More Testimonies Expose Seo Ye Ji’s Bullying Character

Exposed for being a controlling girlfriend, Seo Ye Ji forbid ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun from filming intimate scenes in 2018 drama Time. The It’s Okay Not to Be Okay actress’ frequent threats added to the actor’s emotional anxiety and caused him to fall into depression. As criticism for the couple continues to build, more testimonies are exposed to reveal Ye Ji’s bullying character.

Treated People Like Pigs

Aside from being a controlling girlfriend, Ye Ji treated the people who worked for her disrespectfully. A former staff member aired her grievance, “Every time a staff member resigns, Ye Ji would say ‘This circle is small, be careful of what you say. I can make it hard for you to get jobs.’” The former staff wanted to quit, but endured and continued to work for the actress until finding another position.

The former staff complained that Ye Ji constantly cursed and treated them like slaves, “She often asked people to buy cigarettes. If there is a mistake, she would puff smoke in our faces. When she goes to the bathroom, she would yell at us if we don’t follow her. She didn’t treat us like humans. She treated us like dogs or pigs.”

As stories about her bullying character emerge, Ye Ji’s image has been destroyed and many companies quickly cut the actress from their brand endorsement campaigns.

Kim Jung Hyun Issues Apology Letter

After days of silence, Jung Hyun released a handwritten letter to apologize for the controversy and his rude behavior towards his co-stars while filming Time. He had disrupted the Time’s production schedule when demanded script changes to avoid intimate scenes with his co-star, SNSD’s Seohyun.

The actor shared that the drama was special to him because it was his first leading role, but he regrettably hurt and disappointed the director, scriptwriter, and his co-stars.  Jun Hyun expressed his remorse, “I cannot accept my behavior back then. I really regret this, and I wish I could go back in time.”

Jung Hyun did not mention Ye Ji in his apology letter, but he apologized to talent agencies O & Entertainment and Culture Depot. Earlier, Jung Hyun and O & Entertainment were in dispute when the actor declined to renew his contract and signed a new contract with Culture Depot.

Sources close to Jung Hyun shared that the actor suffered from depression and insomnia since he started acting and received treatment at the hospital. While the actor was able to get help and saw improvements in his mental health, the recent events have set back his progress. Jung Hyun is now receiving treatment again and is being cared for by his family.


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Seo Ye Ji Criticized for Being a Controlling Girlfriend

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  1. I doubt the credibility of this former staff. He/she suddenly come out of nowhere to air his/her grievances on Seo Ye Ji when the actress is in the middle of backlash. I really do wonder if Seo Ye Ji has gotten into some powerful person’s black book and he/she is trying to bring her down.

    As for the guy’s statement. My first reaction was thinking he’s lame. But, thinking further, maybe his non-nonsensical behavior (demanding script change and disrupting production schedule for his first lead role etc) was due to his depression. If it’s true, I hope he get well soon.

    While looking into the history of Fu Xinbo, I found out about another contestant of ‘My Hero’ singing competition who has committed suicide. He was often late for work and one director openly chastised him in social media and ask other directors not to use him. He was so guilty of his lateness that he actually only took half of his fee. He claimed he has depression. The director taught he’s just giving excuses. Some time later, he committed suicide.

  2. Kim Jung Hyun is not suited to be a actor and remain in this industry…He need a career more suited for his temprement.

  3. Seo Ye Ji sounds just wonderful. I had heard of her cold, controlling ways before on numerous occasions. Even looking at her, she has a mean face. Some fans may not want to accept the truth, but it is what it is. Yes, Kim Jung Hyun may have his issues, but having a mean and controlling girlfriend only compounded the issues. They both need help.

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