Sire Ma Speculated to Have Sent Lau Dan Private Clips

After Sire Ma’s (馬賽) lingerie video scandal came to light, lesbian ex-lover Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) revealed that Sire sent flirty messages and possibly explicit clips to a senior Hong Kong male artiste past his fifties. At first, speculations pointed to Damian Lau (劉松仁), who portrayed Sire’s father in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>. After Damian denied receiving inappropriate texts and photos from Sire, recent reports now suggest it may be 69-year-old veteran actor, Lau Dan (劉丹).

Sire and Lau Dan met while filming TVB series, Bullet Brain <神探高倫布>. On set, Sire allegedly noticed that Lau Dan had much clout and authority. In addition, he is also on good terms with TVB management executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍). Sensing that she could perhaps gain benefits, Sire reportedly planned to get close to Lau Dan.

According to tabloids, Sire and Lau Dan quickly shared a good relationship. Lau Dan even spoke to Catherine in order to help Sire receive better filming opportunities. As a result, she was later promoted to be the second lead actress in No Reserve <巾幗梟雄之諜血長天>. Reportedly, others at TVB were unsatisfied with the decision, but Catherine did not reject the idea since it came from Lau Dan.

Allegedly, Lau Dan felt that Sire was beginning to act a little overboard with their relationship, and thus kept his distance. Reporters recently telephoned Lau Dan to ask about the speculations, but he has not yet replied.


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  1. WTF…. Her drama is not over yet. Tvb need to step up and fire her. Lau Dan is not 69 yrs old.

    1. Who cares if he was 69 or not……….he should have taken the bait and gotten a piece of her when it was offered to him….At 69, you don’t get much of these chances anymore.

      1. Who wants to have anything to do with such dirty piece of azz?

  2. how do these reporter her the artist numbers? Seems like they are always calling artist.

  3. Oh boy! Her reputation takes another beating. Is she going to play pitiful victim again? It’d be interesting what Lau Dan has to say.

  4. If the messages really exist and are true, sire ma does not deserve the public’s pity. Stop crying in front of cameras, it’s so pathetic. And please stop this drama already, it’s now involving one of the most respected veteran actors and it could ruin his marriage

    1. @Woo

      As the article said, Sire was beginning to act a little overboard with their relationship, so he kept his distance. Maybe it was just a friendship with Sire using him to further her career, or maybe they were involved intimately. Who really knows. If they were just friends, I hope this whole situation would not ruin a marriage.

  5. Interesting that Lau Dan has such a good relationship with Catherine, but he couldn’t get his son any opportunities at TVB?

    1. Maybe his son didn’t want to do anything carpet munching. Surely you don’t think that only male entertainment industry figures did couch-casting? 🙂

    2. In an interview, Hawick has explained this.

      He said he was given a lot of opportunities earlier in his career, but, he has bad work attitude and not serious in his work. Slowly, less and less producer want to give him work. He finally realised his mistake later but at that time, his reputation was already not good, so he went over to a new place to start over.

  6. The heck she was given meaty & heavy second lead roles waaay before this! This whole meeting with Lau Dan helping gain her more roles is total BS!

    1. Agree. She was already promoted by TVB before ‘Bullet Brain’. In fact, she was technically the female lead in ‘Bullet Brain’.

      I think the casting in ‘No Reserve’ has more to do with producer Lee Tim Shing. Producers like to use back a selected set of actors in their production. You see Moses and Kenny Wong in all Chik Kei Yi’s production, and you see Wayne Lai in most of Lee’s production. So, Sire being casted in another Lee Tim-Shing’s production with a heavy role is not surprising.

  7. these HK paparazzi/reporters getting out of hands and too nonsense to write such. walao ehh

    1. >>these HK paparazzi/reporters getting out of hands and too nonsense to write

      it’s good. at least they give you guys/gals something to read about during lunchtime (or work-time).
      otherwise you’d all be twirling your thumbs

    1. I think Coffee is just a young and helpless mess like a lot of young girls

      and Sire is a pro hooker

  8. At least the old man was only asking for video clips and not the real thing.

    But considering his age, that would be quite sufficient.

  9. WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO DO TO HERSELF?! she’s ruining her career, life, and reputation one step at a time….ughhhh

  10. I feel no sympathy for her at all. She harvests what she plants.

  11. some people just need to forgive and stop hating other people. What’s the big deal with her video, it’s just her dancing around and it’s private video. Who cares what people do to get ahead in life! You gotta do what you gotta do to jump ahead of the competition. Lady is smart.

    1. I believe most of us are fed up with the deceit, lies and her putting up an innocent front. Especially if her actions will ruin the reputation of others, like Lau Dan, in this case. I don’t think she was smart at all. She messed with the wrong people, Ziqi and Laura. She now has to face public humiliation everyday and there’s more to come. You call that smart?

  12. There will always be this type of ppl in any industry. It’s honestly not suprising. But I personally feel this may still came to a surprise to those who think she would never do such thing as she has this innocent look. It’s so true that don’t judge a book by its cover.

    1. @Bloom

      Agree, as looks can be deceiving. Even more deceiving can be public images of entertainers, models, politicians and spiritual leaders.

      1. Hi Trini,

        Yes, deceiving should be the word, thanks. A lot of ppl like to pretend to be innocent, pretend to be soft etc etc. It’s really annoying to see ppl like that. Sire Ma seems to be soft like a rabbit but she can be fox.

  13. So this is all speculation….this is all the journalist’s creative imagination? First Damaine, who came out to denied…now lau dan…after lau dan, who will be dragged in next? I hope both Damaine and lau dan married life is not affected by this

  14. This is getting into a witch hunt. Let’s not judge her on this rumour until Lau Dan says something. Her actions could have been sincere.

    1. if lau dan really have received a sex tape from her,i doubt if he will tell anything to the media,because it means a deathblow for sire’s career.

  15. The media is not leaving Sire Ma alone. Coffee Lam got it better now.

  16. huh? she sent photos of her private forest to lau tan? maybe he asked for it haha, i have seen his *** movie before by accident..

    1. Did he accidentally send the video to you ?

      He probably intended that for Sire.

  17. why would sire did this to lau dan ?
    I totally catch no ball .


  18. Omy leave Lau DOn outta this why pull more ppl into these drama Sire cause this upon herself I dont feel sorry for her at all

  19. She really messed with the wrong type of people. The news about her just got juicy and juicier…

  20. I never liked Sire Ma since her first drama appearance for some reason….I don’t know how much truth is in these reports.

    If they’re true then Sire really needs to GTFO of TVB. I don’t think there’s a lot of people against her leaving the showbiz industry.
    If they’re false, TVB should consider hiring these reporters to write their dramas…

  21. Ugh, she really gives women a bad rep. Girls like her are a blight on every society.
    Her and Shu Qi should get together, they seem to know how to advance in the business like pros.

    I feel so bad for Lau Dan, he is too intelligent to fall for this sort of crap.
    It’s just dragging his name in the mud where hers will forever be for the rest of her life.

    Hope he sues for slander.

  22. I think I’ve underestimated media’s influence. 95% of all the comments here would rather believe what the tabloids says when there’s not an actual evidence behind the claim.

    But on the side note, I wonder if Yang Mi likes this.

  23. I was waiting more clips to be exposed. Any links to watch it???

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