly about matters concerning his girlfriend.  As friends, we will not discuss such issues. Since the tabloid falsified news that Andy and I intend to get married, I had to publicly clarify the matter.”

For a long time, fans have wished that Sammi and Andy dated each other again. Some fans even attacked Andy’s girlfriend. Sammi frankly said that the fans’ behavior was common. After two artists dated and then broke up, fans will wish they mended their relationship. However, this was the fans’ wishful thinking only. Sammi also had her own wishes.  Sammi said she wanted to avoid overly complex relationships. “I will only engage in a one-on-one relationship. I am 38-years-old. If there is someone suitable, I will not oppose the relationship. But I will not choose to enter an overly complicated relationship. I hope you understand.”

The tabloid also reported that Andy asked his girlfriend for his car and house keys back. Sammi said she did not know about the situation. Since Sammi is friends with Andy, she will choose to believe him since they were both victims of the tabloid report.

“Shawn Yue is Not My Cup of Tea”

Earlier, there were rumors that Sammi and Shawn Yue Man Lok were involved with each other. Sammi insisted outright that the relationship was impossible. She said that Shawn was not her cup of tea. “I’m really shocked! There is over ten years difference in our ages! If there was a difference of five or six years, it would be more acceptable!”

Excerpt from Takungpao

Jayne: Sammi and Andy are still very good friends. From earlier news, Sammi admitted that she had a bad temper when she and Andy were dating years ago. None of Andy’s friends liked her at the time. Perhaps reflecting back, Sammi may have regretted what happened. But Andy has a girlfriend now and once you move on in love, you can never chase back what is lost. It doesn’t matter how much you loved each other in the past.

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Sammi Cheng: “Andy Hui and I Are Not Back Together!”

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    1. Funn Lim says:

      I do think Sammi came back to work laughing and smiling more than she did in the past. she seemed happier too.

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    2. HeTieShou says:

      Hi Jayne,

      I totally agree with you that once you move on in love, you cannot turn back. Even if you did love each other a lot in the past, the past is just the past. But I am glad that they are still good friends with each other. I think that it is hard to be friends with an ex boyfriend/girlfriend though. There are many people that cannot do that since it would just be too awkward.

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