Single Again, Rebecca Zhu Linked With Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma

After winning the 2011 Miss Hong Kong pageant, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) revealed that she had a Ukranian boyfriend named Kostyantyn Keshyshev. The pair met in Rebecca’s former ballet troupe. Yesterday, on the set of TVB drama, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, Rebecca admitted that she and Kostyantyn have already broken up. Single once again, Rebecca was quickly linked with costars, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲)!

In January, Rebecca was photographed riding the train with 2011 Mr. Hong Kong, Clayton Li (李晉強). In the photos, Clayton had rested his head on Rebecca’s shoulders, sparking rumors that the pair were secretly dating. At the time, Rebecca clarified that she was still dating Kostyantyn; she and Clayton were only friends.

Recent rumors surfaced that Rebecca became Ron Ng’s new object of pursuit on set, Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. Asked if her boyfriend, Kostyantyn minded, Rebecca awkwardly said, “We have broken up for 2 to 3 months. He had a better advancement opportunity…. Although there may be feelings of not wanting to let go, it had to end.”

In Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, Rebecca was involved in a love triangle with Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma, who later became her husband. The duo had many scenes together, with Kenneth praising Rebecca as a good girl. Kenneth often joked with Rebecca, causing her to laugh during filming breaks.

In her tearful scenes with Kenneth, Rebecca was able to incorporate her recent breakup emotions into her acting. Despite being a newcomer, Rebecca’s good performance resulted in producer Chong Wai Kin’s (莊偉建) praise.

Since winning the Miss Hong Kong crown last year, Rebecca has been quickly promoted by TVB. Aside from her prominent role in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, she will also appear in the upcoming Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2>. Rebecca will reunite with costars, Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng, when filming starts in September 2012.

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Jayne: I was waiting for rumors of Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu to intensify, since there is a trend for rumors of TVB’s onscreen lovers in this manner. They do look very nice together!

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  1. Wow, she looks like a hot one. If either guy gets her, be pretty lucky but I doubt it cause most Miss HK’s usually want to link up with a rich boy from outside the industry and not some poor plain TVB actor.

  2. Rebecca looks more mature/older than she really is. She’s only 24!

    Kenneth Ma did respond to these rumors.

    Zhu: He doesn’t ONLY take care of me, he also cares about other actors. Kenneth likes conservative, simple, uncomplicated girls.

    Kenneth: Rebecca is that type of person, but requires time to observe, I feel that she is a good girl and simple-minded.
    (will pursue her?) I haven’t dated young girls like her, so I haven’t thought about that at the moment.

    FYI, Kenneth is 38. Ron is 32. Rebecca is 24.

    1. Fez,
      Thanks for the additional details! Maybe Kenneth Ma may decide to harbor crush on Rebecca for years, waiting for her to grow older?!

      He has a habit of crushing on former costars, including a 6-year crush on Selena Li!

      1. I wonder if Nancy minded his crush… seems not normal to secretly like someone that long.

      2. Kenneth has revealed to media that he and Nancy had a real relationship. It was Selena that he had a crush on but since he likes conservative and simple girls, maybe the crush don’t get far because Selena turns out to be not that conservative.

      3. Wow, that’s a very long crush on “lazy one” without any action, hehe.

    2. “Kenneth likes conservative, simple, uncomplicated girls.”

      Is Rebecca one?

      1. Since we don’t know any of them personally it is hard to say. Kenneth should know better than us though, since he has seen and interacted with her day in and day out for 5-6 months. So if he says she is, then she probably is that type of girl. From what I have seen of her weibo entries, she does seem like a hard-working individual and who is also very mature in her thinking. So being only 24 years old shouldn’t restrict the chance of Kenneth and her developing, if their age and the age-gap is the problem in their case.

      2. Maybe Kenneth stopped crushing on Selena after knowing that she’s not as conservative as he thought.

  3. Rumours of Ron and Rebecca, Viann will be very angry..

    1. Not only Viann for Ron, but KM and TY pairing fans will be angry too for Rebecca to rumour with Kenneth but TY can’t get one LOL.

      1. So many this types of pairing rumours.. dunno how many is real. the only one confirmed is Bosco and Myolie

      2. Not only Bosco and Myolie. Nancy and Kenneth turned out to be real too. Edison and Gillian, Charlene and Ronald, just to name a few. “There’s no smoke without fire.”

      3. oh.. i forgot about all this couples.. but most of the couples only admit after they broke up..

    2. haha, the chucky doll will strike again very soon. Poor Ron ah.

      1. I am afraid of what she will do to her… seen as her rival…

      2. I can totally imagine Viann threatening Rebecca… Oh gosh, the chucky doll will come to life again soon…

  4. ROFL I expected the rumours of Rebecca and KM to come up too since KM always be extra close gentleman to Rebecca in interviews LOL.

    1. KM also got his wish. Just a few days ago he said he wish he has more rumours ROFL. How cute

  5. Don’t think Kenneth Ma will fall in love easily with any actress. He seems to be a very practical guy, not a romantic one. He has been in TVB for over 10 years, and his love rumors were very few (only with Margie Tsang, Selena Li, and Nancy Wu).

    1. This is actually to promote the SSSS series LOL. Damn early promotion 😛

      1. That means KM isnt overexposed unlike some actress who need fake rumours to keep herself on magz covers LOL.

      2. @Bill: Why you have to state a fact that everyone know and even me dun bother to hide? LOLz. BTW I’m commenting about Ma Ming, LMAO~. You posted in wrong part. Look at below ah~.

  6. Wow she’s does llook older than 24 yr s old .

  7. Though people say Rebecca Zhu looks like Fala Chen, I think Fala Chen looks a lot prettier.

    1. Fala Chen definitely looks more gorgeous.

    2. Fala is by far prettier and younger looking.

  8. Rebecca is a “B grade ripoff” version of Fala Chen. She’s just doing what Fala did years ago, hookin gup with her co stars so she can advance her career faster.

  9. Good luck Rebecca. I don’t know that you have a weibo or not, if having one, forget it. Rmb, forget it.

    1. better than post Ron’s pics or Viann will eat her alive. KM is single although some pairing fans keep fantasizing about him liking their idol when their idol is actively rumoured with another guy LOL.

    2. Time will fly and after the 4S series, then we will see that Rebecca will post pix with other actors on weibo or she only likes to post Ma Ming’s pix :P. From her weibo, I think she basically does the same thing as other artists: Posting the pix of her and her co-workers on weibo during the filming time.

  10. KM keep saying Rebecca is a good girl when reporter asks him and don’t really deny about not having feeling for her ROFL. Did he really like Rebecca? Those kenta fans must be furious LOL

    1. I was kind of expecting some fans to leave nasty comments on Rebecca’s weibo. But so far, the fans have been behaving quite well. Tavia and Kenneth were good as a couple in The Hippocratic Crush. But in real-life, Tavia is an outgoing girl and also very straight-forward, so she doesn’t seem to match the criteria of his ideal girl. As for Rebecca, from some of the things he has said it does seem like he has good feelings for her, but then both of them said that they don’t know each other too well…so I guess time will tell if they work out or not.

      1. Good for Rebecca’s weibo although I’ve read some nasty comments criticized her on weibo for very nonsense reasons. Rebecca is still green in the industry and she might go down because of these bashes, especially when her heart is breaking after the current breakup. Meanwhile, it can become a good lesson for her to survive in the ent. industry, if she wants to stay long with it. In the future, such things will happen to her again.

        BTW, why nobody bother to consider Rebecca’s criteria? Ma Ming likes Rebecca or she meets his criteria but who can ensure for the opposite that Rebecca likes Ma Ming or he meets her criteria or not?

      2. Why would fans bash Rebecca unless she is actively “chasing” Kenneth or Ron and they don’t like her actions?

        Otherwise if she didn’t do anything and the media or the guys are making the first moves to compliment, it’s not really her fault for being pretty or likable to Kenneth or Ron, right?

    2. Guess that he really like Rebecca, especially from the new news. But he dun noe much about Rebecca at this moment or Rebecca dun allow him to know more about her.

      1. Yes, we haven’t heard Rebecca’s response yet and also if Kenneth is her type of guy. I think it is because she hasn’t been on any function lately, so the reporters haven’t gotten the chance to ask her. As for the two of them not knowing each other too well…I think it is because Rebecca is a quiet girl and she is a newcomer too, so it probably takes time for her to open up for the other celebrities. But then, they still have time to communicate more as Kenneth, Ron and Rebecca will all be in Triumph in the skies 2.

  11. “Kenneth likes conservative, simple, uncomplicated girls.”

    Wouldn’t someone like Linda Chung be this type of girl that he likes? I guess they haven’t paired enough together or worked together a whole lot since they weren’t paired up in CBML and he only had a cameo in YSSS. I can’t think of other times they have worked together.

    1. Linda like “bad, complicated, with an attitude sort of guys” so maybe she can Kenneth are never meant to be. Look at Tavia. Even boring Tavia likes Him Law sort of guy who comes with a lot of history. Maybe Donald Duck is turning off girls? No worries Kenneth. I AM HERE!!! HEREEEEE!!!

    2. Two boring persons will lead to a boring relationship.

      A good girl is always attracted by a bad guy. A decent boy is fascinated by bad girls. A quiet person will like someone who talks loudly and can make him/her laugh.

  12. I know Ron was joking and the interview was probably done before the rumours between Kenneth and Rebecca started, but I found it interesting that the article is released right now…when she is linked with both of them.


    Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Kenneth Ma’s personality are different. When the photographer asked them if they are love rivals in the series. Kenneth obediently answered: “Yes” and Ron joked and added: “In real-life too”.

  13. I reckon Kenneth doesn’t have a girlfriend because he likes to sleeps around.

    1. HE is practising, to use his eventual awesome skills on his acknowledged girlfriend!

  14. Whatever it is I hope she dont choose Ron… lol…..
    She’s pretty.

    1. Yeah don’t. He’s not finished being a player yet.

  15. I think it is just media promotion, or even Rebecca Zhu’s self-promotion. Rebecca is so new in the entertainment industry, she definitely needs some noise for her own sake. I don’t think it is Kenneth’s idea; he is just too nice to disclose the real truth ….. denying that Rebecca is not his “cup of tea”. He does not want to hurt Rebecca’s feeling.

    1. How is Rebecca self-promoting herself? She hasn’t even said anything about the rumours yet and she wasn’t even the one who started it. Kenneth was the one praising her for being a good girl and that she matched his criteria. He could have just left it out or if he really wanted to be nice, he could have just complimented her saying she is hardworking, nice or whatever…

    2. Self-promotion? LMAO~. Then Rebecca should find someone better to do the promotion if she wanna do it that much.

      Ma Ming the saint, disclose the ex-lover Nancy to protect her from sudden princess illness and now lie the real feeling in order not to hurt Rebecca’s feeling.

      And Rebecca is still free out of all. Ouch.

  16. I think let’s look at Kenneth’s comment again:

    Though Maming said that she fits his criteria, but he also added that he doesn’t know her that well… and he has not considered dating someone so young like her. I think it’s already indirectly saying she’s not his cup of tea…

    As to the self-promotion, i tend to think she kind of did it in her weibo. Look at the description she describes about her and Kenneth:

    I mean probably she’s just trying to promote the series, if you want to look at it in a positive way.

    I think Maming is really quite reserved in the way he interacts with Rebecca.

  17. wht pop into,my head was wht viann gonna do nw…

  18. Wow, Rebecca is already linked with 3 guys and this is her first series. I usually don’t like news makers but I’ll try to be objective and see her performance in SSSS before making a judgement.

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