Seo Ye Ji and Her Family Exposed for Their Bad Neighborly Behaviors

Although South Korean actress Seo Ye Ji is resuming her activities after being criticized for her controversy involving actor and boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, the actress is in the headlines again for her and her family’s spat with their neighbors.

Earlier this week, a netizen claiming to be a neighbor of Seo Ye Ji’s family publicly aired their grievance and provided details on how their quality of life was disrupted. The netizen criticized Seo Ye Ji’s parents for taking over the building’s public space and installing a dog fence in the stairwells. Adding to the conflict, the netizen claimed that Seo Ye Ji often visited her parents, but the actress would park her car however she liked, including in front of other residents’ cars.

In order to protect their rights, the residents repeatedly voiced their dissent with the Seo family, but the netizen accused Seo Ye Ji’s father of intimidation by physically pushing people away.

The neighbors also tried confronting Seo Ye Ji. When they recognized Seo Ye Ji as an actress, Seo Ye Ji denied it and later brought a lawyer from her agency to resolve the neighbor’s disputes.

The netizen claimed that Seo Ye Ji was initially co-operative and would listen to the neighbor’s concerns from the past four years. However, the neighbors soon doubted Seo Ye Ji’s sincerity when the actress turned around and asked them, “You’ won’t write about this online, right?”

Seo Ye Ji’s Response

Shortly after the expose came to light, Seo Ye Ji’s agency responded that the conflict was a misunderstanding, “Seo Ye Ji’s family immediately apologized after they received the neighbor’s complaints. As for whether the apology was sincere, this is dependent on the other party’s feeling and we don’t know how to respond. The Seo family moved away shortly after their incident. The conflict was satisfactorily resolved.”

The neighborhood spat has once again put Seo Ye Ji in a negative light just as the actress is preparing for her upcoming drama EveTo limit the impact to her career, Seo Ji Yi finally broke her silence to apologize for her past controversy and promised to showcase her maturity going forward. The apology did not have the intended effect and the actress was criticized for being insincere.

Source: World Journal

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  1. I feel this actress must have a fat folder of bad behaviours waiting to be released and exposed. To be honest, if her actions are so outwardly arrogant. It is really not hard to find those evidence in deeds and witnesses.

    Everytime, she has a new project release, the Press will release some gossip… We know not every celebs are perfect… To be honest Seo Ye Ji is far from it… But for her to still be getting work… Someone must really still like her…

    On another matter, in my Country, parking is very limited. I even have to pay US30,000 for a parking space in my Apartment block. Due to lack of parking, It does become common to have visitors double parking during day time or early evenings…but we have a custom of putting a note with contact details to move your car when necessary. It is a system that works for everyone. Like it or not, many do find themselves in such position once a while. So there is no hard feelings. But to need a lawyer to deal with such complaints… Moving out to a more suitable size location would work better for Seo’s family.

    I may am not a fan of Seo Ye Ji but I feel she reminds me of a Roly-Poly toy. Regardless how everyone punches her down…she will still straighten herself to its usual tall and proud self… Who gives her such confidence? I really wonder…

    1. @Hohliu I do agree with a lot of the points you made, and someone must really, really like Seo YeJi cause she keeps coming back and getting work, although she is nothing special.The media can’t make up all the negative things said about her up. Even her ex boyfriend was bullied and controlled by Seo Ye Ji. She is a spoiled, bully and now we see where her sour behaviour comes from. They say the apple does not fall far from the tree. And while we are here, let us be proud that Korea is a nation with bullies and give them a big shoutout, lol, lol, LOL.

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