Seo Ye Ji Criticized for Being a Controlling Girlfriend

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay actress, Seo Ye Ji, landed in hot water after South Korea media Dispatched exposed her manipulative behaviors towards actor and boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun and forbidding him to film intimate scenes.

When Kim Jung Hyun was filming 2018’s drama Time alongside Seohyun, the actor went through great lengths to satisfy Ye Ji’s demands and his actions negatively affected the drama’s production and the production crew.

In a shocking reveal, Ye Ji used their relationship as a reason to demand Jung Hyun from filming scenes with physical contact and told the actor, “You are happy because of me, so you have to make me happy too.” Following Seo Ye Ji’s order, Jung Hyun would report back to her on how he was able to remove romantic scenes from the script and how he kept  distance from the female staff.

At the time, Jung Hyun’s behaviors did not go unnoticed and the actor was criticized for his cold behaviors towards his co-star Seohyun. A former staff member revealed that Seohyun had a difficult time working with Jung Hyun, “They played a tragic couple in the drama, but Jung Hyun didn’t look at her or greet her. During the break, he would stay in the van. He looked uncomfortable when he was filming romantic scenes.”

The former staff added that they saw Jung Hyun thoroughly wiped his hands with wet tissues after touching Seohyun’s hands, “Although I don’t know if there was a misunderstanding, Seohyun cried on the set. Although Jung Hyun apologized to Seohyun, his actions did not change afterwards.”

Netizens Dig Up Seo Ye Ji’s Past Problematic Behaviors

During an episode of variety program Knowing Brothers, Ye Ji recalled a story from her childhood when she turned speechless and could not warn her sister from falling off the cliff. Just when she thought her sister died, she was relieved when she heard her sister cursing at her. Many netizens are questioning why the actress cited a dangerous situation for humor.

While filming Korean movie Another Way, Ye Ji scared the production crew when she drove her car to the middle of the street and almost collided with an incoming bus. While the crew was concerned for the actress’ well-being, Ye Ji’s reply was startling, “It makes me happy that I successfully scared them.”

Seo Ye Ji’s Official Statement Over Controversy

In a press release, Ye Ji’s agency issued a statement claiming that the actress did not influence Jung Hyun’s free will to act in the drama. Furthermore, they claim that text messages were private conversations from a lover’s quarrel where both Ye Ji and Jung Hyun asked each other to not film romantic scenes.

However, the statement did little to mend the actress’ image. She has been dropped from multiple brand endorsements. Ji Ye has cancelled attending the promotional activities for her upcoming movie Recalled and has reportedly dropped out of upcoming drama, Island. Many netizens are calling out the actress’ unprofessionalism and ask the actress to retire from the entertainment industry.

Source: HK01

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  1. Goodness, Kim Jung Hyun is not suited to be in the industry. As a actor, he cannot draw a clear line between personal and professional life. He is very much to blame for his unprofessionalism. Honestly, that is such a pathetic excuss…,

  2. I think she shouldn’t look for a romantic partner from the entertainment industry if she has such strict rules.

  3. I have been following this news and I am confused why she is being vilified and essentially punished for what appears to be a huge invasion of privacy (someone hacked into her phone? His phone? Revealed private conversation)? and started to question her integrity as a person when there is no crime committed. No man ever present himself as being abused by her, what we have is one actor who was so unprofessional he dropped off the series some years back. Suddenly all blame shifted onto her when the man becomes almost blameless, and he doesn’t have a backbone and she is puppetering him. I find k entertainment sickening in the way they succumb to mob rules, keyboard warriors and everyone is pushed aside at the mere hint of… what’s the scandal here? What they do in private is their business. This is not a case where she took nude photos of him and boasted to her friends, sleeps around and boasted about her abilities or such stuff. If she is a controlling girlfriend, so what? He’s not complaining. He likes it that way. Not like she whipped him or whatever. K entertainment is hopelessly hypocritical. She should be lynched in public for something more substantial, not on these mere suggestions.

    1. @funnlim

      So true. I don’t want to use the word misogyny here since this word has been so misused lately. But, this case really sound close.

      Blame the woman when the decision is all up the man himself. It’s like those historians who blamed the downfall of a kingdom on the ‘evil’ concubine. The king was the one who chose to be irresponsible, and his woman got blame.

    2. @funnlim pretty much what you said! I think some higher up couldn’t sleep with her so now they are out for blood >_> literally a scandal at the release of her new movie. And yes, netizens just blindingly blaming her for that actor’s lack of professionalism and citing “emotional abuse”.

      Poor girl, because she’s so pretty and is actually a good actress. But because of this scandal, her career is forever ruined (because it’s kdrama and they are toxic!)

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