Lau Dan Discloses That Yang Mi Has Not Visited Her Daughter in a Year

After Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威) divorced in 2018, they shared joint custody of their daughter Noemie. Given that both artistes are busy with their careers, the 7-year-old has been brought up by her grandparents, actor Lau Dan (劉丹) and his wife in Hong Kong. When Hawick does not need to film, he is often spotted attending school events with Noemie, but Yang Mi has been criticized as an absent mother.

The pandemic created more difficulties for Yang Mi to visit Noemie in Hong Kong, as Lau Dan revealed that the actress has not seen her daughter in one year. At a recent promotional event for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞>, Lau Dan said he has never heard his granddaughter say that she misses her mother. Noemie has her own cell phone, in which her usage is monitored but they are not sure whether she has video calls with Yang Mi.

In recent days, the hot topics on Weibo have all been centered around Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) scandal, but Lau Dan’s comment over Yang Mi also topped the searches. Many netizens expressed their relief at having something else to read, while others were angry at Lau Dan’s comments as he constantly had something negative to say about Yang Mi.

“It’s not easy being divorced, and every year she has to be dragged through the mud by her ex’s family. They’ve been divorced for a while, but you don’t see Yang Mi’s parents speaking ill of Hawick. They have been very respectful,” one netizen observed.

Another netizen commented, “Although I am not Yang Mi’s fan, but as a woman I understand that we have to nurture a life in your womb for 10 months and then undergo the pain of childbirth. How can you not love your child after all that? It is already pitiful to have to separate a mother from her child, is there a need to cause her pain again with your words?”

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  1. I’m not sure what are those netizens thinking. If she loves her daughter, she would’ve had her staying with her not the grandparents. It’s not that she can’t afford to hire a nanny or she could’ve had her daughter staying with her parents so that she can see her daughter more often but she’s been separated from her daughter since she was born, see her once/twice a year? And excuse is WORK? Oh c’on. That’s a bs excuse. There’s no reason for you to separate from your kids for such a long time unless you don’t love them. At least that’s what I think

    1. Just like Zheng Shuang, I really wonder if there are many young career women in China who put their career above their kids?

  2. As a mum, I cannot imagine ever leaving my child with anyone else. My career will not separate me from my kid..even if I divorce, I will take my child with me. That is because I really love my own flesh and blood… Everyone have their own reasons for the decisions they make.
    No video calling can replace a physical mum. I am sure Yang Mi has her reasons to leave her daughter with the ex-in-laws, I am glad the little girl is so loved by her dad and grandparents.

  3. It saddens me that I believe such mothers exist. I can’t comprehend or put myself in Yang Mi’s shoes. I’m not a mother, but what else could possibly be more important than your child?
    Money? High-paid. Career? Top actress. Reputation? Somewhat crumpled due to being an absent mother, but still ok. Love…? Maybe (= selfish).

    1. I guess her money, career and her new young boyfriend is more important than her daughter lol

  4. I am not familiar with Yang Mi’s character so I cannot judge her, she does seem like an absent mum, and that is very sad and I cannot every imagine leaving my child like that.

    But what riles me up is the fact that this toppled the Kris Wu news. How is being a bad mother more big than being an r@pi$st/sexual predator!! It’s sad to see that society is more worked up about a woman choosing her career over family, than an actual criminal! While I don’t rate Yang Mi and she should do better, she is also not the worst mum in the world.. Kris Wu, however, is a disgusting human being.

    Also, Lau Dan did not say anything bad about her, he was just spitting facts. Lau Dan, Yang Mi, Hawick Lau are all public figures that sometimes have to answer to the reporters. Ignoring reporters or lying to them and having the lie exposed would have done worst to their careers imo – it’s a business relationship with the reporters. Yang Mi’s parents are not obliged to answer.

  5. IMO Lau Dan shouldn’t have said anything about Yang Mi publicly, bur how on earth is this “dragging Yang Mi through mud”?? It’s blatantly obvious her own daughter is pretty low on her list of priorities. Is it really that difficult to forgo a couple of weeks to spend time with her? Ain’t like she’s stuck working at a factory somewhere and can’t take a holiday. I doubt Noemi even has a good concept of what “mother” is, which is so sad.

    1. Even if he voluntarily speaks of his ex-daughter in law, It’s totally understandable because I would feel the same way too, expressing his frustration about the absence of his granddaughter’s mom. Yes, she gets all the loves from her paternal side but the presence of a Mom is just as important as a Dad & grandparents. He just want her to know his feelings about her nonexistent in his granddaughter’s life. It’s a pity.

  6. Indeed, it sounds like Yang Mi is an absent mother. However, her daughter has the love of her dad and paternal grandparents. She has a mini village of her own.

    If this was any high-powered divorced dads who don’t spend that much time with their kids, it is usually ignored in conversations. Or at least not brought up as significantly as Yang Mi’s.

    1. What is equality? Why is a Mum’s love and nuturing important to a young child? Sometimes I think I dont have those answers but sometimes I think I do. I personally feel each gender have important roles to play in a child’s life, emotional & physiological well being at different stages of their lives… As the parents are their the first people the child will set as her example to learning to be a adult.

      1. To be honest, I only really hear how important it is for daughters to have their father’s attention and love in their lives…rarely do I hear the same for the moms. But I know, as a mother myself, that I am my daughter’s closest person, with her grandma being second closest. However, my mom loves my kid a lot, too. And even if I wasn’t in the picture, I know for a fact that my daughter will be in great hands and will be loved just like I was under my mom. So what I guess I am trying to say is that a parent’s love is important, but other surrogate love can be just as amazing and nurturing.

      2. But agreed as well that maybe as parents, our roles are important to our kids at distinctive ages and phases of growth, rather than all the time.

      3. @hohliu,
        I agree and it should not be a mother versus father thing but both play important roles in their children’s lives. Sometimes kids that grow up in single parent families lack some things which sadly may negatively affect them in life at times. But of course it depends on the child too. At times kids are lucky to have other figures like uncles and aunts if their parents are not good role models for them.

    2. I disagree. Nic Tse (deservedly so) also gets a lot of flack for being an absentee dad to his kids, and last I checked, he was male.

      1. @theyenman,
        I agree and Nic gets a lot of critique for being an absent father too so it is not a mother thing. But I must say that Nic used to visit his sons quite often but since Cecilia moved further away, he stopped visiting or visited a lot less.

  7. all YM has is excuses then why did you have the baby in the first place and dont put the blame on your ex he is always there for his daughter

    1. I think her daughter was just an accident and was why they married in the first place. If it were not due to her pregnancy, I doubt they would have married at all.

  8. Did Lau Dan voluntarily talk about his ex daughter-in-law or was he asked? If he was answering someone’s question and assuming he is telling the truth, why are netizens upset at him? Shouldn’t a parent try to spend time with their children? The pandemic may have made traveling difficult but not impossible between these two places and she is wealthy enough not to continuously work, isn’t it? Unless the Laus are preventing her visiting, if not, wouldn’t that be her personal choice to spend almost all her time away? And the netizens are upset at Lau Dan?

    1. He he didn’t… And it’s sad the way the media portrays it. He was very hesitant to say anything about her as a matter of fact. People just need to stop bugging him. Here’s a link

      1. Just as I suspect which makes the whole situation of netizens getting upset at him looking unreasonable. Yes, reporters should stop asking him about his ex daughter-in-law’s relationship with the child. Some females lack in their maternal love while some mothers do worse than being absent in the child’s life. At least it seems like the child is well taken care by her grandparents and her father seems to be involved in her developing years too.

  9. Wasn’t it being said somewhere that getting preg was an accident so perhaps it was never her priority in the first place to have a kid at an early stage of her life? However, they did put a name to it prior to the kid being born like I am at least doing the right thing and after that it never change her priorities of being a mom than a megastar. So in this case, it was never been what she wanted in the first place so it’s even harder for her to give her megastar status. Even early in the relationship it seemed like HL was more into it than she was. She always gives me a bit of aloof kind of vibe and very much in control of her famous status. To have been married and she was on an interview and said she never have to discuss buying a house for her parents because she can AFFORD it. What does that tell you? You are married and yet you don’t talk to your other half that you are investing not a bad thing at that but you just brought it no matter how cheap/expensive you don’t even need to tell your other half just because you can afford it? If that’s not a red flag in a relationship I don’t what is. haha lol

    1. But their finances are separate…it’s not like either person are requesting the other to pay for their expenses. They can each budget individually. I guess I don’t understand, then, why that would matter. But that’s me. I have both a joint expense acct with my husband and a separate savings account, but if he buys things that wouldn’t break his bank, I don’t question them. He can do whatever he likes, and if it’s for his family, I wouldn’t even give it a second thought.

    2. Regardless it was accidental or not. she is still the child’s mum. Even if the parents are divoiced, the mum should not be absence in a child’s life for so long. No excuse for such action.

      1. @hohliu,
        I can see what you are saying but it is a lot harder for the parent that does not have custody of the child to spend time with him/her, especially if they live faraway. But of course regardless of the reason, you still make the effort. I remember when president Obama who hardly spent anytime with him but still made an impact in his life. Kids do truly remember even the littlest things that you do for them. Like even me as an aunt who does not get to see some of my nephews that often, but the things I do for them they truly remember and cherish a lot. Being there is one thing but if you don’t do anything anyways, it does not make much difference. I also realized that just because a mom gives birth to their child means the bond if automatically there. You need to raise and nurture the child to form that bond. You can still do it even if you work if you put out the effort. But in Yang Mi’s case, I wonder if she even cares at all to even make a effort. Her actions speak for themselves whether Lau Dan said anything or not.

  10. First of all, it’s not even the way the media portrays it. He was actually very hesitant in speaking about her. You can see in the video he was happily talking about him and his son and the granddaughter. But then they started asking him about Yang Mi. It looked like he didn’t want to speak ill of her, that’s why he said he’s not sure if she keeps in contact with her through cell phone. Here’s a link

  11. I don’t know what her excuse is, and I don’t know what Dan Lau’s reason is for speaking out, but he shouldn’t have said anything. Any negative statements he made regarding Yang Mi, the grand-daughter will be able to read when she’s older, best just not say anything about this complicated arrangement, it benefits no one and only causes harm in the long run

    1. Regardless if he says anything or not, actions speak louder than words. I don’t blame him as he is her grandpa and loves his granddaughter very much so it does make sense for him to speak out. But even if he did not say anything, her mother not being there for her speaks for itself.

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