Sammul Chan and Tiffany Tang in “A Beauty in Troubled Times”

Deemed as the Republican-era version of Schemes of a Beauty <美人心计>, the romantic epic, A Beauty in Troubled Times <乱世佳人>, debuted on Jiangsu’s TV City Channel on November 2 and Shanghai’s SMG on November 10. Produced by Anhui Television and Zijun Film and TV Media Group, the drama stars Tiffany Tang(唐嫣), Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), Luo Jin (罗晋), Pinky Cheung (張文慈), Cecilia Yip (葉童), Wilson Guo (郭明翔), and Amber Xu (徐麒雯).

Set in 1930s Republican China, A Beauty in Troubled Times tells the story of the “beauty heroine” Zhang Lianxin (Tiffany Tang), a maid belonging to the Zhang family. Young master Zhang, Zhang Wenjin (Wilson Guo) is attracted by Lianxin’s beauty and schemes to keep her by his side. He framed her lover, the Japanese-raised Chongyang (Luo Jin) for killing his father, which forced Lianxin and Chongyang to flee to Shanghai. The couple lived in Shanghai peacefully, happily, and free from enemies. Lianxian worked as a garment worker, while Chongyang worked as a coolie at the wharf, and took up many other odd jobs to fulfill Lianxian’s dream of moving to Southeast Asia.

Three years later, Lianxian’s garment work attracted Xu Na (Amber Xu), the heiress of a famous clothes business in Shanghai. Na’s mother, Xu Hui (Cecilia Yip) hires Lianxian to her company, and with hard work and perseverance, Lianxian quickly rises to the top, becoming one of the most powerful businesswomen of Shanghai. At a banquet, Lianxian meets the rich Detective He Tian (Sammul Chan), who falls in love with her at first sight.

Zhang Wenjin recognizes Lianxian in the newspaper and sends an assassin to kill Chongyang. Worried about Chongyang’s safety, Lianxian seeks help from He Tian. Together, they searched for Chongyang, but to no avail. Under the care and love of Tian, Lianxian begins to fall for him. On Tian and Lianxian’s marriage night, Wenjin crashes the wedding to take Lianxian away, and in her escape for survival, she learns that Chongyang is still alive.

A Beauty in Troubled Times aired in Jiangsu and Shanghai to rave reviews, and was praised by both critics and viewers. The drama is currently slated for a wide December 5 release on Anhui’s Anhui Television and Shanghai’s Dragon Television.

“A Beauty in Troubled Times” Extended Trailer

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  1. Story sounds ridiculous but I like Tiffany and of course Sammul as well and since Kdramas have worst stories that turn into something somewhat logical in its own way, I think I might watch this.

    Between, TVB, you are an idiot for letting Sammul go. They never knew what to do with him. I am happy China does.

    1. Sammul looks even more handsome now. Tvb didn’t know how to cast him as a leading man and still don’t have any leading fadans that look young enough for him.

      1. There is something about Sammul until I can’t really say he’s handsome.. maybe he got more feminine feel on his face made him less masculine? He’s another great canditate for eunuch role.

      2. Not eunuch but poor scholar. Just watch him in Schemes Of A Beauty.

      3. Yes, he does have that poor scholar feel. Like, too weak to be a warrior/fighter, intelligent but not “masculine” handsome.

      4. True but what Sammul has is this gentlemanly gentleman handsome old time good looks, those who seduces you with poetry rather than brute force.

    2. Hey, these days, how many people truly watch for the story??? They just blindly go for the cast and then whine about it later…

  2. Im interested, but their version of an extended trailor, seriously is, woah.

  3. Lou Jin’s love story seems interesting :0 as much as I like Sammul’s, I don’t think his role in this drama interest me much. Base on the trailer, loves Lou Jin lol xD

  4. Luo Jin is pretty sexy! Heh! I likee Tiffany and Sam too, looks a bit interesting. maybe I’ll give it a try.

  5. Based on the trailers, it does not seem like Tang Yan really returns Sammul’s affections. But I suppose it’s only fair that Luo Jin gets the girl this time, since Sammul got her in Schemes of a Beauty.

    1. In scheme, Luo didn’t look as handsome as in here lol, whereas Sammual was so much more dashing :p this series, however, luo looks so handsome xD, so yea, he should get the girl this time xD

      1. To me I think Sammul looks good in ancient time wigs. Not sure if it is how he style his hair.

  6. Wow, that trailer was long

    um, I’m confuse with the trailer. Is it a 3-4 parts stories??

    The storyline seem interesting, but how come the female character’s expression seem to stay the same in the trailer.

    Is there really such a small camera like that?? & I do not like the wavy hair style, looks kinda of um… *blah*

    <3 Sammul so happy for your success 🙁 so sad that you don't talk online anymore

    -Off Topic: The long dress/clothing during that time, I do not like the neck or the waste, it make you want to lose lots of weight to fit into it and man is the neck hurtful to breath. I've tried on it before -_-

  7. I’m not familiar with the lead actress Tang Yan. But, from this trailer alone, I don’t find her look outstanding. Yes, she looks pretty, but, also common. I think the actress who played the little miss who likes Sammul has a sharper looking.

    1. Tang Yan can act, she is also pretty and she has this likable factor. She’s not young but she can play cute without being annoying.

  8. Sammul is good looking but i won’t watch this drama. sounds too annoying for me to waste my time to watch. i wish i can watch the whole Schemes of a Beauty 美人心计. i really like ruby lin. i never thought the two of them would be cast together.

  9. I got to say the villain is very bad in acting in this series. Can’t watch it, because he’s always talking in this weird monotonous voice.

  10. Whoa! I just finished watching the whole drama from the extended trailer.

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